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Walks and Activities

Program: Activities have restarted and will be carried out in line with the public health orders. Please check the government COVID websites for the latest rules.

The listing below shows all club activities. Contact details for each activity are available to paid-up members after logging into the member area.

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WalkID: 5227
1 Feb (Thu) 2024: BOTANY BAY (M, Cycling) Cycle Strathfield to Botany Bay. A leisurely ride along cycle paths and local roads to the bay and back. Morning tea at the chocolate shop and a fish and chips lunch (or BYO) at Brighton le Sands. Swimming at Brighton le Sands for the hardy. An approximately 50 km ride, which is mostly flat beside the Cooks River. Limit: 14. Map: Sydney UBD.

WalkID: 5226
3 Feb (Sat) 2024: SASSAFRAS GULLY-MAGDALA CK, SPRINGWOOD (E-M) We'll head down from Sassafras Gully Rd to Sassafras Ck (steepish 150m) then a fairly easy walk along Sassafras and Glenbrook Cks to the junction with Magdala Ck (about 4km). If it's a hot day there are plenty of opportunities to cool off in the creek. We'll then walk up Magdala Ck (about 3.5km), mainly gentle uphill, with more opportunities to cool off, ending at Picnic Glen. It's then a short street walk back to the cars. Moderate pace. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 5184
3-4 Feb (Sat - Sun) 2024: INGAR AND MURPHYS CAMPGROUNDS (M-H) Back to plan A... Feb 2 and 3, Ingar campground Beginning on Kings Tableland, Wentworth Falls. Fire trail walking with overnight packs, Camp night 1 Ingar Campground, Walk to Murphys Glen Day 2. Finish Woodford Station. Limit: 6. Map: Jamison .

Introduction Walk

WalkID: 5206
4 Feb (Sun) 2024: EMPIRE PASS NORTH LAWSON (E) This walk is now full. Another beautiful round walk with 4 waterfalls and an echoing bluff. Most of this has been well repaired by NP with stepping stones where we used to slog through wet swamp. Fairy Falls is amazing with the ironstone formations and colours. About 7 km taken at a leisurely pace. Possibility of swimming at Frederica Falls. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 5211
5 Feb (Mon) 2024: SPRINGWOOD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH HALL (E) General monthly meeting. This will include a special meeting to vote on the revised SBC Constitution. (Details regarding this are in the 9 January edition of the Blue Mountaineer newsletter.) Tonight’s guest speaker will be Club member Robyn Webster who will talk about her hiking trip in Hokkaido, Japan, last August. Come along to hear an interesting talk, catch up with friends and support the club. New members encouraged to come along!! Supper provided by Wendy W and Mary M. Gold coin donation appreciated. Limit: 80. Map: .

WalkID: 5213
6 Feb (Tue) 2024: RECCE. VALLEY OF THE DINOSAURS MMB SCA (Exp) I havent done this walk before, so it is a recce (exploratory). I will be following gps traces and maps from various sources. I plan to visit Ultimate Slot and Valley of the Dinosaurs in the Mugii Murum-ban State Conservation Area, from the main (north) entrances. If we can find a non-difficult route up out of the gorge at the end, we will take it, otherwise, we will return the way we came. Then view the slot and gorge from above, via the firetrail. If the gate is open we will drive to the top of the Genlowlan Trail in my 4WD, otherwise theres a 1.5 km each way walk from the bottom. Expected grade is M-H. If the recce is ok, I will put the walk on later, as a graded walk. Limit: 4. Map: Glen Alice.

WalkID: 5185
9-11 Feb (Fri - Sun) 2024: BURRA KORRAIN AND ACACIA FLAT CAMPGROUNDS (H) Commence Fri afternoon 09/2. Descent Vic Falls, camp Burra Kurrain Night 1, Day 2 Walk to Acacia Flat and set up camp for Night 2. Day walk Short Ridge to DuFaurs Head and return. Day 3 Exit via Pierces Pass (Hungerford Track). Car shuffles needed. Limit: 6. Map: Mt Wilson .

WalkID: 5224
10 Feb (Sat) 2024: DEVLIN RD, CASTLEREAGH (E, KAYAK) An easy paddle from Devlin Road Castlereagh heading towards Yarramundi. 2-3 hours of paddling with a morning tea break on the sandy beach. You will need your own hard shell kayak and PFD. Limit: 10. Map: PENRITH.

