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Walks and Activities

The listing below shows all club activities. Contact details for each activity are available to paid-up members after logging into the member area.

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WalkID: 3583
1 Oct (Tue) 2019: ROCK HOUSE ON MT. BANKS (M-H-Exp) I've identified what I think is the right spur to get us onto the middle ledge, where the rock house was built in the 1950's. Some exposure, rock scrambling and cliffy bits. Limit: 8. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 3596
2 Oct (Wed) 2019: FAULCONBRIDGE (E-M) A half day walk: From Highland Road Faulconbridge, a spur to Linen creek, a side creek to remains of a Steam Driven Sawmill, then down stream though rain forest to aboriginal spear sharpening groves in Linden Creek, up a spur though Casuarinas to St Georges Crescent. A car shuffle. Bring morning tea. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3569
2 Oct (Wed) 2019: SPRINGWOOD (E, Cycle) Easy cycle from Springwood on quiet local back roads - usually about 15 -20km, no real hills Limit: 8. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 3465
4 Oct (Fri) 2019: BLUE MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK AT GLENBROOK (E) This is a combined activity with the NPWS weeding at Euroka need to bring morning tea and lunch plus water for the day Limit: 14. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3537
5 Oct (Sat) 2019: BLACKHEATH-MT. VIC. (M) A well behaved ridge will take us from Mt. Boyce down into Victoria Brook, a pagoda maze, as the creek does a huge "S" bend. It looks a difficult crossing, but quite easy, with no wet feet! Steeply up to the Odin Head track. Wildflower heaven and heaps of things to see, including an amazing hollow pagoda. Some rock scrambling; approx. 6klms. Limit: 12. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 3590
5 Oct (Sat) 2019: ROYAL NATIONAL PARK (M) A 12/14km mixed fire trail/track walk that starts at Grays Point and heads to Audley Village via the original Bridle Track leads us over the Hacking River towards the Uloola Falls. From Audley to the falls the track heads through Wattle Forest and up a gentle 150m rise to the Whale Back rock formation and along the Uloola Track to the falls. A retracing of our steps heads over Robertson Knoll and back down to Audley Dancehall. The dancehall has a good cafe for those wishing a caffeine hit. From the dancehall the walk follows the Hacking River back to Grays Point, finishing with a steep 100m scramble back up to the carpark. Approximately 6hrs with stops. Limit: 12. Map: Port Hacking 9129-4-N.
WalkID: 3601
7 Oct (Mon) 2019: MEETING 7:00 or 7:30pm start, Springwood. Buy sell and swap. No speaker because it's the long weekend Limit: 8. Map: .
WalkID: 3581
8 Oct (Tue) 2019: WILDWOOD GARDEN (M) Easy social day to visit some of the beautiful gardens at Bilpin. Wildwood is a large rambling garden with many "rooms". Morning tea and entry will be $18. They also have a great gift shop and plants for sale. After Wildwood we will go to Mt. Tomah, where we'll explore and have our picnic lunch. Limit: 16. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 3565
9 Oct (Wed) 2019: SPRINGWOOD (E, Cycle) Easy cycle from Springwood on quiet local back roads - usually about 15 -20km, no real hills. Limit: 8. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 3599
9 Oct (Wed) 2019: SPRINGWOOD (E-M) A half day walk: 6km: Magdala Creek & Batman Park Tracks Springwood: From Lawson Lookout to the Magdala Creek Track. Morning tea at the Blue Pool. Then back to the Batman Track, then off the Batman Track to Council bushland and rock platforms with views to the valley of Batman Creek. (The source of Batman Creek is at the junction of Burns & Farm Road) From there to a redundant fire road, that is being allowed to overgrow but is great for walking. It will bring us out at the top end of Farm Road and the cars. Don't forget morning tea. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3606
10 Oct (Thu) 2019: FAULCONBRIDGE (E) Cycle from Faulconbridge station to Faulconbridge lookout for morning tea and return to Springwood for lunch approx 20 klm. Mountain bikes only. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3534
12 Oct (Sat) 2019: BATTLESHIP TOPS (M) At Kings Tableland, we'll explore the caves and grottos of this unique area. Park near Blue Drum Waterhole and walk along the tops to explore! Some rock scrambling. Limit: 12. Map: Jamison.
