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Walks and Activities

Program: Activities have restarted and will be carried out in line with the public health orders. Please check the government COVID websites for the latest rules.

The listing below shows all club activities. Contact details for each activity are available to paid-up members after logging into the member area.

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WalkID: 4771
3 Nov (Thu) 2022: SHORT WALKS OVERLOOKING MEGALONG (M) Some of these are well known and some you won't have been to. Some exposure. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 4792
4 Nov (Fri) 2022: MT BANKS AND WALLS LOOKOUT (E, Very Short Notice) Aboriginal sites of Mt Banks then the Walls lookout for fab views of the Grose Valley. Approx 5-6 km.Easy paced walk - leader still "wearing in"new knees". All on track but some steep bits. Optional visit to the Aboriginal cave off Bells Line of Road in the afternoon. 9am start. Limit: 12. Map: Mt Wilson.

WalkID: 4676
5 Nov (Sat) 2022: WOLLANGAMBE WILDERNESS (M) From Bell, we'll walk out on a ridge towards the Barnacles in a pagoda-studded landscape. Across the creek, to return on a different ridge. Off-track, but not too scrubby! Limit: 12. Map: MT. WILSON AND WOLLANGAMBE.

WalkID: 4758
7 Nov (Mon) 2022: SPRINGWOOD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH HALL (Meeting) After a 2 month hiatus, we are back with a bumper fun and informative night to gather together at the General Meeting. Catch up with your friends and welcome & meet our new members. We will hear all about the many various activities during the last 2 months from our many leaders. Our long time members Helen Rose & David Churches will present and share their knowledge of a brief outline of their experiences volunteering with a NPWS Hawkweed Eradication project in Kosciuszko National Park, following with a trip to the Kimberley – camping, bushwalking, swimming, art sites, and a helicopter trip. A great way for bushwalkers to explore this spectacular region! Jeanette & Thais will be providing supper. BYO vessel for a cuppa to enjoy during the presentation & meeting. Please bring a gold coin donation Limit: 40. Map: .

WalkID: 4752
8 Nov (Tue) 2022: KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE TO IMPOROVE WALKING TRACK SAFETY (E) A meeting to mark places on maps and record notes about where track work may be needed to reduce the risk of accidents. Also to plot unofficial tracks and features which may not be known to the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Two hour morning meeting. NPWS will shot a nice morning tea. Preference is given to bushwalkers who can contribute knowledge of track conditions in the lower Blue Mountains, or who can otherwise add to the process. If this trail is successful then we may repeat the same for other map sheets in the areas where we walk. Limit: 4. Map: Springwood, Penrith.

WalkID: 4761
8-10 Nov (Tue-Thu) 2022: NEWNES NEUTER (E-M) This trip has been cancelled due to Wolgan Gap Rd is closed to all but local resident. The road has had another landslip near the gap. NPWS has closed the campground to deter visitors from entering the valley. (A Friends of the Colo Activity) Car Camp at Newnes. We will do 3 day walks along the river and in the Newnes area generally. During each walk we will be checking for and if found, treating weeds like Tree of Heaven, Cotoneaster, Honeysuckle, Common Fig, Celtis, Privet, Silky Oak, Photinia, and Hawthorn. You don't have to be a member of FoC, but you have to register as an NPWS volunteer. Also once you have registered you will need to do a short online Pesticide Awareness Training (once only). Weed experience an advantage but not essential. Limit: 12. Map: Ben Bullen, Mount Morgan.

WalkID: 4794
9 Nov (Wed) 2022: SPRINGWOOD (E, cycle) Short cycle on quiet local streets approximately 15 -20 kms. No real hills. Please advise your riding experience on booking if you have not ridden with me before. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood Street Map.

WalkID: 4793
10 Nov (Thu) 2022: RICHMOND (E-M, Cycle) Richmond to Windsor. mostly flat, 30km. Back roads and cycle paths, suitable for road bikes. Start at Smith Park Richmond. Cycle along Triangle Lane, Powells Lane, Edwards Road, Cornwallis Road, then cycle path into Windsor. Morning tea at cafe, then cycle back. Bring lunch to have at Smith Park. Limit: 12. Map: Gregory.

WalkID: 4767
12 Nov (Sat) 2022: EXPLORE OF DU FAURS RIDGE (M) Part of a planned crossing of Wollangambe Wilderness; we need to check the possibility of crossing Du Faurs Creek at about GR 530-888. Looks a nice ridge walk, with plenty of pagodas to climb around and great views. About 8klms. Limit: 12. Map: MT. WILSON.