WalkID: 5219
10 Feb (Sat) 2024: GLENBROOK CREEK (E-M) Mini river float. Great for beginners and kids. Wog Hole to Blue Pool. There lots of water around at the moment and this little section of Glenbrook Creek is easy to access. 1km walk down to creek with some small sections that require a small scramble. 1km float down the creek. Bring inflatable to float on. Portable pump will be provided so we can inflate our floaties once we are at the creek. About 3 hours with time for swimming and afternoon tea. Car shuffle required. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.

WalkID: 5216
11 Feb (Sun) 2024: MOUNT WILSON DU FAUR CREEK CANYON (M) Du Faur Creek Canyon is a pretty and reasonably straight-forward canyon at Mount Wilson. However, it is cold in places - its alternative name is Clatterteeth Canyon. So bring a wetsuit or at least a woolen jumper and some thermals. Also bring a li-lo or a surf mat to negotiate several long deep pools. There is some rock scrambling in the canyon but nothing too hard core. To access the canyon we descend a steepish gully with the aid of a fixed rope (in case it's not there I will bring some climbing tape). Note I am going to shorten the day and the walk back to the cars by exiting up Joe's Canyon. Limit: 10. Map: MT Wilson/Wollangambe.

WalkID: 5214
11 Feb (Sun) 2024: RIVER CAVES CANYON, NEWNES PLATEAU (EM) As the road in is so good at the moment, I'll repeat this earlier walk for those who missed out. River Caves is an excellent but easy canyon with some thigh deep wades but you don't need a wetsuit. There is some scrabbling up and around boulders. It's about 4 km return. In the afternoon, we can pop down to Dargens Arch which is behind Bell Station. This is less than 2 km but it's quite an amazing arch. Limit: 16. Map: Cullen Bullen.

WalkID: 4927
13-18 Feb (Tue - Sun) 2024: MUNYANG TO VALENTINES (E-M-H, alpine) Dates and Route flexible, leaving later than 13/2. TBA. A full pack walk to areas north of Munyang. Day 1 - climb up from Munyang power station to Whites River or Schlink Hut). Day 2 - look for possible route to Gargantun from Schlink Hut, day pack only. Possible return via Disappointment Spur. Day 3 - move on to Valentines Hut, explore Valentine Falls. Day 4 - day trip to Mawsons Hut and Cup and Saucer Hill. Return to Valentines. Day 5 - with packs to Dicky Cooper Bogong, drop packs, explore the Rolling Ground before returning to Whites River Hut or Schlink Hilton. Day 6 - return to Munyang then on to Charlottes Pass for a hot shower. Limit: 8. Map: Geehi River, Jagungal.

WalkID: 5234
15 Feb (Thu) 2024: PENRITH (E, cycle) Cancelled due to weather Cycle from the bottom of Mitchells Pass to Emu Heights then down to the river and out to Regentville . Morning.tea at probably at Laughing Boy then back to Glenbrook for lunch. Approx 45 klm Limit: 12. Map: Gregorys.

WalkID: 5182
18 Feb (Sun) 2024: MOUNT WILSON (M, LILO) WOLLANGABE 1 LILO TRIP Bring your lilo or some other flotation device and spend the day on the Wollangambe river which winds it's way through some magnificent canyon country .There are deep sections where we float on whatever floatation device we brought ,shallow sections that we walk and rocky sections that we scramble .Reasonable level of fitness and swimming ability required. As we spend most of the day in the water wetsuits are required along with shoes that you can swim in, Volleys are always a good choice ,you will also need to waterproof your pack .You will also need a helmet ,bike helmets are fine . We will be doing Wollangambe 1 and taking the Seredipity exit ,which will give us a bit more time in the river and allow us to do an interesting section before we exit . Limit: 8. Map: Mount Wilson.

WalkID: 4960
18-23 Feb (Sun - Fri) 2024: CURRARONG HOLIDAY (E-M, Social) Sunday to Friday avoiding crowds. A now traditional short holiday where you can do as much or as little as you wish. Last year we had 35 booked and in 2024 there may be more. Accommodation options include tents, caravans and cabins at Holiday Haven Currarong with its sparkling amenities. Opportunities for coastal walking, swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and bicycling etc. Similar organisation to the Snowies but without having to cook for a multitude. Limit: 50. Map: Currarong and surrounding maps.

