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Walks and Activities

NOTE:Program suspended: Due to the current COVID restrictions, the program is suspended until at least July 31st.
If you are currently booked on a walk during this period, check with the leader for re-scheduling.

The listing below shows all club activities. Contact details for each activity are available to paid-up members after logging into the member area.

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WalkID: 4276
4 Sep (Sat) 2021: BEROWRA WATERS TO BAR ISLAND (M-H, kayak) Paddle out to bar Island and return 20 km with the tide both ways. Open waters, sit in kayaks with spray skirts required. Please bring morning tea and lunch. Limit: 8. Map: Cowan.
WalkID: 4222
11 Sep (Sat) 2021: BEROWRA WATERS (E, kayak) Cancelled due to being outside our LGA! A slow and leisurely paddle to Crosslands Reserve and back, 10 km with the tide both ways. Suitable for beginners with kayak hire available at the marina. Please bring morning tea, lunch and P.F.D. Limit: 12. Map: UBD.
WalkID: 4304
13-17 Sep (Mon - Fri) 2021: WOLGAN WALLOP: ROCKY CREEK TO BINNINGS FLATS (H) A Friends of the Colo activity. A check for cape ivy near the river between Rocky Creek to the Binnings Flats (formerly called Wallaby Flats). If time allows we may spend a day looking at some remote sites down to Annie Rowan Creek. Base camping at Binnings Flats. Participants may have to walk some or all of the way from the Newnes gate (17km to the campsite). Experience in multi-day off-track wilderness trips is essential. Limit: 8. Map: Mt Morgan.
WalkID: 4324
14-18 Sep (Tue - Sat) 2021: MORNING WALKS. EXPLORING NEW TRACK COMBINATIONS. (M) A trial series of 2 to 3 or so hour long, early morning on track walks around Yondell Avenue, Springwood. Each is flexibly designed with an available leader for up to five double jabbed locals. We will have one, two or three leaders available- so there could be up to three groups of 5 -each starting at a slightly different time and doing a slightly different walk - to avoid intermingling. Book at least by 5pm the day prior to get the starting time and place and a brief description of the route. The walks will all be exploring the tracks shown on the article and map in our newsletter about newly discovered tracks. If this works then it could be continued until lockdown is over. If there are sufficient prospective members (3), then introduction talk may be available for the Saturday walk. First in is best dressed if you comply with health orders. Limit: 5. Map: Springwood .
WalkID: 4320
15 Sep (Wed) 2021: GLENBROOK AREA (E-M) This is a Circuit Walk. Easy walk taking in some of the makings of the RAILWAY for BLUFF Tunnel, and the line we use today. To the eastern portal off the old Zig-Zag track. then onto Darks Common and the Bluff Lookouts. Some street and bush tracks and hopefully wildflowers. As the leader has had health problems for the last 3years plus it will not be a fast BUT slow walk. Limit: 5. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 4309
18 Sep (Sat) 2021: MT. HAYSTACK AND RIDGE (Exp) Now the lawyer vines have burnt off, it will be a good time to visit an amazingly thin rock corridor overlooking Mill Creek. Limit: 8. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 4326
20 Sep (Mon) 2021: BULLANTS TRACK (M) With the great write-up in this bulletin, I'm sure some of you are itching to check out the track. So here's your chance. Down 250m from Martin's L/O, climb 250m up the other side, then an easy 5km along the tops through fields of flowers. To avoid car sharing, I have decided to turn around and return to Martins L/O via the same route. It’s a bit longer but easier, I think. So we’ll all meet at the end of Farm Rd, Springwood at 9am. Limit: 5. Map: Springwood, Penrith.
