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Walks and Activities

The listing below shows all club activities. Contact details for each activity are available to paid-up members after logging into the member area.

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WalkID: 3643
1 Feb (Sat) 2020: MAGDALA CREEK/SASSAFRAS GULLY (M) Park at Picnic Pt. and walk down the Magdala Creek Track past all the waterfalls to Glenbrook Creek at Perch Ponds, then up the creek to the Big Pool for lunch and swimming. Exit via Victory Track and Sass. Gully. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3488
3 Feb (Mon) 2020: SPRINGWOOD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH HALL February General Meeting. David Churches will present: "Antarctica and Torres del Paine National Park". Supper providers: Brian Stevens, Tony Foster and James McIlwraith.
WalkID: 3692
5 Feb (Wed) 2020: SPRINGWOOD (E, Cycle) Easy cycle from Springwood on quiet local back roads - usually about 15 -20km, no real hills Limit: 12. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 3667
7 Feb 2020 (Fri) 2020: GLENBROOK (M) Weeding in the National Park combined activity with NPWS need to bring lots water to drink and food for the day. Limit: 14. Map: Penrith .
WalkID: 3642
8 Feb 2020 (Sat) 2020: BUNDEENA-LITTLE MARLEY (M) From Cronulla, we catch the ferry to Bundeena, then walk along the cliffs to Little Marley, which is great for swimming. 10klms. return. Limit: 12. Map: Royal National Park.
WalkID: 3702
9 Feb (Sun) 2020: BEDFORD CREEK OR GROSE HEAD SOUTH (M-Exp, Wet? Scrub) The walk described below is now on the edge of recently extinct fire and now big rain is forecast. Short car shuffle. This is a walk which will beat the summer heat. Walk down Andersons Fire-trail to Bedford Creek and follow a faint and probably partial track downstream for approx 4km to exit via track from Murphy's Glen. Using waterproof daypacks we will probably have to float down some of Bedford Creek to avoid scrubby obstacles.This is an almost forgotten but very pleasant summer way to travel wild rivers. All participants must be proficient swimmers. Net down hill walking. If reasonable weather we will walk out to replace the visitor book at Grose Head South. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 3693
12 Feb (Wed) 2020: SPRINGWOOD (E, Cycle) Easy cycle from Springwood on quiet local back roads - usually about 15 -20km, no real hills Limit: 12. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 3663
15 Feb (Sat) 2020: LEADERS CELEBRATION If you've ever wondered how leaders go about organising club activities? Or would you like to be officially thanked by the club for leading walks? Well then this event is for you. In otherwords: if you are a leader, or if your are thinking of leading activities, then you are very welcome to attend. Food will be provided along with some drinks. BYO any special drinks, and plates,cutlery, glasses etc. This event is to say thank you for leading walks. We also want to help potential leaders. There will be a chance for leaders to share ideas. Map: Springwood
WalkID: 3647
15 Feb (Sat) 2020: MALAITA POINT (H) In the Mt. Wilson area, this canyon has 4 abseils up to 45metres. Some short swims, so you will get wet! Not a long canyon, but there is a spectacular section after the first abseil and a dramatic overhang at the end. Bring abseil gear, wetsuit and dry bag. NOT FOR 1ST TIMERS! $5 rope fee applies. FULL Limit: 8. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 3708
15 Feb (Sat) 2020: SPRINGWOOD - SASSAFRASS GULLY (E-M) INTRODUCTION WALK AND TALK - Prospective members: This is our introduction to the club and safe bushwalking practices. Come on an easy-medium entry level standard walk down Sassafras Gully, along the Victory Track to a creek junction and pool. Return via The Wiggins Track up to Yondell Rd - a 5 km walk with 200m descent and ascent. Rainforest with some rough sections of track. The walk will include stops where we will go over items in the introduction course. About 3 hours or a little more. Full members are invited to come along and will be very welcome. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3664
15 Feb 2020 (Sat) 2020: SAFE RECOVERY LESSON (H, kayaking) A Free three hour Safety Course with Sydney Harbour Kayaks. Using your own kayak is prefered. Kayak hire is $50.00 if required. Strictly limit of 8 with our own instructor on the day. Please see web site for further information, https://www.sydneyharbourkayaks.com.au/ Limit: 8. Map: UBD.