WalkID: 4926
18-25 Feb 2024 (Sun-Sun) 2024: CHARLOTTES PASS (E-M-H, alpine) Join us for the 3rd annual February Snowies Trip. Not just walks - we've found excellent kayaking on Lake Jindabyne, some great mountain bike tracks and a range of walks from 2 hours to all day. Bring or hire your kayak or bike (or both). Comfortable accommodation in a private ski lodge in the heart of the Kosciuszko National Park. Self catering (group meals) and we have to clean up before we leave. We are within walking distance of the 10 highest peaks in Australia, plus lots of slightly lower peaks. Cost around $300 per person for the week, and you are asked to supply (part of) an evening meal for 16 people. Please bring some cash to re-imburse drivers if you car-pool. Possible alternate date is 21-28 January, or 14-21 Jan) Limit: 40. Map: Perisher Valley, Geehi River, Koscuiszko.

WalkID: 5229
24 Feb (Sat) 2024: MEGALONG VALLEY (E-M) Walk from Megalong Valley Rd to Coxs River and back again. Couple of hours each way following the 6 foot track. Relatively easy. Will take most of the day. Hopefully we will meet the overnight hikers somewhere. Bring lunch and snacks and water. Total distance 6 km down, 6 km back again. altitude 300 m down, 300m up. Limit: 12. Map: Hampton.

WalkID: 5225
24 Feb (Sat) 2024: PENRITH (M, KAYAK) Kayaking from Tench Reserve, (next to where paddle steamer departs), and up to Euroka Creek. We will either have morning tea here or back at where Glenbrook Creek joins the river. Approx 12kms of paddling. Must have own hard shell kayak and PFD. Limit: 10. Map: PENRITH.

WalkID: 5186
24-25 Feb (Sat - Sun) 2024: SIX FOOT TRACK TO ANTHILL CAMPSITE (M) Walk from Nellie's Glen to the Six Foot Track, for a simple overnight camp beside the Coxs river and return home the same way the next day. If you want to make it easier, we can consider a car shuffle with brunch at the Megalong Valley Tea Rooms... let me know your preference. 116m elevation change and approx. 13.5kms each way Limit: 6. Map: Jamison .

WalkID: 5220
25 Feb (Sun) 2024: GROSE RIVER (M) River Float - Kids welcome - 3km walk down to the Grose River from Mountain ave, Yarramundi. We will then float down 6km of the river to Navua Reserve, Yarramundi. Bring something to float on, we will inflate with portable pump once down at the river. Car shuffle required. Limit: 8. Map: kurrajong.

WalkID: 5207
25 Feb (Sun) 2024: SOUTH LAWSON (E) This walk is now completely full. This is a delightful 3 km round morning walk with 5 waterfalls and little extras to explore. Lovely rainforset in places. Swimming a possibility. Last time I did this, it took us 3 hours. Probably the best very short walk in the mountains. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 5178
26 Feb-2 Mar 2024 (Mon - Sat) 2024: WALLS OF JERUSALEM NATIONAL PARK, TASMANIA (H) Join us for five nights in Tasmania, including a three-night back packing romp in the beautiful Walls of Jerusalem National Park. We'll be staying at the delightful Mole Creek Hotel, or if you're driving, at the Mole Creek Caravan Park, for the nights before and after the walk. On Monday 26 February we'll meet at the Mole Creek Hotel at 5pm for a pre-walk briefing. On Tuesday 27 February we'll drive to the trail head and walk in to Dixon's Kingdom for two nights. On Thursday 29 February we'll walk around to Lake Adelaide for the third night. On Friday 1 March we'll walk out to the trail head and drive back to the Mole Creek Hotel for our final night. We can drive a maximum of three people to and from the trail head. The weather in the Walls of Jerusalem can be quite challenging, so robust overnight back packing gear is essential. It is important that all booked participants attend the 5pm briefing at the Mole Creek Hotel on Monday 26 February in case plans need to change. Helen and Terry Limit: 5. Map: Jerusalem.

