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Walks and Activities

The listing below shows all club activities. Contact details for each activity are available to paid-up members after logging into the member area.

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WalkID: 2982
1 Mar (Thu) 2018: BLACKHEATH CYCLE (M) Shipley Plateau - Ride from Blackheath Station out onto Shipley Plateau to Hargraves Lookout then round to Mount Blackheath - then return to Blackheath refuel then train home or ride back down to Springwood. Suitable for Mountain and road bikes - short stretch dirt road (condition of this bit not known to leader but should be okay) to Mount Blackheath - approx 30km. Bring morning tea and water. Limit: 10. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 2894
2 Mar 2018 (Fri) 2018: NATIONAL PARK AT GLENBROOK (M) Weeding in the park a combined activity with NPWS Limit: 14. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2950
3 Mar (Sat) 2018: NEPEAN RIVER PENRITH (M, kayak) Paddle up the Nepean River and return. Finish before lunch. bring morning tea and P.F.D. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2861
3 Mar 2018 (Sat) 2018: COWAN CREEK (M) From Mt. Kuringai station, we'll walk down to Apple Tree Bay, then along the creek to Waratah Bay, then up to Berowra railway station. Cool gullies, with swimming along the way. Just over 10klms. Limit: 10. Map: Sydney.
WalkID: 2825
4 Mar (Sun) 2018: LINCOLN CREEK NIRVANA (M, scrambling and obstac) From Pisgah rock deep in the park at Glenbrook we will descend to beautiful Lincoln Creek and follow along its rainforested banks to the excellent camping cave with its near by falls and deep plunge pool. Visitor book replenishment. Return via Monkey Ropes creek. Suitable for hot or wet weather and some good swimming. 10km. Mostly off track rainforest. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2898
4 Mar (Sun) 2018: NATIONAL PARK GLENBROOK = CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA DAY (E-M) We well clean up in the Glenbrook area of the National Park. TIME and PLACE to be announced, is now Glenbrook Creek from the Blue Pool to The Jelly Bean Pool and surrounds, and 8.00 am is the time, to try and beat the heat. Bring morning tea and lunch as well as the usual bushwalking gear. You might like to bring swimmer also. Limit: 20. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2897
4 Mar 2018 (Sun) 2018: NATIONAL PARK GLENBROOK (E-M) TIME and PLACE to be announced at a later date. Limit: 20. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2979
5 Mar (Mon) 2018: SASSAFRASS GULLY SPRINGWOOD (M-Exp, Scrub) Join some well respected bush authors as we explore for about four hours the christian cross in Sassafrass Gully and various other cultural sites - hand stencil cave, sharpening grooves, possible ochre source, Paddy's grave and the old stone foundations and a few other things. There will be scrubby and off track sections. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2978
5 Mar (Mon) 2018: SPRINGWOOD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH HALL (-) Anual General Meeting. The Golden Boot, Volley and Croc will be awarded. New committee members will be nominated and elected and the President's and Treasurer's annual reports will be presented. Limit: 70. Map: .
WalkID: 2962
7 Mar (Wed) 2018: BLACKHEATH (E) Pope's Glen. 9 -4pm. A joint BMCC/NPWS /SBC activity. Enjoy a walk along Pope's Glen Creek and its banks treating and checking for weeds before they fall off and over the cliff into Grose Valley. Morning tea and lunch provided. Book directly with Lyndal by Friday 2nd March on 4780 5623 or lyndalsullivan@bmcc.nsw.gov.au. Limit: 0. Map: Mt Wilson.
WalkID: 2938
7 Mar (Wed) 2018: SBC TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT (E, Social) Its on again for March. Enjoy a couple of hours of various games. Hit and giggle table tennis tournament, rotating with darts and croquet. Indoor games if the weather keeps us inside. 4pm to 6:30pm. BYO games equipment, refreshments and small afternoon tea to share. Limit: 12. Map: springwood.
