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Walks and Activities

NOTE:Walks are back on! Please check the program regularly as leaders are re-scheduling previously cancelled activities.

The listing below shows all club activities. Contact details for each activity are available to paid-up members after logging into the member area.

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WalkID: 4209
1 Apr (Thu) 2021: BURRAGORANG LOOKOUT (E-M) Cycle from The Oaks village to Burragorang Lookout along Burragorang Road through Oakdale and Nattai. Bring morning tea to have at the Lookout. Return along Burragorang Road to Oakdale, then south down Bakers Lodge Road to Mowbray Park, then north along Montpelier Drive back to the Oaks for lunch in the village. Road bikes, about 35kms. Limit: 15. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 4095
3 Apr (Sat) 2021: EASTER WALK; ASGARD AND THOR HEADS, PLUS A MINE (M) 2 spectacular heads, all on track and a look at an old coalmine with a "Bell" kiln still intact, which is usually hidden by thick scrub, but since the fires is quite clear. Afternoon tea back at our place. Limit: 12. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 4171
5 Apr (Mon) 2021: SPRINGWOOD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH HALL (E) Come along to the 1st 2021-2022 General Meeting to welcome the new Committee. All members & visitors must book via the waiver for COVID requirements and records. Limited numbers so book early to avoid disappointment. Frank Wilkinson, one of our most accomplished photographers, will be speaking and showing excellent bushwalking related imagery. Supper will be provided by Mary Morris, Please BYO cup/mug Limit: 70. Map: .
WalkID: 4212
5 Apr (Mon) 2021: ULOOLA FALLS AND MORE (E-M) From Waterfall, follow the track to Karloo Pools (possibility of a swim if it's not raining), then continue on the Karloo track to Uloola Falls. Depending on time, follow the track upstream to other pools, then return on the Uloola track along the ridge to Audley. Along the way we might find Uloola Turrets, some cultural relics near Peach Trees, and more. Car swap (Audley/Waterfall). Meeting place will be Audley - we need to leave a car there to return to Waterfall. The aim is to leave Audley before the Easter traffic kicks in. Limit: 8. Map: Royal National Park.
WalkID: 4203
7 Apr (Wed) 2021: SPRINGWOOD (E, Cycle) Easy cycle from Springwood on quiet local back roads - usually about 15 -20km, no real hills Limit: 10. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 4215
8 Apr (Thu) 2021: BICENTENNIAL OLYMPIC PARK LOOP (M) Olympic Park Loop No.4A - Bike Ride - suitable for road bikes, a 5 hr loop via Meadowbank mostly on cycleways. Morning Tea at a cafe and Lunch at The Waterview Cafe or bring your own. Limit: 15. Map: Google maps - Cycleways.
WalkID: 4177
8-12 Apr (Thu - Mon) 2021: WOLGAN WALLOP: BINNINGS FLATS TO CAMP CREEK (M-H, Volunteer activity) A Friends of the Colo activity to check for cape ivy and tree of heaven on the Binnings Flats (formerly called Wallaby Flats), and some more remote sites down to Camp Creek. Vehicle support at least as far as Rocky Creek is expected to be provided by NPWS, but it's possible that participants may have to walk some or all of the way from the Newnes gate (17km to 1st campsite). Limit:8 Limit: 8. Map: Mount Morgan.
WalkID: 4155
9 Apr (Fri) 2021: MT VICTORIA (M) Headwaters of the Grose bushcare (remote). 9.00am-4.00pm. A NPWS activity. Spend some time exploring the headwaters of the Grose River. We will be continuing from previous work to stop the weed invasion further downstream and into the swamp. Be prepared for the possibility of wet feet, some experience necessary. Morning tea and lunch will be provided and numbers are limited. Please book by Friday 3rd April with Grant on 0499 699 150 or at grant.purcell@environment.nsw.gov.au. Limit: 8. Map: Mt wilson.
WalkID: 4133
9-12 Apr (Fri - Mon) 2021: DUNNS SWAMP CAMPING (E, KAYAK) Camping on Private Property 10 mins from Dunns Swamp. 3 nights/4 days. We will aim to have a day of kayaking and exploring Dunns Swamp on the water. We can also walk to Dunns Swamp via the campsite through the bush. We end up near the Dam Wall. We can then explore around the dam further on foot. Another day to explore the surrounding area or simply relax. This campsite has a large shelter shed, pit toilet, tank water and semi enclosed bathroom/bathtub - bush style. Also fireplace with BBQ. $10 per person per night - 3 nights. Limit: 12. Map: Rylestone.