WalkID: 4798
16 Nov (Wed) 2022: SPRINGWOOD (E, Cycle) Short cycle on quiet local streets approximately 15 -20 kms. No real hills. Please advise your riding experience on booking if you have not ridden with me before. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood Street Map.

WalkID: 4795
16 Nov (Wed) 2022: WOODFORD & HAZELBROOK (E-M) A half day walk: 7km approx: Transit of Venus and North Hazelbrook Circuit. We will visit seven or more waterfalls. Bring morning tea. There will be a car shuffle. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 4779
17 Nov (Thu) 2022: NORTH KATOOMBA (E-M) Yosemite Park wander. Explore this hanging swamp, walking on a mixture of fire trails and tracks. West side views to cascade dam and a walk down to Katoomba Creek. North views to Medlow Bath. Check out wildflowers and birds (I have spotted Gang Gangs here). It will be a leisurely morning walk. After lunch there will be an optional walk down to Mini Ha Ha falls for any who are interested Limit: 15. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 4809
17 Nov (Thu) 2022: STRATHFIELD BRIGHTON LE SANDS (M) Bike Ride No. 15 Strathfield to Brighton Le Sands * A 5 hr return ride suitable for road bikes using Cooks River Cycleway and back roads. Morning Tea at a Cafe and Lunch at Brighton Le Sands by the seaside (shops available). I will be cathcing the train to Flemington Station arriving at 9.15am (takes 5 min to ride to start) Limit: 15. Map: Google maps - Cycleways.

WalkID: 4500
17 Nov-1 Dec 2022 (Thu - Thu) 2022: WALKING NORTH ISLAND NZ (M-H-Exp) Join my 11th NZ trekking jaunt. Fly in and out of Auckland. Hire a car or two and do a series of overnight plus longer circuit and key-swap walks on the North Island, including the spectacular Tongariro Circuit. Plus some lesser known walks featuring excellent alpine and volcanic scenery. Accommodation will be hotels and DOCs huts. Dates approximate. This is an expression of interest-pending prevailing covid uncertainties. Numbers are limited because accommodation is limited. Limit: 6. Map: North Island NZ.

WalkID: 4718
19 Nov (Sat) 2022: BEROWRA WATERS TO BAR ISLAND (H, kayak) Paddle out to bar Island and return 25 km with the tide both ways. Please bring morning tea and lunch. Limit: 8. Map: Cowan.

WalkID: 4781
19 Nov (Sat) 2022: WOLLANGAMBE WILDERNESS (E-M) 3-4 hour return walk from Bell to what is sometimes known as 'the Centre of the Universe'. The walk starts from Bell Perimeter Track and follows the ridge down to a pretty creek, where we may be lucky to spot some waratahs. Then up the hill to the first ridge where we will take our time exploring (off track) the Pagodas and enjoying the great views. Return the same way. Limit: 10. Map: Mt Wilson, Wollangambe.

WalkID: 4797
19 Nov (Sat) 2022: YARRAMUNDI (E-M) Walk from locked gate on Mountain Ave, along fire trail and down to Grose River. May be swimming and/or exploration along the river. Only 2 km to the river, one downhill and subsequent uphill. Bring morning tea. Meet at junction of Hawkesbury Rd and Mountain Ave 8:30 am Limit: 10. Map: Kurrajong.

Introduction Walk

WalkID: 4808
20 Nov (Sun) 2022: KOOMBANDAH RIDGE (E, off track) Introduction talk included. We have been exploring ridges south of Bells line, and this one is worth re-visiting. An easy off-track walk along a ridge that ends in a spectacular vista into the Grose Valley. Last year the heath at the end of the ridge was covered in wildflowers and there were fields of flannel flowers. They may be there again. A short-ish day, we should back early afternoon. Limit: 10. Map: Mt Wilson.