WalkID: 2996
8 Mar (Thu) 2018: WOODFORD TRACK TO GLENBROOK (M) Ride from Woodford Station down the Woodford Track to Glenbrook NP the onto Glenbrook for lunch. Fire trails so off road tyres needed. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2973
10 Mar (Sat) 2018: AUDLEY - PORT HACKING (E, SOT OK) Start at Audley and paddle (with the tide) down the Hacking River to Danger Point or (if time permits) a secret picnic area on the west side of South West Arm. If it's still hot, swimming, tranquil waters, beautiful bush and a bit of history. Beginners and sit on tops OK (including mine). Return trip will be with the incoming tide. BYO kayak, but there may be hire available at Audley (I'm waiting for confirmation). There is an option of staying (beds and hot showers provided) at Bundeena and doing an exploratory paddle from Bonnie Vale on Sunday. Limit: 8. Map: Royal National Park.
WalkID: 2977
10 Mar (Sat) 2018: BEDFORD CREEK (E) Continuing the series of local historic walks in mid-mountains - this is a guided bushwalk with Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre. Treading a new but easy track especially made for this walk - swimmable pools in the silence of the bush and views of challenging sheer cliffs. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2964
10 Mar (Sat) 2018: MT VICTORIA (E) Headwaters of Grose River. 9-4pm. A joint NPWS/SBC activity. A chance to help us treat weeds where the Grose River begins and stop them from invading the wilderness and our upland swamps. Morning tea and lunch provided. Book directly with Vanessa by Thursday 8th March on 4787 3112 or vanessa.richardson@environment.nsw.gov.au. Limit: 0. Map: Mt Wilson.
WalkID: 2932
11 Mar (Sun) 2018: NOTTS HILL MOUNT VICTORIA CREEK (M-H-Exp, Scrub, wet feet scram) From Notts Hill on Kings Tableland visit Sally Wattle Waterhole and then descend Sally Wattle ridge into a serpentine and probably very wild section of Queen Victoria Creek, Six maps shows a curious flat rock surface on the creek. Make our way down stream for up to 1km and exit via a hopefully gentle spur onto Notts Ridge Fire Trail. 10km with 50% on track and 150m elevation change. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2949
13-15 Mar (Tue - Thu) 2018: MUNMORAH STATE CONSERVATION AREA (M) We will base ourselves at Budgewoi Tourist Park which is a lovely,quiet park overlooking the lake. From here we will do walks in Wyrrabalong, Munmorah State Conservation Area and Wallarah National Park. The walks are all tracked with some beach walking. There will be opportunities for swimming in some magical places such as the Bogey Hole and Catherine Hill Bay. Cost is $18p/p night if 2 people share a site Limit: 10. Map: Catherine Hill Bay, Swansea, Toukley. Peaks bagged: 3
WalkID: 2853
14-16 Mar (Wed-Fri) 2018: NEWNES CAR CAMP (M-H) THIS ACTIVITY WAS POSTPONED FROM NOV DATES - NEW DATES MAY CHANGE. All walks will be in steep country, climbing a minimum of 200m. Day 1, Tues: Starting from Petrie's Gully, we follow a side gully up to an old log chute, where in mining days, they used to slide logs down into the valley. Interesting remnants remain anchored in the narrow walls of the chute. Day 2, Wed: On the opposite side of the the Wolgan River to Zobel's Gully we will climb steeply to a dry canyon called Minotaur Lair (approx 415232 Ben Bullen map). Day 3, Thur: We will climb up Mystery Mtn to the cliff line, then follow the base of the cliffs until we find a chute to the top. Then walk over the ridge and down through the rainforested Zobel's Gully back to camp. Day 4, Fri: Maybe a short walk before we return home. Limit: 8. Map: Ben Bullen, Mount Morgan.
WalkID: 3004
15 Mar (Thu) 2018: LOWER PORTLAND FERRY (M) Cycle ride Lower Portland to Colo Heights, cross the Putty road,down to Colo River and follow Colo River back to Lower Portland. Est. 60 km. Only shop is at Colo Heights and needs a 6 km detour. Recommend mountain bikes, road bike might survive. Bring lunch and water. Limit: 16. Map: Ubd.
WalkID: 2796
17 Mar (Sat) 2018: 2 CAVES PLUS THE GARDEN OF EDEN (M) This walk takes advantage of our recent explorations near Rocky Creek. The quality of the coachwood forest and the magnificence of the Orchestra Pit Cave and the Music Bowl Cave, make a wondrous day out. Off-track! Limit: 12. Map: Rock Hill.