WalkID: 4151
10 Apr (Sat) 2021: BLACKHEATH (M) Pope's Glen Swampcare (Remote bushcare). 9.00am-3.00 pm. A combined NPWS/BMCC activity. Please note that this is a special event, and that Pope's Glen is still closed to residents and members of the public as further work is being carried out, including helicopter, machinery and track work in the post-burn area. Approximately one year after fire, native regeneration is well underway and a significant effort is required to prevent reproduction or at the very least reduce propagule pressure of Gorse and Broom. Lunch and morning tea donated by Hominy Bakery. NPWS will be providing the afternoon refreshments. Please book in directly directly with Steve Fleischmann on 4780 5320 or at sfleischmann@bmcc.nsw.gov.au. Limit: 8. Map: Mt Wilson.
WalkID: 4156
10 Apr (Sat) 2021: BLACKHEATH (E) D-Day at Pope's Glen. 2nd Braeside Broom and Gorse Blitz. 9.00am-4.00pm. A joint NPWS/BMCC/SwampCare activity. For the first time ever, all the catchment's volunteer groups will combine efforts to invade this historic harbour for Gorse and Broom seedlings. This is great event for first-timers. Morning tea and lunch supplied. Followed by a group afternoon tea! Please book by Friday 3rd April directly with Grant on 0499 699 150 or at grant.purcell@environment.nsw.gov.au. Limit: 8. Map: Mt Wilson.
WalkID: 4045
10 Apr (Sat) 2021: ETHEREAL CANYON (M) This isn't a long canyon, but is an enchanting walk, just off Waratah Ridge. It has some beautiful light play for photographers. Wet feet at least! We will also do Bungleboori Arch and Pagodas. Limit: 12. Map: Lithgow and Wollangambe.
WalkID: 4111
11-12 Apr (Sun - Mon) 2021: WOODFORD TO SPRINGWOOD. OVERNIGHT OFF TRACK (M-H-Exp, Scrub, Cliffs?) Linda Rock, cross Coolana Brook, The Circles, Western Ridge via spot height 468. Visit and collect water from, and camp in vicinity of, suspected diatreme at 725 627. Next day north along ridges to spot height 384 and descend to Glenbrook Creek. Out via Sassafras Gully. Car shuffle. Limit: 6. Map: Springwood .
WalkID: 4201
14 Apr (Wed) 2021: SPRINGWOOD (E-M) A half day circuit walk in Birdwood Gully: 6 km approx: Buttenshaw Park and Birdwood Gully are the headwaters of Springwood Creek. We will follow Springwood Creek to a side creek with a pool and water fall 4km approx. If time permits we will go on to Springwood Cemetery, adding another 2km approx. to the walk. Then return via a loop up Birdwood Gully Creek to our cars, completing the circuit. Bring morning tea. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 4204
14 Apr (Wed) 2021: SPRINGWOOD (E, Cycle) Easy cycle from Springwood on quiet local back roads - usually about 15 -20km, no real hills Limit: 10. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 4217
15 Apr (Thu) 2021: MAYFIELD GARDEN (E) This garden is wonderful in Autumn and we can now get there, going via Tarana, which takes about the same amount of time. We will have morn. tea at the cafe when we get there, but bring lunch, as it takes several hours to walk around. Limit: 12. Map: Oberon.
WalkID: 4101
17 Apr (Sat) 2021: BURRA KORAIN RIDGE, AN EXPLORE (M-Exp) A world of pagodas, cliffs and views into Victoria Creek. Some off-track. Limit: 12. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 4220
17 Apr (Sat) 2021: CAMP CREEK, NEWNES (E-M-Exp) Camp Creek runs from the old forestry camp (hence the name) through an open forest of gently sloping meadow, then descends into a grotto which is Alcatraz Canyon (because it's difficult to get out of). There were possibly pink flannies in the area as well. We'll start at the end of Fire Trail No 1, walk north west down a gentle slope towards the creek, then skirt around the southern edge of the gorge, looking for a possible exit from the canyon. If time permits, explore a second small grotto to the south of the area. Shortish trip, but exploratory. Limit: 8. Map: Cullen Bullen.