WalkID: 4240
22 Sep (Wed) 2021: EQUINOX PICNIC (E, Social) Help celebrate the coming equinox - where night ying becomes increasingly out matched by day yangness. Yay. This time we will be desporting our festive picnic lunch selves over and on the large outcrops of Linda Rock near Woodford. BYO inc full picnic accoutrements and gourmet plate to share. For cordon-bleaus there is a chance to wrest the coveted annual phantom trophy from the current champ! Also bring a short entertainment piece ie poem/joke/limerick/song. Proximate birthdays and anniversary events will be acknowledged. Linda Rock is reachable for almost all cars along a rough unimproved track, followed by a <100m walk which is almost zimmer and wheeled esky friendly. Parking is limited so best to share rides. Limit: 50. Map: Springwood .
WalkID: 4325
22 Sep (Wed) 2021: SPRINGWOOD (M) Start at Lawson Lookout and walk to Sassafras Rd. Lovely valley walk about 3.5 hours. Meet at Lawsons lookout at the end of Raymond Road at 8.30 and return to your car by about 12. Some steps up to Sassafras that are consistent but not too bad. A really beautiful cool walk. Limit: 5. Map: Sassafras.
WalkID: 4327
24 Sep (Fri) 2021: RUINED CASTLE (M) A classic walk and the wildflowers on this track are beautiful at the moment. We descend Golden Stairs 200m to the historic tram track built for the shale mine below Ruined Castle. It's easy going through forest for 3km then 80m ascent to the "castle" with fabulous 360 degree views (Though there is a bit of tricky rock scrambling to get the views). Return the same way. Limit: 5. Map: Katoomba, Jamison.
WalkID: 4248
25 Sep (Sat) 2021: INTRODUCTION WALK AND TALK SASSAFRAS GULLY, WIGGIN (E-M) This walk is now FULL. Prospective members: Spend Saturday morning finding out about out how to get the most out of the club and participating in a quick refresher on safe bushwalking practices. Come on an easy-medium entry level standard walk down Sassafras Gully, along the Victory Track and them up Wiggins Track to Yondell Rd This is a 5km walk with a 200m descent and ascent (approximately equivalent to about 50 stair flights). Rainforest and some rough sections of track. The walk will be punctuated with lots of stops where we go over items in the introduction course, Approx 3 hours. Full members are invited to come along and will be most welcome. Limit: 5. Map: Springwood .
WalkID: 4323
28 Sep (Tue) 2021: SPRINGWOOD (E) Meet at the start of the Wiggins Track, go down to Glenbrook Creek, along and up Magdala Track to Martins and Magdala Falls with a short side trip to the base of these falls and ascend via a new track to a lovely rocky point above the nose of Glenbrook Creek and the Magdala Track and hence back to the start. I'm happy to run this walk a few times so book in even if it's full. Leisurely pace with swimming possibilities along Glenbrook Creek and in the big deep pool at Magdala Falls Limit: 5. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 4322
30 Sep (Thu) 2021: FAULCONBRIDGE (E) Go down an unnamed creek near Faulconbridge Station to some aboriginal carvings, on to Rainbow Cave, continue down to beautiful Clarinda Falls and the Victory Track, and on the Numantia Falls for lunch. Return the same way. About 7 or 8 km. Leisurely pace. I am happy to run this a few times so book in even if it's full. Limit: 5. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 4281
1-18 Oct (Fri-Mon) 2021: SOUTH-WEST WA (E-M-Exp) POSTPONDED INDEFINITELY Hoping to catch the wildflowers in SW Western Australia this Spring. Parts of Bibbulmun Track, Stirling Range NP and others in the general area, depending on what's blooming. I'm thinking of hiring 2 cars and spending 2 to 3 weeks in WA (though you may be able to come for part of the time). We would mostly do day walks and possibly a couple of 2-day overnight walks. This is still in the planning stage. Hope to have a meeting of interested parties to firm up plans by the end of June, so if interested, sign up asap. Limit: 8. Map: various.