WalkID: 3589
12 Oct (Sat) 2019: LAKE LYELL (E, Kayak) A leisurely 10 km paddle around Lake Lyell. Suitable for beginners with a limited number of kayaks available by request and tuition available on the day. Please bring morning tea and lunch. $5 parking fee applies. Limit: 12. Map: Lithgow.
WalkID: 3593
12-13 Oct (Sat - Sun) 2019: BREAKFAST CREEK - RESCHEDULED (E, overnight) Date changed due to rain, and this is a tentative date. Easy overnight - great for kids or if you're trying out gear. From Dunphy's carpark (Megalong), follow the track down Green Gully and along Breakfast creek to the Cox's river, to camp. Beautiful scenery along Breakfast creek, and there may even be some water in the creek. Limit: 8. Map: Jenolan.
WalkID: 3578
13 Oct (Sun) 2019: SPRINGWOOD TO GLENBROOK (M-H, Scrub, cliffs?) Martins Lookout, Sharks Head, St Helena Crater, S Bend on Kanuka Brook and ascend via the pass opposite, Red Hands Ridge to the saddle above the Duck Hole to Glenbrook. Two natural rock tunnels and several steep ascents and descents. Public transport friendly or car shuffle if track work. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood, Penrith.
WalkID: 3526
15 Oct (Tue) 2019: NEPEAN RIVER PENRITH (M, Kayak) Morning paddle to Euroka and return 12 km. Please bring morning tea finish before lunch. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3561
16 Oct (Wed) 2019: SPRINGWOOD (E, Cycle) Easy cycle from Springwood on quiet local back roads - usually about 15 -20km, no real hills Limit: 10. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 3608
16 Oct (Wed) 2019: WOODFORD (E-M) A half day circuit walk: To Paradise Pool via Bulls Camp: The Railway Dam and Water Pump Foundations, Paradise Pool, Johnathon & David's, Jon's Seat off Wellesley Road, then Woodford Road & back to the cafe. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 3619
17 Oct (Thu) 2019: CABRAMATTA (E) Cycle from Driftway Dr Pemulwuy to Cabramatta and return approx 40klm. Lunch at a great Vietnamese restaurant . Come and celebrate an upcoming milestone . Limit: 20. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 3531
19 Oct (Sat) 2019: NEPEAN RIVER MENANGLE (H, Kayak) Paddle from Menangle to Douglas Park and return with the current 30 km. Please bring morning tea and lunch. Limit: 8. Map: Camden.
WalkID: 3538
19 Oct (Sat) 2019: WILDFLOWERS OF THE WOLLANGAMBE (M) A short walk along a ridge overlooking Bell Creek, will bring us to a series of rock castles on open heath. Time to explore and look at the wildflower display along the ridge. Off-track! Limit: 12. Map: Wollangambe.
WalkID: 3594
20 Oct (Sun) 2019: DUMBANO CREEK AREA (E-M) Our annual trip to check out the Waratahs in this amazing area of the Wollemi. We don't expect many waratahs this year because they've earned a break after quite a few spectacular years. There are other wildflowers, some canyon, some pagodas, a cave and a bit more to explore. 4WD required to get to the area, I'll have 4 car spaces available. Limit: 8. Map: Wollangambe.