WalkID: 4175
17 Apr (Sat) 2021: FAULCONBRIDGE (M) A morning walk going down an unnamed but pretty creek near Faulconbridge Station to the magnificent sandstone overhang sometimes called Rainbow cave, continue down to beautiful Clarinda Falls and then on to Numantia Falls. Return the same way. Suitable for children. About 7 km return. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 4129
17 Apr (Sat) 2021: WALLACIA TO WARRAGAMBA (H-Exp, Kayak) 25 km return paddle to Warragamba from Wallacia. Fast flowing water and portage involved. Please bring morning tea, lunch and P.F.D. Limit: 6. Map: Warragamba.
WalkID: 4112
18 Apr (Sun) 2021: GLENBROOK AND KANUKA CREEKS (M, Partially off track) Half day walk with an early start. Glenbrook station to Junction of Glenbrook Creek and Kanuka Brook. Up Kanuka Brook for 20mins then ascend to the extension of the Red Hands Cave fire trail via the twin creeks route. Off track along the NE extension of Red Hands Ridge and descend via saddle to the Wog Hole to Glenbrook Station. 7km and two 100m ascents. Limit: 10. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3980
19-24 Apr (Mon - Sat) 2021: THE COAST AND HINTERLAND OF THE ILLAWARRA (M) The Kiama area is blessed with a beautiful and rugged coastline, backed by an equally rugged and beautiful escarpment. Camp or cabins at East Beach and venture out each day for a different experience. Kiama-Gerringong, Blackhead and Gerroa, Barren Grounds and Killalea State Park are just some of the areas we can walk.Preference given to those on our last Kiama trip, as the weather defeated us. Limit: 10. Map: Coastal Walks of the Illawarra Book.
WalkID: 4205
21 Apr (Wed) 2021: SPRINGWOOD (E, Cycle) Easy cycle from Springwood on quiet local back roads - usually about 15 -20km, no real hills Limit: 10. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 4218
21 Apr (Wed) 2021: WINMALEE (E-M) A easy half day walk: Aprox: 5km: From White Cross Road Winmalee into the headwaters of Shaws Creek and up past the Christian Conference Centre and back to cars. Shaws Creek catchment has magnificent trees and lots of small birds. Bring morning tea. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 4208
24-26 Apr (Sat - Mon) 2021: SPLENDOR ROCK (M) Start from Dunphy’s carpark on Saturday 24th morning (assuming the road into Megalong is somewhat fixed by then), follow the fire trail to Medlow gap then via Mobb’s soak to Dingo Hill. Set up camp and be ready for the dawn service to commemorate bushwalkers who died in WW II. Splendour Rock has splendid views to a panorama of Kanangra. Return along the Dingos playground, to our secret campsite. Either stay till Monday to do a day trip out to Knight’s Deck and the Cox’s River, or (if you don’t have Monday off), follow the well defined track back to the cars. Dingo Hill is a dry campsite, minimal water for overnight will need to be carried, the creeks on the way should have water – either Mobb’s soak, or a closer un-named creek. Limit: 8. Map: Jamison.
WalkID: 4157
25 Apr (Sun) 2021: BLACKHEATH (E) 2nd Braeside Broom and Gorse Blitz. 9.00am-3.00pm. A NPWS activity. Come along and support the Braeside Bushcare Group. We will spend the day hunting Broom and Gorse seedlings which have sprouted in huge numbers since the fire. Minimal bushwalking involved -all welcome! Morning tea and lunch provided. Please book by Friday 17th April directly with Grant on 0499 699 150 or at grant.purcell@environment.nsw.gov.au. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 4120
27 Apr-5 May 2021 (Tue - Wed) 2021: GULGONG, SANDY HOLLOW (E-M, cycling) SBC BIG RIDE Our annual bike riding camps, this time at Gulgong and Sandy Hollow with plenty of ride options in the area. Camping in two Tourist Camps with good facilities. Day rides of from about 40 - 80 km on quieter country roads, and opportunities for good relaxing, sight-seeing and meals together. Details of camp resorts supplied on request and to previous riders. $100 joining fee covers support costs and a group dinner. Limit: 20. Map: Road maps.