WalkID: 5232
28 Feb (Wed) 2024: WARRIMOO (E-M) A half day walk to Warrimoo Lookout: Approximately 6km: We will start the walk by walking into the valley of a tributary of Fitzgeralds Creek, then crossing the tributary and ascending the ridge to Warrimoo Lookout. There will be a side trip to a knoll on the way to an unnamed lookout with a view down Long Angle Creek, then on to Warrimoo Lookout for morning tea. Bring morning tea. Limit: 16. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 5238
2 Mar (Sat) 2024: HAT HILL CANYON - THE BEST BIT (E-M, swim) Another trip to this beautiful part of the world. From Hat Hill carpark, follow a track part way out to Bald Hill, then divert down the exit track for the canyon. We'll follow the canyon to the end, then return the same way. Short swim and some deep wades, you will need shoes that can get wet, wetsuit is optional. Dry bag is advisable to keep some warm clothes dry. Ideal for a first canyon, but you must be able to swim. Limit: 8. Map: mount Wilson.

WalkID: 5222
3 Mar (Sun) 2024: CLEAN UP AUS DAY - YARRAMUNDI RESERVE (E) Spend the morning with us down at Yarramundi Reserve for Clean Up Australia Day 2024. Bags will be provided. Bring gloves, swimmers and morning tea. Limit: 22. Map: kurrajong.

WalkID: 5233
6 Mar (Wed) 2024: GLENBROOK (E-M) A half day walk: 7km approx: We will cross Knapsack Gully Bridge. From there a short walk to a historical feature then follow the route of the old Great Western Highway and ascend to the first zigzag after bottom points. From there to top points and the top zigzag through bushland to the RAAF Base boundary and a short walk on Knapsack Street. We will follow the RAAF Base boundary to bushland in Knapsack Creek and descend to the old Sewage Treatment Plant then onto the western exit of the old Railway Tunnel. We then cross Knapsack Creek and follow the old train route through a rail cutting. On leaving the cutting we will follow bushland tracks and ascend to Lovers Walk and Marges Lookout, We will then descend on Lovers Walk to the Knapsack Gully track and the cars. Bring morning tea. This walk will be in part of the area covered by the Metrogaine on Sunday the 24th March 2024.and may suit club members planning to do the Metrogaine. Limit: 16. Map: Penrith.

WalkID: 5223
9 Mar (Sat) 2024: ERSKINE CREEK (H, Scrambling) This is a classic lower mountains walk. Long drive into the National Park. Visit Attic Cave to replenish the visitor book. Scramble our way down Pisgah Rock to the big pool for a swim then make our way up to Dadder Cave and replenish its visitor book. Hang out for a leisurely lunch in a lovely shady spot near a nice swimming pool. Swim at Lincoln Creek prior to exiting via Lincoln and Monkey Rope Creeks. Scrambling and river crossings. Minor scrub. 12km with 180m descent and punctuated ascent. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith .

WalkID: 5235
10 Mar (Sun) 2024: DUMBANO CREEK CANYON (E-M) This amazing area of Dumbano Creek hides some canyony bits (dumbano 'tunnels'), a cave, a rock island, and a couple of grottos. The fire trail has been out of action for a long time, but has been negotiated successfully to get to Gooch's Crater. There is a short walk in, some scrubby track to get to the tunnels, but nothing too difficult. You will get wet feet. Serious 4WD required to get to the area, there is a sandy patch and an eroded steep-ish hill. We have one car, would appreciate another. Limit: 8. Map: wollangambe.

WalkID: 5221
16 Mar (Sat) 2024: SPRINGWOOD (H) SHARKS HEAD. Martins Lookout, Sharks Head, Lost World Lookout, Bunyan Lookout Martins Lookout. Will check and replenish visitors book at Sharks Head. 200m descent and ascent. Lots of views. A classic lower mountains walk. Some scrambling required. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 5192
19-26 Mar (Tue - Tue) 2024: VICTORIAN HIGHLANDS (M, cycling) Annual SBC Big Ride. This will be our 15th annual ride comprising this time one camp of 8 days in Wangaratta, close to the scenic highlands. Much to see and explore in and around Wangaratta with rides on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail likely up to Beechworth, down to Milawa, and many National Park and wetlands areas. Daily loop rides of typically 45 - 80 km with some hills. Ride routes to be chosen and advised beforehand. Our chosen venue is the Painters Island Caravan Park, see paintersislandcaravanpark.com.au for details and phone Jaclyn 03 5721 3380 soon for a direct booking. There is a $100 REGISTRATION FEE to cover some costs, a group dinner and the remainder donated to two conservation groups. After registering for the ride details will be sent of the account for payment of the $100 fee. Limit: 20. Map: Northern Victoria.