WalkID: 4333
4 Oct (Mon) 2021: SPRINGWOOD (E/M) Park at the end of Farm Road proper, walk to the end to Martin's Lookout, go down and past Perch Ponds, up the Magdala Track to Martins and Magdala Falls with stops at the bases of each. Magdala has an amazingly deep pool so there are several swimming opportunities. I'll hold your towel ready and clap. A little past the falls we head up a side creek, using a new/old track called Batman Track I believe, back to where the cars are parked. Book in even if it's fully booked or the date doesn't suit as I'm happy to run it several times. Let me know if weekends is your only option. Limit: 5. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 4321
6 Oct (Wed) 2021: GLENBROOK AREA (E-M) This will be a walk for WILDFLOWERS and hopefully ORCHIDS. Starting from Glenbrook then up through Knapsack Reserve to Marge Lookout. Walking back will be via Lennox Bridge. It will be a slow walk so as the leader can take her time. Limit: 5. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 4295
9 Oct (Sat) 2021: BEROWRA WATERS (H, kayak walk) TO BE CONFIRMED! Paddle past Crossland's Reserve towards Galston Gorge, with the tide both ways 20km, with a 6km walk on the Great North Walking track to reach the Gorge. Please bring morning tea and lunch. Limit: 5. Map: UBD.
WalkID: 4310
9 Oct (Sat) 2021: BRUCES WALK PART 2 (M) Wentworth Falls to Blackheath. Across Mt. Hay Rd. to Minnehaha Falls, then Pt. Pilcher Track to Grand Canyon and Neates Glen. Limit: 10. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 4330
9 Oct (Sat) 2021: VICTORY TRACK SECTION INTRODUCTION WALK (E) Introduction Walk, half day. From the end of Yondell Avenue extension, descend to the Victory track and return via Wiggins track to the start point. If time permits, possibly a short excursion up Glenbrook Creek. NOTE: prospective members needing to do their first walk will be given preference. I need one other full member to book. Limit: 5. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 4331
10 Oct (Sun) 2021: IKARA HEAD LOOP. INTRODUCTION WALK (E) From the Victoria Falls track (just east of Mt Vic), take the Ikara head track to the stupendous views at the end. Return via Girraween cave and possibly the fire trail on the other ridge. Bring lunch, but we should be back by 2pm. Introduction walk, preference given to prospectives needing to complete their first walk. Limit: 5. Map: Mount Wilson.
WalkID: 4305
19-20 Oct (Tue - Wed) 2021: LUCHETTI FLATS - WOLGAN VALLEY (M) A Friends of the Colo activity. Enjoy a camp down the valley away from the crowds. Check the river from Starlights to the end of Luchetti flats. The time will be spent on a search and destroy mission for cape ivy on the flats and walking the river. Participants may have to walk some or all of the way from the Newnes gate (8kms). Suitable for people who want to try their first time overnight camping. Limit: 8. Map: MT MORGAN.
WalkID: 4314
21 Oct (Thu) 2021: MAYFIELD GARDEN (E) A world class garden, out from Oberon. Bring lunch; we'll have coffee and cake before we start exploring! Always a delight! Limit: 12. Map: Oberon.
WalkID: 4308
23 Oct (Sat) 2021: MEGALONG LEDGES-BLACKS LADDERS (M) From the Hydro, we'll access a ledge system that takes us all the way to Elphinstone Plateau and Blacks Ladders. Some exposure and fern swimming; views and pristine vistas all day! Limit: 10. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 4307
28 Oct (Thu) 2021: MOUNT ANNAN BOTANIC GARDEN (E) This garden is a riot of colour in Spring, with displays of native flowers like kangaroo paws, mint bush, paper daisies and a lot of other W.A. native plants. We will buy morn. tea, but bring lunch. Limit: 12. Map: Mt. Annan.
WalkID: 4311
30 Oct (Sat) 2021: ORCHESTRA PIT AND MUSIC BOWL CAVES (M) This area, out near Mt. Galah on the Gloworm Tunnel Rd. is an amazing mix of rock pagodas, canyons and deep overhangs. We'll visit the 2 caves and look into Death Trap Canyon, whilst enjoying a wildflower display. Some walking off-track! Limit: 12. Map: Rock Hill.