WalkID: 4219
28 Apr (Wed) 2021: GLENBROOK (E-M) A half day circuit walk: 7km approx: Chambers Lookout with views to the Blue Labyrinth then a walk through an up market area of Glenbrook, through a tunnel under G.W. Highway to the Zig Zag Railway, past the old Lucasville Railway Platform to Top Points Lookout, then down the Zag into Tunnel Gully. From there over the Tunnel to Darks Common via the Ventricular Tramway. Checking the train timetable we may see the mountain commuter trains enter Glenbrook Gorge Tunnel from the Bluff Lookout, we may even see Moorakoo Falls across the gorge. Then onto Ross Lookout and the cars. Bring morning tea. Limit: 12. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 4094
1 May (Sat) 2021: BRUCES WALK WITH WATERFALLS (M) This is the lower section; Bullaburra-Went. Falls, which is an old historic walk, now largely forgotten. We'll pass Claire, Podgers and Burgess Glens, as well as Water Nymphs Dell. On tracks! Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 4181
1 May (Sat) 2021: NAVIGATION TRAINING - BELL (E-M, off track) [This walk is now fully booked. There'll be another Nav training in June]. Learn how to use a compass and map in the bush. Map supplied but you'll have to beg, borrow or bring your own orienteering compass. Start near the truck checking station at Bell, follow a couple of ridges and creeks to an amazing area of pagodas and creeks that we've found on a previous trip. The area was recently burnt so scrub is minimal. We should finish mid-afternoon, maximum up and down is about 170m, distance about 5-6km. Beginners OK, or come along if you can navigate and want some practice. It's an interesting area anyway. Limit: 10. Map: Mount Wilson, Wollangambe.
WalkID: 4216
1 May (Sat) 2021: SASSAFRAS CREEKS AND RIDGES. (M) The objective of this walk is to retrieve an audio recorder put there as part of the University of Newcastle's Blue Mountains Frog project. We will take the Victory Track to Numantia Falls then go bush. Pretty creeks, an impressive waterfall and some interesting stuff on Sassafras Ridge on the return leg. Roughly 4.5 km on track and 2 km off track. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 4158
1-3 May (Sat - Mon) 2021: GROSE RIVER (H) (Remote bushcare). The jewel in the crown! This multi-day activity is ideal for the fit and adventurous who want to spend 3 days rock hopping and weeding along the river. Some experience in bushwalking and self-sufficient camping is required. Please book by Friday 24th April directly with Grant on 0499 699 150 or at grant.purcell@environment.nsw.gov.au. Limit: 8. Map: Mt Wilson.
WalkID: 4188
4 May (Tue) 2021: ULTIMATE MOUNT BANKS (M-H) The 2 summits, then down to the Traverse of the Gods and home via the caves and arches of the Northern Spur. Off-track, with some exposure and rock scrambling. The best day out in the Blueys! Limit: 8. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 4185
6 May (Thu) 2021: COACHWOOD GLEN (M) This is a fungi hotspot, so we'll take time to check out areas known to be prolific with fungi. A trackless ramble through rainforest. Limit: 10. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 4159
7 May (Fri) 2021: HAZELBROOK (M) Rocklea Swampcare. 9.00am-3.00pm. This little-known mid-mountains swamp has been part of the landscape-wide Swampcare program since 2014. There is plenty of primary care to be done on a variety of weeds - Erica, Buddleia, Privet and Crofton weed. Lunch and morning tea donated by Hominy Bakery. Bookings essential. Please book by Wednesday 28th April at https://www.bushcarebluemountains.org.au/events/swampcare-rocklea-swamp-hazelbrook/ Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 4207
8 May (Sat) 2021: ASGARD EXPLORATION (M) A walk to visit some points of interest in the country around Asgard Swamp. This is the same area as Phil and Jan's April walk, but in addition to the old mine and Asgard and Thor head, we will suss out Valhalla head and Girraween cave. Lots of views and interesting stuff. On track with some off track in open country. And sorry, there will DEFINITELY NOT be afternoon tea back at my place afterwards! Limit: 8. Map: Mt Wilson.