WalkID: 5237
23 Mar (Sat) 2024: PENRITH (E-M, Kayak) Starting from Tench Reserve and paddling down to the weir. Then back to the narrows where Glenbrook Creek joins the Nepean. Morning tea will be here or near the weir. Then return to Tench Reserve. Must have own hard shell kayak and PFD. Limit: 10. Map: Penrith .

WalkID: 5230
23-24 Mar (Sat - Sun) 2024: SECTION ONE GNW SYDNEY TO THORNLEIGH (M) Join the beginning of the Great North Walk attempt from Sydney to Newcastle over 9 plus weekends. Section ONE - Sydney to Thornleigh, approx. 30 kms, elevation varies - see GNW book pp 6 and 7. Train to Sydney, walk starts at the Obelisk, then on to Woolich Wharf. Walk along Sydney Harbour, past historic monuments and buildings, through a mix of shaded bush and parklands, discover sandstone caves and river views, with dry forest and moist valleys, crossing creeks to stay overnight at Lane Cove Tourist Park. Bookings for accommodation necessary. Interested, but unsure? Call me... Limit: 6. Map: Sydney .

WalkID: 5228
24 Mar (Sun) 2024: LOWER BLUE MOUNTAINS: METROGAINE - 6HR EVENT (Variable grades) A classic 6hr rogaine event. This year's Metrogaine ('The Lennox - a bridge too far') is being held in our backyard - the Lower Blue Mountains. Rogaining is a fun team sport, navigating using map, compass and clues to visit as many checkpoints as possible within the time limit. It’s a “choose your own adventure” experience in outdoor environments where teams explore the course for as much or as little of the allocated time as they like. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels (families with small children to bushwalkers and runners), rogaining encourages the development of strategy and navigational skills, fitness, and the ability to work in a team. Teams choose their route on the day, from the map provided (shows vegetation, terrain, checkpoints, etc) available from 8am. Course briefings 9am (novices) and 9:45am (all). Mass start at 10am. Teams of 2-5 people. This event includes Mt Riverview, Emu Plains, Emu Heights, East Blaxland, Blaxland, Glenbrook, Lapstone and Leonay. Entries now open, closing 18 March, when NSWRA will release final instructions on the website. Entry fees: Adults $45, Concessions $32, Child under 14 yo Free. Includes a light meal and refreshments after the event. Join Thaïs' team (walking pace), or form your own. More details: nswrogaining.org website. Limit: 15. Map: Penrith.

WalkID: 5217
28 Mar (Thu) 2024: CITY RAMBLE - BALMAIN AND BIRCHGROVE (E) Balmain and Birchgrove are home to a considerable amount of industrial and urban history, and some sporting history as well. In addition, at various points we will have some great harbour views. The plan is to take the ferry to Balmain Wharf a.k.a. Mort Street Wharf. From there we will head round Ballast Point and on past Birchgrove Oval, where the first ever game of rugby league was played in 1908, to Birchgrove Point. Then we will head down Louisa Road, which is now home to some of the most expensive real estate in Sydney, and on to Dawn Fraser baths. Time and weather permitting there may be an opportunity for a swim. We will find somewhere suitable for lunch, quite possibly the Riverview Hotel and then head down Darling Street to the Balmain East Wharf and the ferry back to the city. Limit: 12. Map: Parramatta River.

WalkID: 5236
6 Apr (Sat) 2024: YONDELL (M) This is a circuit walk of approximately 3 hours from the the car park at the end of Yondell Ave. It will take us along the fire-trail to the lookout, down the track to Magdala Creek, to Perch Ponds, and then up Glenbrook Creek to Sasafrass Creek. We will turn up the Wiggins Track from Sasafrass Gully to return to the cars at the top. This is all on track - though it is rocky in places and there will be creek crossings. The ascent up Wiggins Track is not long but it is moderately steep in a couple of spots. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 5231
6-7 Apr (Sat - Sun) 2024: BOB TURNER TRACK (E) Beginner/Child-friendly Overnight Hike - 4km walk to Bob Turners camping area where we'll camp overnight next to the river, and return the same way the next day. Great trip for kids or beginners - I took my son last year (aged 10) and he’s been nagging me ever since to do it again! If you're a beginner I'm happy to give you a list of recommended things to bring. Limit: 10. Map: Colo Heights.