WalkID: 4796
23 Nov (Wed) 2022: SPRINGWOOD (E-M) A half day walk: 7km: Sassafras Gully, Victory Track to Numantia Creek and Numantia Falls. From Numantia Creek we will visit some aboriginal art then ascend the Sassafras ridge to the ridge footpad. Travel north on the footpad to a rock platform to view an engraving of a kangaroo. We will return via Sassafras Ridge to the Sassafras Gully Track and the cars. Bring morning tea. If we get a lot of rain before the walk, I may switch the walk to Greens Road, Warrimoo. Limit: 16. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 4814
24 Nov (Thu) 2022: EBENEZER (M) Cycle trip: wandering the Hawkesbury back-roads. About 32 km, no big hills, some dirt roads. Start Ebenezer Church -Ebenezer Wharf Rd - Old Sackville Rd - Kurmond Rd - McKinnons Rd - Godalla Rd - Shepherds Rd - Kurmond Rd - Blacktown Rd - Geakes Rd - Creek Ridge Rd - Stannix Rd - Ebenezer. (Yes I left a couple out). Meet 9 am Ebenezer Church Coromandel Rd. Limit: 16. Map: UBD.

WalkID: 4769
26 Nov (Sat) 2022: A DIFFERENT DAY AT BALD HILL (M) Brownes Path, Bennetts Lookout and a visit to Hat Hill Canyon via the exit track. This walk showcases the rugged nature of the Blue Mtns. Some exposure; about 6klms. Limit: 10. Map: MT. WILSON.

Introduction Walk

WalkID: 4816
26 Nov (Sat) 2022: SUPPER ON THE CLIFFS (E) The weather forecast looks OK for Saturday, so how about taking supper/dinner/happy hour out to the cliffs near Butterbox. 4WD required to get out to the end, i will have two places for passengers. Cancelled if the weather turns bad. Leave about 5pm, return before sunset at 18:47. short walk on track from the carpark to the cliff edge. Bring food to share. Limit: 8. Map: Mount Wilson.

WalkID: 4719
26-27 Nov (Sat - Sun) 2022: MANGROVE CREEK SPENCER (M, Kayak) Exploring Mangrove Creek with the tide over two days. Camp ground to be confirmed Limit: 8. Map: Mangrove.

WalkID: 4812
29 Nov (Tue) 2022: EASTERN SUBURBS (E) FEDERATION TRACK RUSHCUTTERS BAY TO CLOVELLY. Join me for the THIRD Tour de Sydney. Learn some history as we walk via small and large parks across to Clovelly. Rushcutters Bay, Trumper, Centennial, Queens, Waverley Cemetery. Find out what the site for the Chinese market gardens became. Pass by the block of units that was the exterior of "No. 96". Where was the original Lachlan Water Reserve? Limit: 10. Map: Google.

WalkID: 4811
30 Nov (Wed) 2022: FAULCONBRIDGE (E-M) A half day walk: 5km approx: North Faulconbridge. Highland Road to Linden Creek and The Steam Driven Sawmill. From there down Linden Creek to Aboriginal sharpening grooves then up a ridge to St Georges Crescent. Bring morning tea. There will be a car shuffle. Limit: 16. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 4821
30 Nov (Wed) 2022: SPRINGWOOD (E, cycle) Short cycle on quiet local streets approximately 15 -20 kms. No real hills. Please advise your riding experience on booking if you have not ridden with me before. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood Street Map.

WalkID: 4773
1 Dec (Thu) 2022: AN ORCHID SPOTTING WANDER (E) We'll visit the known hot spots from Mt. Vic. to Bell and finish at Hartley. Maybe find a purple donkey! Limit: 12. Map: MT. WILSON and Hartley.

WalkID: 4823
1 Dec (Thu) 2022: EMU HEIGHTS/REGENTVILLE (E-M, cycle) Cycle banks of Nepean River and loop out to Regentville - approx 30km and flat Limit: 10. Map: Gregory.

WalkID: 4768
3 Dec (Sat) 2022: LEDGES OF JUNGABURRA CREEK (M) We'll access the ledges and hope they will lead us down to the creek. The area is known as Bell Super Crag. Some climbing skills needed and some exposure. About 6klms. Limit: 10. Map: MT. WILSON.

WalkID: 4810
5 Dec (Mon) 2022: SPRINGWOOD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH HALL (Meeting) Our final general meeting of the year will a casual affair. NO guest speaker. During the meeting a slideshow of the wonderful photos you have taken during the club activities this year will be presented on the big screen, whilst enjoying supper and socialising. Please send your best bushwalking/ kayaking/ cycling photos from the past year to jessie.burke593@gmail.com or bring a USB stick on the night. Limit 10 photos per person. Everyone is to bring a plate to share. Tea & Coffee is provided with a gold coin donation. BYO Vessel. Limit: 50. Map: .