WalkID: 3607
20 Oct (Sun) 2019: SASSAFRASS GULLY (E-M) INTRODUCTION WALK AND TALK - Prospective members: This is our introduction to the club and safe bushwalking practices. Come on an easy-medium entry level standard walk down Sassafras Gully, along the Victory Track to a creek junction and pool and then back to The Wiggins Track to go up to Yondell Rd - a 5 km walk with a 200m descent and ascent. Rainforest with some rough sections of track. The walk will include stops where we go over items in the introduction course. About 3 hours or a little more. Full members are invited to come along and will be very welcome. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3602
21 Oct (Mon) 2019: EMU PLAINS (M, jogging) Dawn Street Running - your new ancestral name, as you stretch out to embrace Mother Earth with the rising of the sun. Bridges loop. I expect Jacarandas to be in bloom. Meet Regattta Park, Emu Plains 0530hrs. Probably a lazy jogging pace. 6.5km https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/ShowUserReviews-g580476-d14027751-r634042921-Nepean_River-Penrith_Greater_Sydney_New_South_Wales.html Limit: 75. Map: Any showing Penrith.
WalkID: 3552
24 Oct (Thu) 2019: MT VICTORIA (M) Headwaters of Grose River (Remote) 9.00am- 4.00pm. A joint NPWS/SBC activity. Spend some time exploring the headwaters of the Grose River. We will be continuing on from previous work to stop the weed invasion further downstream and into the swamp. Be prepared for the possibility of wet feet. Morning tea and Lunch will be provided. Book by Friday the 18th of October direct with Grant on 0499 699 150 or grant.purcell@environment.nsw.gov.au Limit: 12. Map: Mt Wilson.
WalkID: 3605
24 Oct (Thu) 2019: MT. ANNAN BOTANIC GARDEN (E) A large, parkland style garden near Campbelltown, known for its large plantings of annual displays with native flowers. It also has interesting sculptures on display. We will have morning tea at the café on arrival and a picnic lunch around the garden. Limit: 12. Map: Campbelltown.
WalkID: 3449
24 Oct to 10 Nov (Thu-Sun) 2019: SOUTH ISLAND NZ TRIKKING AND TREMPING (M) Walk now full. Two weeks of three to four day hut to hut 3/4 full overnight pack walks from Queenstown/Glenorchy bases using two rented cars. Possible walks could include the iconic Caples, Greenstone, Rees/Dart, Mavora or Kepler tracks. Dates are also negotiable but I am currently looking to complete walking by the 10th of November. Limit: 8. Map: South Island NZ.
WalkID: 3603
26 Oct (Sat) 2019: MAVIS WOOD HALL, LAWSON (social) I'm running another Trivia Night from 7 till 11 to raise money for the Blue Mts Refugee Support Group. Make tables of 8 or 9 but singles and couples will be catered for. Trivia rounds, fun activities, silent auction plus hand-made wraps and shawls for sale. Get your Christmas presents early and support a good cause. Cost is $25 per person. Don't book in via this club but go to the BMRSG website and click on 'events'. Or ring me. Limit: 100. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 3532
26 Oct (Sat) 2019: NEPEAN RIVER CASTLEREAGH (E, Kayak) A slow and leisurely paddle along the Nepean river 10 km return. Suitable for beginners with a limited number of kayaks available by request and tuition available on the day Please bring morning tea and lunch. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3576
26 Oct (Sat) 2019: WILSON'S GLEN WOODFORD (E) This beautiful gentle walk from the southern side of Woodford Station, described in 1934 as 'one of the picked attractions of the mountains', immediately takes us into lush deep temperate rainforest and gurgling creeks and pools. We are led to the site of a 1911 bush hut where leading 20th century mountains conservationist Isobel Bowden developed her love of the mountains bush. Lots of 1910s photos will be spread out on the site where participants can exercise their detective skills. The return journey will be an alternative route. Expcted time 8.45am to 11.15am. Limit: 21. Map: KATOOMBA 8930-1S and 2N.