WalkID: 2952
17 Mar (Sat) 2018: NEPEAN RIVER PENRITH (M, kayak) Paddle up the Nepean River and return. Finish before lunch.Bring morning tea and P.F.D. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3005
17 Mar (Sat) 2018: WOLLANGAMBEE #2 (M) It's going to be a hot weekend and I haven't done a lilo trip this season. So let's go! Start at Cathedral of Ferns camp. Walk in 3.5km via the Serendipity exit track, a leisurely 2km paddle down the Wollangambee River canyon to the big bend exit. Then the 3km relatively easy uphill walk back to cars. You need lilo, wetsuit/thermals (water might be cold after rain) and lunch, dry clothes etc in dry bag. Limit: 8. Map: Wollangambee.
WalkID: 2963
17-19 Mar (Sat-Mon) 2018: BLACKHEATH (H) Grose Valley Remote Bushcare. A joint NPWS/SBC activity. This multi-day activity is ideal for the fit and adventurous who want to spend a few days rock hopping and weeding along the Grose River. Some experience at overnight self-reliant camping is required. Numbers are limited. Book directly with Vanessa by Monday, 12th March. on 4787 3112 or vanessa.richardson@environment.nsw.gov.au. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 3003
18 Mar (Sun) 2018: BEDFORD RANGE AND BEDFORD CREEK (M-Exp, Off track) From the locked gate near Murphys Glen, explore a large rock outcrop and make our way to a large beached pool on Bedford Creek for a swim. Then a steady slow climb to explore an interesting horse-shoe fall. Early start to beat the heat. Lots of stops. 4km with 150m climb. Limit: 8. Map: Jamison.
WalkID: 2994
18 Mar (Sun) 2018: HISTORIC SAWMILL - FAULCONBRIDGE (E-M, scrub) A half-day walk to the location of the famed sawmill on Linden Creek. We walk down the route of the funicular (long gone) to the remnants of a sawmill used to cut logs for telegraph poles in the early 1900's (allegedly). Return via a track to St Georges Crescent. Suitable for new members, but there is some rock scrambling. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2936
21 Mar (Wed) 2018: HARRIS HILL EQUINOX PICNIC - WENTWORTH FALLS (E) Gourmet picnic to celebrate the equinox! A short esky-proof 250m walk with 50m ascent with a minor scramble from Kings Tableland road to the summit of Harris Hill. Harris Hill has one of the best views I know of in the Blue Mountains. The summit includes a large flat rock platform, suitable for languishing on picnic rugs. BYO gourmet picnic kit with food item to share. Best dish wins the highly coveted gourmet picnic trophy! Maybe a 3km prandial fire trail stroll to neraby Centre Mount? or just recover under a tree. Limit: 30. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2983
22 Mar (Thu) 2018: TOONGABBIE (M) BIKE RIDE Loop No. 34 - Marsden Pk Rouse Hill Glenwood A 5hr Loop ride along Bike paths suitable for road bikes. We will ride the new sections of Bike paths recently completed along Schofields Rd. Stopping at a Cafe for morning Tea and maybe the Ettamough Pub for lunch (group option to bring lunch to eat in nearby park?). Limit: 15. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2969
24 Mar (Sat) 2018: KATOOMBA (M) Katoomba Creek (remote). 8 -5pm. A joint NPWS/ SBC activity. Continue this amazing 18 years of volunteers efforts to remove weeds from remote sections of Katoomba Creek. Walking experience is needed for off-track walking and wading along the creek. Morning tea and lunch provided. Numbers limited. Book directly with Lyndal by Friday 16th March on 4780 5623 or lsullivan@bmcc.nsw.gov.au. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2953
24 Mar (Sat) 2018: NEPEAN RIVER TO WARRAGAMBA (VH-Exp, kayak) A 40 km return kayaking trip from Penrith to the base of the Warragamba Dam. Early start and late finish. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2924
24 Mar (Sat) 2018: RIVER CAVES (M) Out near Natural Bridge on the Mt. Cameron Rd, River Caves is a beautiful walk through a canyon, where you will get wet. Be prepared to be amazed! Time to take photos, so bring a tripod. Limit: 10. Map: Rock Hill.