WalkID: 4762
6 Dec (Tue) 2022: SPRINGWOOD FIREFLIES AND GLOW-WORMS (E) A very short walk down Birdwood Gully to see the fairy show of fireflies followed by the glow-worm display around Madeleine Waterfall. Sheer magic right on our doorstep. It's less one and a half km return but the track has suffered from the years of rain. However, we'll take it slowly. Once down at creek level, it's very easy. Bring friends and every child you can rustle up. Limit: 15. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 4817
7 Dec (Wed) 2022: WARRIMOO (E-M) A half day walk: 5km approx; Rocky Lookouts Warrimoo: A walk along an unsealed road called Greens Road, south from Warrimoo along a ridge to rock formations with great views into the Glenbrook Creek Valley and the rocky walls opposite of Bunyan lookout. Bring morning tea. Limit: 16. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 4774
8 Dec (Thu) 2022: CAVES OF MOUNT BANKS (M) Up to the summit, then out to the Northern Spur and home via the caves and arches. Spectacular views into the Grose. Some off-track and some exposure. Bring lunch to have in the picnic area afterwards, so just a small pack for morn. tea on the walk. Limit: 12. Map: MT. WILSON.

WalkID: 4765
9 Dec (Fri) 2022: SPRINGWOOD FIREFLY AND GLOW-WORM WALK (E) A very short walk down Birdwood Gully to see the fairy show of fireflies followed by the glow-worm display around Madeleine Waterfall. Sheer magic right on our doorstep. It's less one and a half km return but the track has suffered from the years of rain. However, we'll take it slowly. Once down at creek level, it's very easy. Bring friends and every child you can rustle up. Limit: 15. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 4770
10 Dec (Sat) 2022: CHRISTMAS IN THE MOUNTAINS (E) A Christmas-themed walk with morning tea and Santa; hopefully to Bedford Creek. Bring something Christmassy to share for morn. tea and a $10 unisex pressy for Santa's sack. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 4784
11 Dec (Sun) 2022: FAULCONBRIDGE (E) CHRISTMAS PARTY. All members and partners are welcome to attend the annual Christmas Party. It will be held in a private garden in Faulconbridge. Starting at 12.30.The party will be fully catered, i.e. all food and drink will be provided. It is also an opportunity for new members to come along and get to know the leaders and meet other members of the club. Limit: 40. Map: Springwood.

Introduction Walk

WalkID: 4763
11 Dec (Sun) 2022: SHAWS CREEK HAWKESBURY HEIGHTS (E) A morning walk to beautiful Shaws Creek. This spot has it all - waterfalls, pools for jumping into or just relaxing in or near, beautiful rainforest-like vegetation and an amazing camp overhang. Even a view to the Penrith Plains from a rock shelf on the way down. It's only 2km return with half on firetrails and the rest descending to the creek. Bring family and friends and children. We'll explore up the creek as well as spending time 'just being there'. Those needing an introduction talk can have it in beautiful surroundings. My plan is to get back in time for the club Christmas party at 12.30. Anyone living too far away to go home but wanting to go, can come to my place in Springwood to freshen up. Limit: 15. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 4822
14 Dec (Wed) 2022: SPRINGWOOD (E) Short cycle on quiet local streets approximately 15 -20 kms. No real hills. Please advise your riding experience on booking if you have not ridden with me before. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood Street Map.

WalkID: 4813
17 Dec (Sat) 2022: KAYAK NORTH RICHMOND (E, KAYAK) Paddle from Hanna Park in Nth Richmond up the Hawkesbury River to the junction of The Grose River. I haven't paddled here in over a year, so will be interesting to see what changes have occured with the flooding events. 8-10kms approximatley. Must have own kayak and PFD. Limit: 12. Map: Richmond.

WalkID: 4764
17 Dec (Sat) 2022: SOUTH HAZELBROOK WATERFALLS (E/M) An afternoon walk down to Bedford Pool where swimming is possible. Return up a side creek, with 4 named waterfalls, including Pyramid, Victor and Terrace and countless cascades and small falls. About 6km round walk. Lovely rainforest, cliffs and rocks as well. It's basically an easy walk except for the degradation caused by our Big Wet. It'll be at a leisurely pace to enjoy the ambiance. Children welcome. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.