WalkID: 4214
8 May (Sat) 2021: NEPEAN RIVER, PENRITH TO EUROKA CREEK (E-M, KAYAK) Kayak from Tench Reserve Penrith up the Nepean Gorge to Euroka and Return. Hopefully the river will have settled down by then and we can see what changes have happened with the latest flooding. Last year after the February floods a very large sandy beach had formed at the junction of Glenbrook Creek. Morning tea at Euroka and depending on the group we can go a little further upriver or head back. Bring morning tea and lunch. 12-15km approx. Supply your own kayak, paddle and PFD. Limit: 12. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 4192
8 May (Sat) 2021: PAGODA MAZE (M) On the edge of the Capertee Valley, is a land of stone pagodas and incised valleys, hard to navigate through, but great on the eye. We'll visit a few of the more spectacular pagodas on a circular walk. Some rock scrambling. Limit: 12. Map: Ben Bullen.
WalkID: 4076
13-17 May (Thu - Mon) 2021: BUDAWANGS EXPLORE BROULA BROOK (M-H-Exp, Scrub, Cliffs?) Expressions of Interest at this stage. Travel to stay first, and possibly last, afternoon, bbq and night in an AirBNB four bedroom farm house. Thence Wog Wog and on track to camp at the Cascades on the Corang River. We will explore the amazing diversity of habitats and formations in and between the Goodsell Basin and Broulia Brook. After that a couple of days exploring Upper Canowie Brook and the Headwaters of Freeman Creek. Camping in Burrumbeet Brook Caves. Burrumbeet is arguably my all-time favourite place. The Budawangs are a bushwalking paradise and this is the best time as they were really toasted in January. The legendary thick scrub will be hugely reduced- greatly aiding navigation. We will be exploring, caves, waterfalls, slots and passes and will eventually exit via the Corang River Route, Canowie Brook and Corang Arch. Dates are flexible to avoid wet weather and slippery conditions. Limit: 5. Map: Corang.
WalkID: 4194
15 May (Sat) 2021: KAMARAH GULLY AND KOOMBANDA BROOK (M) A visit to a beautiful rainforest area, just east of Bell. We'll go in via Canyon Colliery, visit Koombanda, then walk out via the gully and back up the ridge. Limit: 10. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 4200
15-16 May (Sat-Sun) 2021: BELL (Exp) Wollongambe Crater: Geological reconnaissance, walk from Bell and return. 2 day walk, camp overnight. Limit: 4. Map: Mt Wilson.
WalkID: 4189
18 May (Tue) 2021: BARNACLES AT BELL-WOLLANGAMBE CRATER (M-H) Home via the Centre of the Universe. Off-track, long day with rock scrambling and navigation challenges. Limit: 8. Map: MT. WILSON and WOLLANGAMBE.
WalkID: 4186
20 May (Thu) 2021: MOUNT WILSON AND ENVIRONS (M) First walk is the waterfall walk, with ferns and fungi. Then drive to the other side to Happy Valley for a steep walk to a beautiful stream with abundant ferns. Limit: 12. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 4160
22 May (Sat) 2021: INGAR BIKE WALK EXPLORE (M-VH, Scrub?) Previously cancelled. Now with a new date. Ride into towards Ingar. Bike and walk to visit spot height 685, West Hill, South Hill and North Hill (East Hill is apparently Mount Bedford WTF?). Explore tracks that lead to various rock outcrops in the wetlands near Ingar. 10km each way and 350m elevation change on bike plus 3-5km short walks off track. Suits electric mountain bikes. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 4193
22 May (Sat) 2021: ROCK ISLAND AND THE NORTH WEST SPLIT (M) This area is almost completely cliff-rimmed; a land of ironstone and pagodas in seried ranks. We'll walk across then enter the canyon, dubbed the North West Split. Rock scrambling. Limit: 12. Map: Rock Hill and Cullen Bullen.
WalkID: 4116
25-28 May (Tue-Fri) 2021: BUDAWANGS EXPLORATORY CIRCUIT (M-H-Exp, Scrub, Cliffs?) Budawangs walk with heaps of variety. Day one: Wog Wog to Snedden Pass mostly on track and some burnt heath, minor scrambling 8km. Day two: Follow south side of the escarpment, below the cliffs, to Freemans Creek and its gap into Canowie Brook 6km off track, rough? Day 3: Canowie Brook to Cascades via plateau of the Budawang range eg spot height 765 and km. Day 4 Cross lower Goodsell Creek, explore rock outcrops and join the Wog Wog track to exit 7km. Expression of interest. Dates subject to team availablility Limit: 4. Map: Corang Endrick Sketch map.