WalkID: 2993
24 Mar (Sat) 2018: SYDNEY CENTRE (E) Protest rally to raise awareness of issues relating to coal mining - 'Time 2 Choose' Rally Limit: 20. Map: Sydney CBD.
WalkID: 2933
25 Mar (Sun) 2018: QUEEN VICTORIA CREEK (M-H-Exp, Scrub, scrambling, we) From near the air traffic signal station on Kings Tableland we will take the Ingar foot track to cross upper Queen Victoria Creek and then off track to the first pool downstream. Then walking through forest well above the creek we will make our way to inspect another three promising pools and rock outcrop complexes. Return via a gentle spur along the upper boundary of a large hanging swamp. Swimming opportunties and no large hills but some scrambles and patches of scrub expected 80% off track. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2981
26 Mar (Mon) 2018: SPRINGWOOD HUB (Activist) Wild Rivers Public Forum with Dr Bob Brown and Bob Debus - Monday 26 March, 6:30pm at The Hub, Springwood – major event. This is being run by the Colong Foundation and is also it's 50th anniversary. Keith Muir has been working tirelessly for years so it would be good if lots of us could attend this meeting which is so close to where many of us live and has 2 wonderful guest speakers. You need to register at www.wildrivers.org au or email me for the direct link. Limit: 40. Map: none.
WalkID: 2934
30 Mar (Fri) 2018: ERSKINE KNOLL AND BIG CRATER CREEK (M-H-Exp, scrub, scrambling) Jack Evans Track, cross Erskine Creek, Jack Evans Track with scrambling and thence old track to replenish the visitor book at Erskine Knoll. Return via the first Northern Tributary of Big Crater Creek. Approx 10km with 60% on track and two 200m ascents. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2925
31 Mar (Sat) 2018: EASTER WALK (E-M) Visit an area long forgotten in Mt. Vic. Fairy Dell, caves and a rock arch, with afternoon tea at The Fosters. Limit: 12. Map: Mount Wilson and Katoomba.
WalkID: 3007
31 Mar (Sat) 2018: HAWKESBURY RIVER SPENCER TO BAR ISLAND (M, kayaking) A 20 km paddle to Bar Island and a few creeks on the way. Sit in kayaks with spray skirts required. Please bring Morning tea, lunch and P.F.D. Limit: 8. Map: Gunderman.
WalkID: 2931
31 Mar (Sat) 2018: SUN VALLEY AND LONG ANGLE GULLY (E) Enjoy a gentle afternoon fire trail stroll through the beautiful forest along Valley Heights and Long Angle creeks. Afternoon tea to share at the green patch. Approx 6kms, no significant hills but some creek crossings. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3008
1 Apr (Sun) 2018: AUDLEY - DEER PARK EXPLORATION (M) The recent kayak trip revealed some interesting areas to explore north of Audley. Start on the Warumbul road, and take an old fire trail out past 'The Meadows', navigate to Leg of Mutton Bay and pick up another track that led to the site of a cottage that William Wentworth once owned. Explore the area north, which was originally cleared to establish 'Deer Park' (and that's where they escaped from). Return via Warumbul road. Lots of swimming opportunities if it's hot. An option to stay at Bundeena before or after. Limit: 8. Map: Port Hacking.
WalkID: 2957
2 Apr (Mon) 2018: INDUCTION WALK AND TALK SPRINGWOOD (E-M) Prospective members! This is your opportunity to learn about the Springwood Bushwalking Club, discuss minimal impact walking and outdoor practices to keep everyone safe. After afternoon tea there will be a 3km walk down Sassafrass Gully and up the Yondell track. There are steps, minor obstacles and possibly slippery spots but it is on track, except for a short off track detour to visit the mystery stone cross and pool. Full members are very welcome to attend. Approx 3 to 4 afternoon hours. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2958
2 Apr (Mon) 2018: SPRINGWOOD April General Meeting. Greg Chapman will present Appreciating Nature: Evocative Australian landscapes and close ups.