WalkID: 4332
1 Nov (Mon) 2021: LINDA ROCK CELEBRATE END OF LOCKDOWN PICNIC (E, Social) Help celebrate lockdown ending. Yay!! This time we will be desporting our festive picnic lunch selves over and on the large outcrops of Linda Rock, near Woodford, according to prevailing health orders. BYO inc full picnic accoutrements and your own gourmet tucker and BYO. Please bring a short entertainment piece ie poem/joke/limerick/song. Linda Rock is reachable for almost all cars along a fire trail, followed by a <100m walk which is almost zimmer and wheeled esky friendly. If you are into fancy dress come as an escapee or guard. Appendages crossed for good weather. Limit: 20. Map: Springwood .
WalkID: 4306
2-4 Nov (Tue - Thu) 2021: NEWNES NEUTER (M) This is a Friends of the Colo activity. Car camp at Newnes during weekdays to check and treat, as time permits, serious weeds along the river and in the Newnes area generally, including Tree of Heaven, Cotoneaster, Honeysuckle, Common Fig, Celtis, Privet, Silky Oak, Photinia, and Hawthorn. The activity will be day walks from Newnes. Limit: 12. Map: MT MORGAN.
WalkID: 4315
4 Nov (Thu) 2021: WILDFLOWER WANDER (M) We'll look at 2 or 3 hotspots in the Upper Mtns. to check for Waratahs, Boronia etc. Some off-track walking! Limit: 12. Map: MT. WILSON and KATOOMBA.
WalkID: 4312
6 Nov (Sat) 2021: BUNGLEBOORI ARCH (M) Out from Mt. Horne are an amazing collection of ridges running down to the Bungleboori. Plenty of pagodas and wildflowers to explore. No tracks, no people, only wilderness! Some rock scrambling. Limit: 12. Map: Lithgow and Wollangambe.
WalkID: 4313
13 Nov (Sat) 2021: HOLTS HEAVEN (M) A walk to check out Waratahs, after the fires, down into Dumbano Creek, where you may get wet feet! Some off-track and rock scrambling. Limit: 12. Map: Wollangambe.
WalkID: 4317
18 Nov (Thu) 2021: KANGAROO CORNER CREEK (M) This is a small canyon, off the Darling Causeway. Bring dry bag, morn. tea and change of clothes. Only short, but you need to be able to swim and rock scramble. Limit: 8. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 4300
20-21 Nov (Sat - Sun) 2021: MANGROVE CREEK SPENCER (M, Kayak) Exploring Mangrove Creek with the tide before camping at Gentleman's Halt on the Hawkesbury River. This is a easy overnight kayaking trip with minimal camping gear and distance involved. Limit: 8. Map: Mangrove.
WalkID: 4319
27 Nov (Sat) 2021: SWIMMING DAY ON GLENBROOK CREEK (M) Walk in via the Duckhole, then wander down to Kanuka Brook. Plenty of time to swim and enjoy the area. Limit: 12. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 4318
4 Dec (Sat) 2021: ROYAL NATIONAL PARK (M) Winifred Falls Trail. Scenic walk to rock platforms and Fall, with plenty of time for swimming. We will also discover S-W Arm and Anice Falls. Some rock scrambling! Limit: 12. Map: Royal National Park Tourist Map.
WalkID: 4316
11 Dec (Sat) 2021: CHRISTMAS EVENT- BEDFORD CREEK (M) A Christmas-themed walk to Bedford Creek. Morning tea and Santa at Murphys Glen, so bring a unisex present up to $10 for Santa's sack and something to share for a Christmas morn. tea. A short, but picturesque walk will take us to a sandy beach, with plenty of swimming and relaxing! Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 4134
9-16 Jan (Sun - Sun) 2022: CHARLOTTE PASS (E-M-H) Join us for the 9th annual visit to Charlotte Pass. Comfortable accommodation in a private ski lodge in the heart of the Kosciuszko National Park. We are within walking distance of the 10 highest peaks in Australia, plus lots of slightly lower peaks. We need to book and pay for the accommodation as soon as possible. Cost Single: $515. Double: $792. Limit: 21. Map: Perisher, Geehi Dam.