Introduction Walk

WalkID: 4783
18 Dec (Sun) 2022: SOUTH WOODFORD (E) A late afternoon walk part way down the Bedford Firetrail to a remarkable campcave. Then return back up to check out all the flannel flowers which were springing up everywhere earlier this year. Before returning to the cars, we'll go up Linda Rock for views in various directions and then enjoy a shared evening meal while the sun sets. Please bring something to share plus your own plate and cutlery. Anyone who prefers to eat their own food, can do so. A great place for an intro talk. You may need a torch for the walk back. About 6km. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 4802
31 Dec (Sat) 2022: TURTLE AND MEEKS FALLS (M) Two hidden waterfalls at Faulconbridge, joined by a magical gully. Bring swimmers. Some off-track! Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 4720
4-6 Jan (Wed - Fri) 2023: BEROWRA CREEK AND HAWKSBURY RIVER (M, Kayak) A three day kayaking trip camping at the Twin Beaches, Bar Point and exploring the surrounding water ways. Camp site is free with toilets but no power or water. Limit: 12. Map: Cowan.

WalkID: 4489
8-15 Jan (Sun - Sun) 2023: CHARLOTTE PASS (E-M-H) Join us for the 10th annual visit to Charlotte Pass. Comfortable accommodation in a private ski lodge in the heart of the Kosciuszko National Park. We are within walking distance of the 10 highest peaks in Australia plus lots of slightly lower peaks. Cost Single: $542. Double: $834. Limit: 21. Map: Perisher, Geehi Dam.

WalkID: 4807
17 Jan 2023 (Tue) 2023: GRAND CANYON BY NIGHT (M) This walk is totally different at night, with lots of nightlife and amazing glow worms as it gets dark. All on track, with some steep sections. Bring a torch and a cupper and something to eat in the cave, before we head up to the glow worms. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 4722
17-26 Jan 2023 (Tue-Thu) 2023: PELION HUT (VIA ARM RIVER TRACK) AND WALLS OF JERUSALEM NP (M-H) Join us for 10 days in Tasmania on two overnight walking trips: 1. Walking in via the Arm River Track to Pelion Hut, where we’ll stay 3 nights and do day walks to Mount Ossa and Mount Oakleigh. 2. Walls of Jerusalem NP staying 3 nights, moving from Wild Dog Creek Campsite to Dixon’s Kingdom campsite and back. We’ll be car camping at Mole Creek Caravan Park before, in between, and after each walk. Please call for further information. Limit 8: Map: Jerusalem. Helen and Terry McCann. Limit: 8. Map: Jerusalem NP.

WalkID: 4818
17-27 Jan (Tue - Fri) 2023: TASMANIA (E-M) Explore Freycinet National Park and Bay of Fires Freycinet Peninsula Circuit offers a taste of Freycinet National Park’s finest offerings: ocean views, sandy beaches, rocky coves, orange granite boulders, mountain summits, forests, heathlands, abundant birdlife, friendly wildlife – and the iconic Wineglass Bay. Camp at Cooks Beach with optional walk to Mt Graham and then to Wine Glass Bay where we will camp and do optional day walks to Mt Freycinet. We will be here from 17 Jan to 22 Jan then go to the town of Bicheno. If the weather has not been to wet we will walk the Leeaberra Track which is a one way track. It starts in the north of the Douglas-Apsley National Park and we will take 3 days (23 – 25 Jan). The Douglas and Apsley Rivers are both subject to flooding following high rainfall and there are no bridges. If this happens we will explore Bay of Fires for longer rather than just a couple of days. We will fly out of Launceston Friday January 27th. Limit: 8. Map: Apsley, Freycinet.

WalkID: 4805
21 Jan 2023 (Sat) 2023: GALONG CREEK IN THE MEGALONG (M-Exp) From Pack Saddlers, we'll explore downstream; a beautiful pink granite canyon. We may need a tape to descend. Wet feet guaranteed! No track. Limit: 12. Map: Jenolan.

WalkID: 4721
21-22 Jan (Sat - Sun) 2023: WISEMANS FERRY TO ST ALBANS (H, kayaking) Kayaking from Wisemans Ferry to St Albans 25 km, camping overnight and returning the next day. Fast flowing waters and rapids involved. Limit: 8. Map: St Albans.

WalkID: 4815
26 Jan 2023 (Thu) 2023: AUSTRALIA DAY ON SYDNEY HARBOUR (M) Balmoral to Taronga Park. Bring an Australian-themed morning tea to share, plus cossies and lunch of course, to have at Clifton Gardens. Then on to Bradleys Head to catch the ferry at the Zoo. Limit: 12. Map: Sydney Harbour.