WalkID: 2970
5 Apr (Thu) 2018: BLACKHEATH (E) Valley View Swampcare. 9 -3pm. A joint NPWS/SBC activity. Spend the morning or full day helping to restore this swamp and stop weeds marching down Govetts Leap Falls. Enjoy a delicious morning tea and lunch donated by the Hominy Bakery. We will focus on infestations of holly, honeysuckle and privet. Book by Friday 30th March directly with Stephanie on 4780 5623 or schew@bmcc.nsw.gov.au. Limit: 0. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2895
6 Apr 2018 (Fri) 2018: BLUE MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK (M) Weeding in the National Park a combined activity with NPWS Limit: 14. Map: Penrith .
WalkID: 2859
7-14 Apr (Sat - Sat) 2018: NAMADGI NATIONAL PARK (M) We'll camp at 2 locations in the Park, to enjoy the varied aspects of this area. Early pastoral history, alpine forest views over the ranges and a few swimming spots. Car camping, tents only. Limit: 10. Map: Namadgi N.P. map and guide.
WalkID: 2915
7-15 Apr 2018 (Sat-Sun) 2018: COWRA - ORANGE (E-M, cycling) Our 10th SBC Bigride cycling camp, this time at Cowra and Orange (4 nights each). An assortment of rides mostly on back roads and some good gravel tracks, suitable for road bikes. Some MTB options for those with suitable bikes. Rides vary from about 40 to 100 km mostly finishing soon after lunch. We stay in well-equipped campgrounds and have plenty of time to explore the towns and local areas. $100 registration cost covers support and a dinner. Contact leader if you want to share cabins. Limit: 25. Map: UBD.
WalkID: 2841
8-15 Apr 2018 (Sun-Sun) 2018: NORFOLK ISLAND (E-M-H-Exp, history) Note change of date. The group booking is closed. If you really want to come you can try ringing the travel agent and getting a quote. Trip includes 7 days car hire, return airport transfers, entry to World of Norfolk Exhibit, Norfolk language class, Half day orientation tour, Wonderland by night show, Life as a convict tour, Pitcairn pioneers tour Two course welcome dinner and shopping and dining discounts. current price (until Oct 18th) is around $1200. There is also some walking to be done on the island, and some swimming. Limit: 8. Map: Norfolk island.
WalkID: 2923
17 Apr (Tue) 2018: MOUNT WILSON TO BELL (H) Crossing of the Wollangambe Wilderness. A spectacular walk through pagodas and forest, with the odd creek and river crossing. A long day with a car shuffle needed. Mostly off-track, but it will be amazing! Limit: 8. Map: Mt. Wilson and Wollangambe.
WalkID: 2995
19 Apr (Thu) 2018: GARDENS ON THE MOUNTS (E) See autumn colour and bulbs, including crocus at Mt. Tomah, where we will have a coffee and then on to the Blackheath Rhody Garden for lunch, where entrance is by a gold coin donation. Limit: 10. Map: Mount Wilson.
WalkID: 2926
21 Apr (Sat) 2018: HEATHCOTE NATIONAL PARK (M) Kingdom Come. Last time the heat beat us, but this time we'll start at Heathcote and go in via Lake Eckersley. Kingdom Come and Boobera Pool are on the Woronora River. The pool looks amazing! Bring swimmers. Limit: 12. Map: Appin and Campbelltown.
WalkID: 2955
21 Apr (Sat) 2018: INTRODUCTION TO KAYAKING (E, kayak) A Demonstration of basic kayaking techniques followed by a leisurely paddle up the Nepean River. A limited number of kayaks available by request. Please bring morning tea, lunch and P.F.D. Limit: 8. Map: UBD.