WalkID: 4184
27 May (Thu) 2021: HAT HILL (M) Short walk, steep at first, with great views. Time to check out some relics of early coal and timber operations. Limit: 10. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 4190
29 May (Sat) 2021: MONKEY CREEK-HARTLEY (M-Exp) This walk is on private property and is reputed to have some of the biggest coachwood trees in the mountains. A fern-filled rainforest will lead us out to the paddocks of Hartley. Limit: 10. Map: Hartley and Lithgow.
WalkID: 4210
30 May (Sun) 2021: BIRDWOOD GULLY (M) Induction/Training Walk. Sunday afternoon walk through Birdwood Gully. Approach from a track off Chapman Parade. Check out the flood levels on Springwood Creek. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 4211
30 May (Sun) 2021: BIRDWOOD GULLY (M) Induction/Training Walk. Sunday afternoon walk through Birdwood Gully. Approach from a track off Chapman Parade. Check out the flood levels on Springwood Creek. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 4169
31 May to 8 Jun (Mon-Tue) 2021: MUTAWINTJI NATIONAL PARK (E-M, car camping) Expression of interest: Mutawintji is an arid national park north of Broken Hill. The plan is - driv, fly or train to Broken Hill, Hire a suitable vehicle for a week (need a serious 4WD) and explore the areas north of Broken Hill (Car based camping and day walks). This trip depends on the roads not being flooded, transport and vehicle being available, fares being reasonable, and no covid restrictions. But book in if you'd like to be included in planning. dates flexible, but will attempt to include the long weekend to minimise time off work. Train is $180 return, runs one return trip a week (to BH on Monday, return on Tuesday) Limit: 8. Map: tba.
WalkID: 4187
3 Jun (Thu) 2021: HARTLEY VALE MINE (M) This is private land, so it's not often we get a chance to see this early oil shale mine, which is a piece of our history, dating from the 1860's. At that time there was a thriving village with retorts, a refinery and a candle factory. Limit: 10. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 4196
5 Jun (Sat) 2021: PORTERS PASS-COLLIERS CAUSEWAY (M-Exp) This is a longer walk on an old re-discovered track. Down Centennial Glen, past the Grotto, then pick up the old track and return via Porters Pass and the Causeway. Could be rough underfoot! Limit: 10. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 4114
6 Jun (Sun) 2021: SOUTH SPRINGWOOD EXPLORE (M-Exp, Scrub Cliffs, some s) Date bought forward one week. This walk encompasses many rarely visited features of the bush south of Springwood but also has some exploratory elements. Sassafras Gully then ascend to admire cultural features in the vicinity of Kangaroo saddle. Descend the smaller tributary of Rock Bridge creek and inspect natural rock bridges and some sharpening grooves. Visit the whale back rock outcrops and spot height 345. Descend rock bridge creek via the a small waterfall, through rainforest and then briefly explore the cliff base upstream of where Rock Bridge Cree enters Glenbrook Creek gorge. Exit via the Victory Track and Sassafras. Two 200m ascents and approx 8km - mostly off track. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood .
WalkID: 4162
11-14 Jun (Fri-Mon) 2021: MT AIRLY VIA CAPERTEE (E-M-VH) CAMP FULL Car camp at Mt Airly. Day walks from camp with various leaders and grades. Camp in Mugii Murrumban SCA in a grassy area below pagodas on Mts Airly and Genowlan. Bring everything but pit toilets provided. Camp ovens and good fires in the evenings. Limit: 25. Map: Glen Alice.