WalkID: 3704
16 Feb (Sun) 2020: BIRDWOOD GULLY TO ST COLUMBAS AND RETURN (M) Public transport friendly. Springwood Station, descend into Birdwood Gully and follow the track along Springwood Creek passing Scout's pool and ending at St Columbas water grotto. Return via fascinating Springwood Cemetery and the lovely tall forest of Deanei reserve then back to Springwood. 10km as the map flies and some 70m climbs. Mostly on track with minor exploratory elements. If hot can be converted to shorter car shuffle. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3694
19 Feb (Wed) 2020: SPRINGWOD (E, Cycle) Easy cycle from Springwood on quiet local back roads - usually about 15 -20km, no real hills Limit: 12. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 3600
19 Feb-2 Mar 2020 (Wed - Mon) 2020: NEW ZEALAND (M-H) URGENT EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST AS BOOKINGS NEED TO HAPPEN ASAP: Kepler Track New Zealand(4 days) plus potential for one other walk yet to be decided. Join us for one or both walks. Fly Sydney to Queenstown & share rental car. Stay in Huts on track. This is one of NZ's Great Walks - Vast tussock-covered ridgelines and spectacular alpine vistas contrast with peaceful lakeside and valley beech forest in this wilderness adventure. Explore the fascinating Luxmore Caves, Take in alpine tussock grasslands and views of Lake Te Anau. Walk to Iris Burn Falls. (Plageurised from DOC website NZ) Limit: 8. Map: .
WalkID: 3711
20 Feb (Thu) 2020: GLENBROOK (M, Road Bike) Cycle to the Regatta Centre Penrith for morning tea and back to Glenbrook for lunch. 40 km all on cycle ways or back streets. Limit: 16. Map: Glenbrook.
WalkID: 3696
22 Feb (Sat) 2020: NEPEAN RIVER PENRITH (M) Kayak the Nepean River from Tench Reserve to Euroka and return. 12km. 8am start to hopefully avoid the boats. Option to extend paddle from M4 to Victoria Bridge Emu Plains, dependent on paddlers on the day. Supply your own Kayak and PFD. Bring morning tea and lunch. Limit: 10. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3644
22 Feb 2020 (Sat) 2020: BREAKFAST AT BUTTERBOX (M) Capture early morning light on the cliffs of the Grose, whilst enjoying a sumptuous breakfast. Bring something nice to share, plus plates, cutlery etc. Photographers call this time the "Golden Hour", so bring your camera. AN EARLY START! Limit: 16. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 3703
23 Feb (Sun) 2020: SOUTH SPRINGWOOD CREEK EXPLORE (M-Exp, scrub, cliffs) Sassafras Gully track, Kangaroo engraving ridge and sadlle then follow an amazing east flowing creek which has its source near the engraving. I have explored part of this creek before, finding many sharpening grooves and an amazing natural pothole bridge. Make our way below the rainforested waterfall onto the Victory track for a dip and rest at the pool below the junction of Glenbrook and Sassafras creeks. Return via Sassafras gully track Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3695
26 Feb (Wed) 2020: SPRINGWOOD (E) Easy cycle from Springwood on quiet local back roads - usually about 15 -20km, no real hills Description of walk: Limit: 12. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 3712
26 Feb (Wed) 2020: WINMALEE (E-M) A half day circuit walk: From White Cross Road Winmalee into the headwaters of Shaws Creek and up past the Christian Conference Centre and back to cars. Bring morning tea. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3710
29 Feb (Sat) 2020: LINDEN (E) The walk begins from a parking area in Linden on a stretch of the 1814 William Cox road across the mountains, providing magnificent views north. We then drop steeply on well constructed steps to Paradise Pool, a large, beautiful, swimmable body of water, fed by a waterfall in an idyllic peaceful setting. After a swim by those so inclined, we return by the same route to the parking area. Limit: 8. Map: 8930-IS.