WalkID: 3595
26-27 Oct (Sat - Sun) 2019: BARNACLES - LIMPET RIDGE EXPLORATION (E, off track) Walk out to a campsite on Limpet Ridge. (This is the new SBC name for the long, gentle ridge used as an approach to the Barnacles). Follow the ridge to the cliffs at the end, descend a gentle ramp into a small valley with a couple of potential campsites. Explore this interesting but nameless tributary of the Wollangambe and return the same way. We've been here before on day trips and can promise a bit of canyon, a possible route to pagoda 959 (and the Wollangambe Crater track) and a very gentle walk in and out. Limit: 8. Map: Mount Wilson, Wollangambe.
WalkID: 3517
26-27 Oct (Sat - Sun) 2019: GARDENS AND WALKS AT BUNDANOON (E) This weekend is Bundanoon's Garden Ramble, consisting of 8 private gardens, which we'll visit on Sat. We will stay overnight and in the evening after dinner, we can visit Glow Worm Glen, which is a short walk on track. On Sun. we'll walk through wildflowers to Fairy Bower Falls and Erith Mine. Then, on the way home we'll visit Corbett Garden in Bowral to see the tulips. Book your accom. early, as it is a busy weekend. Options; Bundanoon Country Inn Motel, or Bundanoon Hotel. Otherwise, choose your own! Don't forget a torch for the glow worms and packed lunches for both days, with morning tea for Sun. Limit: 12. Map: Bundanoon Tourist Map.
WalkID: 3527
29 Oct (Tue) 2019: NEPEAN RIVER PENRITH (M, Kayak) Morning paddle to Euroka and return 12 km. Please bring morning tea finish before lunch. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3553
2 Nov (Sat) 2019: KATOOMBA (M) Katoomba Creek (Remote ). 8.30am- 5.00pm. A joint NPWS/BMCC/SBC activity. Continue the great work done by volunteers over 16 years in a remote section of Katoomba Creek. Bush regeneration and bushwalking experience is essential. Off-track walking and wading along the creek. Morning tea and lunch supplied. Book by October 28th direct with Grant on 0499 699 150 or grant.purcell@environment.nsw.gov.au. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba .
WalkID: 3610
2 Nov (Sat) 2019: NORTH RICHMOND (H, kayak) Kayaking from North Richmond towards Windsor and return. 25 plus km depending on the conditions on the day. Please bring morning tea and lunch. Limit: 8. Map: Kurrajong.
WalkID: 3597
4 Nov (Mon) 2019: GLENBROOK (E) Weeding in the National Park at Glenbrook this is a joint activity SBC with NPWS will be working in Euroka clearing. Bring morning tea and lunch plus water for the day. Limit: 12. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3489
4 Nov (Mon) 2019: SPRINGWOOD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, NOV MEETING ( ) Phil and Jan are presenting their Tasmanian trip, a three generational walk to Cradle Mtn. and the Walls of Jerusalem plus other Tassie peaks. Limit: 80. Map: .
WalkID: 3620
8-9 Nov (Fri - Sat) 2019: BOX CREEK, BOYD PLATEAU (M) From the Kowmung River Fire Trail walk down the ridge to the top of Box Creek Falls. Find a camp site and explore down the cascades and go swimming in the pools then return to campsite. Next morning cut over a ridge and explore Black Banksia Falls and return to the cars. Depending how we feel we may go for a stroll somewhere else as well. A pretty easy walk but with rock scrambling and swimming. Hopefully there'll be some rain before hand. Limit: 6. Map: Kanangra/Shooter.
WalkID: 3585
9 Nov (Sat) 2019: BLACK BANKSIA FALLS (M) Off the Kowmung River Trail on Boyd Plateau, there is a rarely visited, beautiful granite gorge, with excellent swimming on Box creek. Limit: 12. Map: Kanangra.
WalkID: 3611
9 Nov (Sat) 2019: WINDSOR (M, kayak) Kayaking from Windsor towards North Richmond and return. 15 plus km with the tide both ways. Please bring morning tea and lunch. Limit: 8. Map: Kurrajong.