WalkID: 4115
14-18 Jun (Mon-Fri) 2021: BUDAWANGS C QUILTY MOUNTAIN EXPLORE (M-H-Exp, Scrub, Cliffs?) Day 0:travel to airbnb and stay overnight. Day 1: Black Bobs Creek, cross Corang River, Square Top track, 11km. Day 2: skirt south side of Square Top. Over Fosters Mountain, cross Sally Creek. Ascend Quiltys Mountain and explore the amazing headwaters of Nomchong Creek 7km. Day 3: Endrick Peak, Bora Ground, Sally Creek 11km. Day 4: Return to cars via Square Top track 12km. km are bush kilometers. Camping may be on rock platforms. Dates are negotiable Limit: 5. Map: Endrick, Corang. Peaks bagged: 3
WalkID: 4099
17 Jun (Thu) 2021: DARKS CAVE (M) Near Fortress Creek, is a cave used by Dr. Dark and his friends in the 1930's. A short, but steep walk into this interesting area. Great views, with rock scrambling. Limit: 12. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 3840
20 Jun (Sun) 2021: FAULCONBRIDGE POINT EXPLORE (M-Exp, Scrub, Cliffs?) Faulconbridge Point has lots of known sharpening grooves. This is a combined pushbike and walk where we will secret our bikes in the vicinity of FBP The objective is to look for other heritage items in the vicinity. Approximately 16 crowmeters and flat but may involve scambling and several km offtrack. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood .
WalkID: 3841
27 Jun (Sun) 2021: ERSKINE CREEK HIGHLIGHTS (ANOTHER ATTEMPT) (M-H, Scrub, Cliffs?) Visit the major features of this iconic walking area. Views, big pools and caves. Jack Evans track to Platypus Loop knoll for visitor book replenishment. Cross Erskine Creek, and hopefully climb the spur to Spot Height 245, or make our way up through the diatreme. Visit the intriguing elbow bend and make our way along Little Crater Ridge and then descend to Dadder Cave to replenish the visitor book. Make our way downstream to the Erskine mega pool and return via the traditional Lincoln and Monkey Ropes Creek rainforest route with further visitor book replenishment at the famous Attic Cave. 8km mostly off track and two 180m and some smaller ascents. Dry weather only. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 4191
10 Jul (Sat) 2021: WHALE WATCHING IN BOTANY BAY N.P. (M) Kamay has historic sites, unique flora and a rugged coastline that looks out to deep water, where whales cruise past in winter. We'll walk from Botany Bay to Cronulla, stopping at the whale watching centre in the hope of seeing whales. Limit: 12. Map: Kurnell.
WalkID: 352
11 Jul (Sun) 2021: KARIWOGA RIDGE (M, E-M) Kariwoga Ridge runs off the Faulconbridge Point Fire trail. It features excellent views of the Grose Valley and a very special saddle for lunch. Replenish visitors book. This walk is particularly flat but has long fire trail sections. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood .
WalkID: 4198
17 Jul (Sat) 2021: MEGALONG LEDGES-BLACKS LADDERS (M) From the Hydro, we'll access a ledge system that takes us all the way to Elphinstone Plateau and Blacks Ladders. Some exposure and fern swimming; views and pristine vistas all day! Limit: 10. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 4206
18 Jul (Sun) 2021: LYCON PLATEAU PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPLORATION (E-M-Exp) Starting from the pinnacles we will search the heathy crests and hanging wetlands of this interesting area. Expect to photograph magnificent ironstone formations backdropped by the cliffs of the upper Grose valley. No big hills but approx 6km of off track walking. Lots of variety. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 4199
24 Jul (Sat) 2021: IRONPOT AND TINPOT (M) Way out on the edge of the Wild Dog Mountains is the Tinpot Range. We'll walk to the crest of the range to experience the wonders of this area; great geology, flora and history, with views all day! Limit: 12. Map: Jenolan.
WalkID: 4197
31 Jul (Sat) 2021: BRUCES WALK PART 2 (M) Wentworth Falls to Blackheath. Across Mt. Hay Rd. to Minnehaha Falls, then Pt. Pilcher Track to Grand Canyon and Neates Glen. Limit: 10. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 4170
1-14 Aug (Sun-Sat) 2021: LARAPINTA 2ND ATTEMPT (E-M-H, arid, hot) expression of interest - Sometime in August, depending on bookings and covid restrictions. We were thwarted last year by a lockdown. Booking fee after July will be $29 a night (an increase from ? nothing??) and we may have to use a booking system that doesn't yet exist, but this is an ideal time of year to attempt this iconic trail. Limit: 8. Map: Larpainta Trail map.
WalkID: 4100
7 Aug (Sat) 2021: CLIFFS OF MT. HAY (M) No tracks, but the cliffs go along, looking into the Grose. Some exposure, but the views go on forever! Limit: 12. Map: MT. WILSON.