WalkID: 3713
29 Feb (Sat) 2020: YELLOWMUNDEE, NEPEAN (M-Exp) Follow an alleged track from the end of Illingworth Road down the escarpment to the Nepean River. Follow the trail that runs along the Nepean to the side creek to the south, then return the same way or via another marked track that runs up to Yellow Rock Road (700m to the north). All exploratory, and may have some off track. Graded M because there may be steep and/or off track sections, but not too hard and i expect an early afternoon return. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood, Kurrajong.
WalkID: 3645
29 Feb 2020 (Sat) 2020: POOLS OF HEATHCOTE CREEK (M) A short walk brings us to Bondell and Kingfisher Pools. Along the track are other pools, so plenty of spots to swim. Some steep sections. Limit: 12. Map: Waterfall.
WalkID: 3670
2 Mar 2020 (Mon) 2020: AGM ( ) Springwood Presbyterian Church hall. The Golden Boot, Volley and Croc will be awarded. New committee members will be nominated and elected and the President and Treasurer's annual reports will be presented. Catering: Gillian Fuller Limit: 245. Map: .
WalkID: 3716
4 Mar (Wed) 2020: WOODFORD (E-M) An easy half day walk: From NP gate along Murphys Fire Trail to a rock cave. Morning tea on a rocky outcrop above the cave, then a tour of Linda Rock on our way back to the cars. Bring morning tea. Limit: 12. Map: Jamison.
WalkID: 3668
6 Mar 2020 (Fri) 2020: GLENBROOK (M) Weeding in the National Park at Glenbrook combined activity with NPWS. Need to bring lots water to drink and food for the day. Limit: 14. Map: Penrith .
WalkID: 3688
10 Mar (Tue) 2020: SUPPER IN THE BUSH (E) Everything should have settled down and we can enjoy a much needed get-together, to see the full moon. Bring something to share and your plates, cutlery etc. Venue to be decided nearer the time. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 3641
14 Mar (Sat) 2020: BIRRABANG CANYON (M) Birrabang is a walk-through canyon and a great introduction to an amazing landform. You WILL get wet feet! Off-track, with a short, steep climb in and out. Great for wild flowers. Bring a dry bag; maybe thermals, and dry gear to change in to afterwards. FULL Limit: 10. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 3697
14 Mar (Sat) 2020: LANE COVE NATIONAL PARK (E, Kayak) Kayak Lane Cove National Park, 10km return. Meet 9.30am for an easy paddle into the National Park on the Lane Cove River. Bring morning tea and lunch. Supply your own Kayak and PFD. Limit: 10. Map: Lane Cove.
WalkID: 3650
14-15 Mar (Sat-Sun) 2020: COLO MEROO (E) Because of the fires, the Friends of the Colo 20th anniversary weekend has been postponed till further notice. Friends of the Colo is looking forward to a very busy year because it is critical to target emerging weeds in burnt areas. Only some of FOC's activities are registered on the Springwood BC program. To receive notifications about what's on, please email friendsofthecolo@gmail.com Limit: 0. Map: Mountain Lagoon.
WalkID: 3665
21 Mar (Sat) 2020: CATARACT RIVER DOUGLAS PARK (H-Exp, Kayak) Exploring the Cataract and Nepean Rivers at Douglas Park two by 12 km trips. Limit: 12. Map: Picton.
WalkID: 3709
21 Mar (Sat) 2020: WENTWORTH FALLS (E-M) Charles Darwin Walk - Edinburgh Castle Rock. We will start the walk from Wilson Park following the Charles Darwin walk down to Wentworth Falls. This pretty walk is beside the Jamison Creek, with small cascades, swimming holes and overhangs along the way. We then follow a combination of the undercliff/overcliff/and shortcut tracks across to The Conservation Hut, taking side trips to visit lookouts along the way. Heading down from the Conservation Hut we pass more lookouts with glimpses of Empress Falls, exiting via Lilians Glen and Edinburgh Castle Rock. This walk should take no more than 3-4 hours approx, with some significant steps on the way out. Hopefully the ferns will be coming back to life with all the rain we are going to get!! Bring morning tea and lunch. Limit: 10. Map: Wentworth Falls.