WalkID: 3582
16 Nov (Sat) 2019: ERSKINE CREEK- PISGAH ROCK- TIERNEYS TRACK (M) Perfect way to spend a warm day. After a swim at the big pond, we'll walk up to the cascades. Steep descent with some rock scrambling. Bring swimmers and water shoes. Limit: 10. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3612
16 Nov (Sat) 2019: LAKE LYELL (E, Kayak) A leisurely 10 km paddle around Lake Lyell. Suitable for beginners with a limited number of kayaks available by request and tuition available on the day. Please bring morning tea and lunch. $5 parking fee applies. Limit: 12. Map: Lithgow.
WalkID: 3053
22-25 Nov (Fri-Mon) 2019: GREENPATCH JERVIS BAY (E, Carcamp) Annual car camp at Jervis Bay. Three nights at Greenpatch in an area of 8 short-walk-in tent sites overlooking the creek we should have to ourselves. Close to good group amenities. Activities include swimming, walks, cycling, campfires and Christmas party. About 10 car spaces only available for these sites so car sharing advised. About 4 nearby large sites available for camper trailers, large tents etc. If interested contact leader for a brochure of full details and recommended sites. Make your own booking directly on or after 22 July to secure a site. Some may wish to extend their stay. Limit: 30. Map: Jervis Bay.
WalkID: 3577
30 Nov (Sat) 2019: BREAKFAST CREEK EXPLORE 2 (M-Exp, Scub, cliffs) From Glenbrook park entrance, park at a bend on the Oaks Fire trail. Descend via valley to Breakfast Creek, then downstream to the rock cairn discovered last summer. Ascend and explore what may be an excellent set of rock overhangs. Make our way further downstream to ascend a spur onto spot height 178 ridge and return to cars via Woody Pear Dam. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3587
30 Nov (Sat) 2019: NORTHERN BEACHES EXPLORE (M) Explore St. Michaels Cave and the Hole in the Wall at Avalon. Rock hopping and sand walking to explore these amazing natural wonders. From here we'll swim or walk down to Bilgola, with rock pools and a coffee shop. Limit: 10. Map: Palm Beach.
WalkID: 3613
30 Nov-1 Dec 2019 (Sat - Sun) 2019: MANGROVE CREEK SPENCER (E-M, Kayak) Exploring Mangrove Creek with the tide before camping at Gentleman's Halt on the Hawkesbury River. This is a easy overnight kayaking trip with minimal camping gear and distance involved. Limit: 8. Map: Mangrove.
WalkID: 3598
6 Dec (Fri) 2019: GLENBROOK (E) Weeding in the National Park at Glenbrook This a joint activity with the NPWS to treat invasive weeds in the National Park. Bring morning tea and lunch plus water for the day. Limit: 12. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3584
7 Dec (Sat) 2019: BELL CREEK (M) From Watertrough Hill, we'll head out along the ridge to Bell Creek, then plenty of time to swim and explore. Bring swimmers etc. Limit: 12. Map: Wollangambe.
WalkID: 3614
7 Dec (Sat) 2019: BEROWRA WATERS TO BAR ISLAND (H, kayak) Paddle out to bar Island and return 20 km with the tide both ways. Please bring morning tea and lunch. Limit: 8. Map: Cowan.
WalkID: 3586
14 Dec (Sat) 2019: BEDFORD CREEK-MURPHYS GLEN (M) Christmas-themed morning tea to share at Murphys. Bring a $10 unisex present and hopefully, Santa will appear to hand them out! Then, plenty of time for swimming and relaxing on the sandy beach on Bedford Creek. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 3615
15 Dec (Sun) 2019: NEPEAN RIVER CASTLEREAGH (E, Kayak) A slow and leisurely paddle along the Nepean river 10km return. Suitable for beginners with time for a swim. Please bring morning tea and a plate to share at lunch back on the beach at Devlin Rd. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3253
28 Dec (Sat) 2019: KANUKA BROOK GLENBROOK (M, Scrub, minor scrambli) Classic lower mountains summer walk. Leave cars at Red Hands Cave carpark. Ridge and spur descent to S bend and its caves, then downstream to the twin creek junction. Swim or relax. Ascend via rough track to fire trail and return 6km and 120m climb. Mostly off-track Limit: 8. Map: penrith .