WalkID: 3000
22 Apr (Sun) 2018: LINDEMAN PASS, LEURA (H) Highlights of Lindeman Pass. Enter by Roberts Pass, and exit via Gladstone Pass. See some of the track maintenance work undertaken by SBC volunteers with NPWS over the past few years. This is a training walk for those coming on the Nepal Trek in November, but others are very welcome to join the group. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2124
22 Apr to 12 May 2018 (Sun-Sat 2018: HEYSEN TRACK HIGHLIGHTS (M-Exp) The plan is to take a couple of 4wds over to South Australia to do car camping and car supported walking (day walks and overnight trips) of the best parts of the iconic Heysen trail and other excellent tracks in the vicinity of scenic Arkaroola and the Flinders and Gammon ranges. We will all take turns driving on various days, getting supplies and supporting walkers as was successfully organised for our Larapinta track excursion. Dates are nominally set to cover school holidays but are flexible. Possible option for FIFO from Adelaide. Warning: long distance walking can be addictive and positively effect your physical and mental health. Limit: 8. Map: Various SA. Peaks bagged: 5
WalkID: 2689
24-25 Apr (Tue - Wed) 2018: ANZAC, SPLENDOUR ROCK, 2018 (M) It's early, but next year is the 70th Anniversary of placing the Plaque to remember bushwalkers who lost their lives. We plan to walk in early on the Tues. ready for the Dawn Service on ANZAC DAY. Get fit and come and join us; we'll take it easy in and out; up Blackhorse and Mt. Dingo and back the same way. Limit: 10. Map: Jenolan.
WalkID: 3006
26-28 Apr (Thu - Sat) 2018: BEROWRA CREEK AND HAWKESBURY RIVER (M, kayaking) A three day kayaking trip camping at the Twin Beaches, Bar Point and exploring the surrounding waterways. Free campsite with toilets no power or water Limit: 8. Map: Cowan, Gunderman.
WalkID: 2848
27-30 Apr (Fri - Mon) 2018: K TO K (KANANGRA TO KATOOMBA) (M) Register your interest for this classic Blue Mountains walk. Dates may change, depending on the group. I plan to do this over 4 days, we'll camp on the Cox's river and have time to go fishing or explore Kanangaroo clearing. And we might finish in Carlons, Megalong, instead of Katoomba. I need to know who is interested, so we can start planning. Limit: 8. Map: Kanangra, Jenolan, Katoomba.
WalkID: 2896
4 May 2018 (Fri) 2018: NATIONAL PARK GLENBROOK (M) Weeding in the National Park a combined activity with NPWS Limit: 14. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2987
5 May (Sat) 2018: CONSTANCE GORGE (M) Along the Tiger Snake Canyon Track to Deanes Creek, where we enter the Gorge. Dark rainforest and a place of wonder, with time to explore. Some steep bits and some off track. Limit: 12. Map: Mount Morgan.
WalkID: 2959
7 May (Mon) 2018: SPRINGWOOD (-) May's General Meeting. Vic Giniunas will present a 22 day journey down the Samiria River in the Peruvian Amazon by dugout canoe, PLUS the Ausangate trek in the Andes. Limit: 70. Map: .
WalkID: 2988
12 May (Sat) 2018: DEEP PASS (E-M) A wander into the past. Years ago, settlers built a hut here, but now it's a grassy area with canyons, caves and pagodas beyond. Plenty of time to explore and enjoy this special spot, so come and join us and our Granddaughter, Kittani. Limit: 12. Map: Rock Hill.
WalkID: 2998
12 May (Sat) 2018: LEURA / KATOOMBA (E) Induction Talk & Walk. The compulsory induction talk for prospective members, followed by a pleasant walk on some of the lesser known tracks between Leura Cascades and the Three Sisters. Full members welcome to join the walk. 8-10km. (Greg Chapman will be away, so I am running the May Induction Course) Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2992
16 May (Wed) 2018: THE ULTIMATE MOUNT BANKS WALK (M-H) The Twin Summits, The Hidden Pass, Traverse of the Gods and caves of the Northern Spur. This is all we've learned of Mt. Banks in one day! Be amazed, be in awe, but be here, as I may not do this one again! Some exposure, some rock climbing and some off-track with scrub. Limit: 8. Map: Mount Wilson.
WalkID: 2971
18 May (Fri) 2018: WENTWORTH FALLS (E) Kittyhawke Swamp. 9 -3pm. An ongoing joint NPWS/SBC activity. Help is needed to rid this magnificent upland swamp of a wide range of weeds to improve the home of the endangered Blue Mountains Water Skink and Giant Dragonfly. Enjoy a delicious morning tea and lunch donated by the Hominy Bakery. Book by Monday 8th May directly with Stephanie on 4780 5623 or schew@bmcc.nsw.gov.au. Limit: 0. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2997
18-20 May (Fri - Sun) 2018: PUTTY (E) Friends of the Colo's annual privet bash at Putty. Camp in lovely car-accessible surroundings on private property. Come for the 3 days (Friday-Sunday), or just the weekend. The main knockdown of privet has been done, so the activity involves wandering picturesque river banks treating the occasional emerging plant. The Putty community will be putting on a meal for those present on the Friday night, in thanks for our efforts. Limit: 20. Map: Putty.