WalkID: 4801
28 Jan 2023 (Sat) 2023: DHARAWAL NAT. PARK, WEDDERBURN (M) Minerva Pool and The Weir, on O'Hares Creek. Short, but steep walk into Minerva, then on to O'Hares Creek for a swim. Limit: 12. Map: Campbelltown.

WalkID: 4806
1 Feb 2023 (Wed) 2023: SUPPER IN THE BUSH (E) Enjoy a shared dinner with a sunset view, far from the madding crowds. Afterwards, we'll visit Reid's Plateau and the Night Walk, which is lit, but still bring a torch. Bring plates and cutlery and your food to share. Some steps. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 4717
4 Feb (Sat) 2023: COLO RIVER (H, Kayak) Paddle the Colo River from Lower Portland towards the Upper Colo and return with the tide both ways 30km. Limit: 8. Map: Lower Portland.

WalkID: 4804
4 Feb 2023 (Sat) 2023: FALLS OF HAZELBROOK (M) Horseshoe, Lyrebird, Burgess, Mabel, Edith and Hazel, all on track. We'll enjoy a swim or two. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 4799
9 Feb 2023 (Thu) 2023: WALLS CAVE, BLACKHEATH (M) Open again after being closed for 3 years after fires. On track to an amazing cave and canyon; some steps. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 4803
11 Feb 2023 (Sat) 2023: BIRRABANG CANYON NEAR BELL (M) A walk and swim-through canyon with no abseils. High cliffs, clear water, wildlife and wildflowers, all whilst cooling off in the creek. No tracks; you will need a wetsuit or thermals and a dry bag in your pack, plus a sense of adventure. Limit: 12. Map: MT. WILSON.

WalkID: 4495
12-18 Feb 2023 (Sun-Sat) 2023: CHARLOTTES PASS II (E-M) Join us for the 2nd annual February visit to Charlotte Pass. Comfortable accommodation in a private ski lodge in the heart of the Kosciuszko National Park. Self catering (group meals) and we have to clean up before we leave. We are within walking distance of the 10 highest peaks in Australia, plus lots of slightly lower peaks. We need to book and pay for the accommodation as soon as possible. Cost around $400 per person for the week. Limit: 25. Map: Perisher Valley, Geehi Dam. Limit: 38. Map: perisher valley, geehi dam.

WalkID: 4800
18 Feb 2023 (Sat) 2023: HEATHCOTE NAT. PARK (M) Bullawarring Track, Yellow Pool, Blondel Pool and Kingfisher Pool are all swimmable! Exact route, weather dependent. Mostly on track. Limit: 12. Map: Appin.

WalkID: 4514
19-24 Feb 2023 (Sun-Fri) 2023: ROUND MOUNTAIN TO GUTHEGA (M) NOTE: Date changed to follow the Charlottes Pass trip. Expression of interest - Follow the week in a lodge at Charlottes Pass with some real Snowy Mountains walks - huts, march flies and heavy overnight packs. Possible route is from Round Mountain to Jagungal, then overland to exit at Guthega. Car swap required, but we'd already have a car at the southern end. Details to be finalised, possibly some off track. Limit: 8. Map: Geehi, tba.

WalkID: 4754
27 Feb-3 Mar 2023 (Mon - Fri) 2023: TASMANIA - TARKINE WILDERNESS (M) This is a fully supported private group 5-day trip to the Tarkine, a very wet area of old growth forest in Tasmania's northwest. We will start and finish in Launceston. The trip is operated by ParkTrek and follows their standard itinerary. Walks range from Easy to Medium-hard and are daypack only. A cruise to the mouth of the Pieman River to reach the start of one walk is included. Accommodation is in either cottages or a lodge, and transport, guides and most meals are included. This trip is planned as a reunion for participants in our trip to Gokyo in Nepal in 2018. Preference will be given to those who participated in that trip. The cost is $2268 per person, a discount of 10% on the 2022 price. Limit: 10. Map: North West Tasmania.

WalkID: 4508
19-23 Mar (Sun - Thu) 2023: CURRARONG HOLIDAY (E-M) This is following the success of our recent holiday at the very clean and well organised Currarong Holiday Haven. Another booking has been made! I am assured that this is the best time of year to visit as the water will still be warm, the days will be pleasant and it is far less busy than during summer. Lots of opportunities for non-compulsory swimming, snorkelling, surfing, kayaking and of course bushwalking - or just read a book whilst soaking up gammas on the beach. Restaurant and grocery opportunities are limited so BYO supplies for the duration. Limit: 35. Map: Currarong, Nowra.