WalkID: 3616
28 Dec (Sat) 2019: LAKE WALLACE, WALLERAWANG (E, Kayak) A slow and leisurely paddle 10km suitable for beginners with time for a swim. We will be looking for the Barton Park Cemetery dating back to 1840. This was relocated in the 1970's prior to the lake being flooded. Please bring morning tea and lunch. Limit: 8. Map: Lithgow.
WalkID: 3208
29 Dec (Sun) 2019: SPIT TO MANLY. ICONIC HARBOURSIDE SUMMER WALK (E-M, Salt, sand sunbur) Train then bus to the Spit. Sandy Bay, Clontarf Beach, Grotto Point, Castle Rock, Dobroyd Point, Forty Baskets Beach, North Harbour, Fairlight and Manly. Your guide has local knowledge of the area and can regale with semi-interesting factoids and tales of yore. Emergency icecream/sorbet or ozzie pie prior to boarding ferry and then return via train. 10km with minor flights of steps. Languid pace with time for swims at our choice of Clontarf, Forty Baskets, Fairlight or Manly baths. Limit: 12. Map: street directory.
WalkID: 3609
4 Jan 2020 (Sat) 2020: NORTH RICHMOND (E-M, Kayak) Paddle to Yarramundi and return, 12 plus km's. Suitable for sit on or sit in kayaks. please bring morning tea, lunch and P.F.D. with time for a swim. Limit: 8. Map: Kurrajong.
WalkID: 3617
7-10 Jan 2020 (Tue-Fri) 2020: BEROWRA CREEK AND HAWKESBURY RIVER (M, kayaking) A four day kayaking trip camping at the Twin Beaches Marramarra National Park and exploring the surrounding waterways. Free campsite with toilets no power or water Limit: 6. Map: Cowan, Gunderman.
WalkID: 3320
12-19 Jan (Sun - Sun) 2020: CHARLOTTE PASS (M) Join us for the 8th annual visit to say at a private ski lodge in the heart of the Snowy Mountains. We are within walking distance of the 10 highest peaks in Australia, plus several slightly lower peaks. Accommodation in a very comfortable lodge. We need to book and pay for the accommodation as soon as possible. Cost approx. $290 per person. Limit: 25. Map: Perisher, Geehi Dam.
WalkID: 3618
19 Jan 2020 (Sun) 2020: LANE COVE TO FIGTREE BRIDGE (M, kayak) Paddle from the Lane Cove National Park to Figtree Bridge and return 15km with the tide both ways. Please bring morning tea and lunch. Limit: 12. Map: UBD.
WalkID: 3488
3 Feb (Mon) 2020: SPRINGWOOD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH HALL February General Meeting. David Churches will present: "Antarctica and Torres del Paine National Park"
WalkID: 3600
19 Feb-2 Mar 2020 (Wed - Mon) 2020: NEW ZEALAND (M-H) URGENT EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST AS BOOKINGS NEED TO HAPPEN ASAP: Kepler Track New Zealand(4 days) plus potential for one other walk yet to be decided. Join us for one or both walks. Fly Sydney to Queenstown & share rental car. Stay in Huts on track. This is one of NZ's Great Walks - Vast tussock-covered ridgelines and spectacular alpine vistas contrast with peaceful lakeside and valley beech forest in this wilderness adventure. Explore the fascinating Luxmore Caves, Take in alpine tussock grasslands and views of Lake Te Anau. Walk to Iris Burn Falls. (Plageurised from DOC website NZ) Limit: 8. Map: .