WalkID: 2927
19 May (Sat) 2018: 4 HEADS AND A MINE (M-H) Asgard, Ikara, Thor and Vallhala Head, plus Asgard Mine. A circular walk at Mt. Vic. Great views into the Grose Valley and mostly on track. A longish walk in spectacular country. Limit: 10. Map: Mount Wilson.
WalkID: 2986
26 May (Sat) 2018: PAGODAS OF ANGUS PLACE (M-Exp) Bring a sense of adventure and discovery to see these amazing pagodas. No huge hills. Limit: 12. Map: Lithgow.
WalkID: 2946
1 Jun (Fri) 2018: EUROKA CLEARING (M) Bushcare with National Parks at Glenbrook. Weeding at Euroka Clearing in Glenbrook section of the National Park Limit: 14. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2991
2 Jun (Sat) 2018: CASTLE HEAD ABSEIL (M) Classic Mountain Abseil Trip, with 5 abseils, one being 45 metres. Great views to Ruined Castle and beyond, plus the challenge of the Leap of Faith. Out via Ruined Castle track and Golden Stairs. $5 rope fee applies. Bring helmet, harness and safety line. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2960
4 Jun (Mon) 2018: SPRINGWOOD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH ( ) Carol Isaacs will present “Value added bushwalking”, a presentation on adventure conservation. Limit: 70. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2984
8-11 Jun (Fri-Mon) 2018: MT AIRLY VIA CAPERTEE (E-M-Exp) Car camp at Mt Airly. Day walks from camp with various leaders and grades. Camp in Mugii Murrumban SCA in a grassy area below pagodas on Mts Airly and Genowlan. Bring everything but pit toilets provided. Camp ovens and good fires in the evenings. Limit: 25. Map: Glen Alice.
WalkID: 2935
10 Jun (Sun) 2018: SCORPION HILL LOOP (M-H-Exp, scrub, scrambling) Leave cars at and a short car shuffle from Murphys Glenn, cross Bedford Creek and replenish visitor book at Scorpion Hill, follow Notts ridge, via interesting saddle and sugarloaf hill to 'club med' on Bedford Creek and then return via Bedford Creek fire trail. Two river crossings, scrub and possible cliffs. 10km This walk is on the program again as the original walk was cancelled Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2990
16 Jun (Sat) 2018: BRUCES WALK (M) Lawson to Blackheath; this walk was constructed by NSW's railways at a time when railways were interested in getting people to use their transport to go walking. The walk goes through some delightful glens, with some of the original railings and furniture in place. Long forgotten, Jim Smith revived interest in this walk in the 1980's, so come along and enjoy some of your history. Some ups and downs! Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2999
17 Jun (Sun) 2018: KEDUMBA PASS TO LEURA CASCADES (M/H) Walk from Kings Tableland to Leura via Kedumba Pass and the Jamison Valley. Approx. 700m descent/ascent on fire trails and well formed tracks. Impressive forests and outstanding views of Mount Solitary and the Three Sisters. Car shuffle involved. This is a training walk for those coming to Nepal in November, but others are welcome to come. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2989
23 Jun (Sat) 2018: SUNNYSIDE POINT AND WOLGAN PINNACLE (M) Gardens of Stone at its best! Views and stone pagodas all day. A 10klms. walk which will take you into another world. No tracks, but little scrub and great views into Wolgan Valley. Limit: 12. Map: Cullen Bullen.
WalkID: 2985
30 Jun (Sat) 2018: ROCK ISLAND (M) Out near the Glow Worm Tunnel, this is a pagoda wonderland, with tall forest, bare rock towers, narrow clefts and more. No tracks and no huge hills. Limit: 12. Map: Mount Morgan.
WalkID: 2972
2 Jul (Mon) 2018: SPRINGWOOD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (-) July General Meeting. Brian Fox will do a presentation based on his book, "Blue Mountains Geographical Encyclopaedia". Limit: 70. Map: .