WalkID: 3648
21 Mar 2020 (Sat) 2020: CASTLE HEAD ABSEIL (H) Great views across to Mt. Solitary as we abseil down; 45 metres down a wall. There are another 6 abseils, plus the Leap of Faith! Walk out on the Ruined Castle Track. Bring abseil gear and helmet. Not for beginners! $5 rope fee applies. Limit: 8. Map: Jamison.
WalkID: 3689
28 Mar (Sat) 2020: BACK TO THE BUSH (M) PRINCE HENRY CLIFF WALK; iconic cliff-top walk, all on tracks, with no burnt bush. Views into Jamison Valley, including the terrible scar of the Ruined Castle fire; scenic world to Sublime Point. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 3715
28-29 Mar (Sat - Sun) 2020: BOX CREEK FALLS (E-M-Exp) Dates dependent on this area opening to hikers again! From the Kowmung River Fire Trail, walk to Box Creek Falls, then camp below the falls somewhere. Follow the Box Creek down to the Kowmung River, and climb back up - probably via Boss Peak. Return to cars via the fire trail (just over 1km) Limit: 8. Map: Kanangra.
WalkID: 3661
28 Mar-5 Apr 2020 (Sat - Sun) 2020: CANBERRA & HARDEN (E-M, Cycling) Annual SBC Big Ride. We are revisiting an area we rode in 2012 but there are so many ride options and places of interest down there that we may not even repeat the earlier rides. Day rides of about 50 - 90 km on good bike trails and minor roads, mostly well packed gravel or bitumen, some optional rides on side trails with some steeper hills. Camp in campgrounds chosen for good facilities, cabins etc. Shared backup car support. $100 registration fee covers support and a group dinner with excess going to conservation charities. If interested book on and contact leader for payment details. Details of rides and campgrounds to be sent to those interested or booked onto the activity in the program early in the new year. Limit: 24. Map: Canberra and Harden.
WalkID: 3705
29 Mar (Sun) 2020: BEDFORD CREEK TO INGAR (M-H, scrub, cliffs) Bedford Ridge, Murphys Road then down spur at the second S bend on the track to Bedford Creek. Ascend 130m to rock outcrop and check Ingar Falls. Lunch and swim if it suits at Ingar picnic area and return via fire trail. Two 150m descents and ascents and 8km with approx 3km off track and steep. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 3669
3 Apr 2020 (Fri) 2020: GLENBROOK (M) Weeding in the National Park at Glenbrook. This is a combined activity with NPWS need to bring Water to drink and food for the day Limit: 14. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3673
6 Apr 2020 (Mon) 2020: APRIL GENERAL MEETING ( ) At Springwood Presbyterian Church hall. Speaker TBD. Supper provided by Sue Ryerson and Peter Curtis. Limit: 100. Map: -.
WalkID: 3672
9-11 Apr (Thu-Sat) 2020: SHOALHAVEN (M, kayak) Three day kayaking trip from Tallowa dam to Fossickers Flat on the Shoalhaven River. Free campsite with toilets, no power or water. Limit: 12. Map: Burrier.
WalkID: 3666
25 Apr (Sat) 2020: NEPEAN RIVER MENANGLE TO CAMDEN (H-Exp, Kayak) Kayaking from Menangle to Camden and return 30km with portage. Limit: 8. Map: Camden.
WalkID: 3698
1 May (Fri) 2020: GLENBROOK (M) Blue Mountains National Park; Glenbrook weeding in the national park finding and removing invasive plants. This a combined activity with the NPWS. Limit: 14. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3706
2-3 May (Sat-Sun) 2020: MINNAMURRA -GERRINGONG (M) On track all the way.DAY 1 Eleven klms. past Minnamurra Estuary, Bombo Headland and the Boneyard. Maybe stay at Grand Hotel Kiama, which is $70/night; $45 for a single, or find your own accom.The Kiama Cove Boutique Motel is a bit more up market, as another option. We will eat dinner and brekky out for those who wish. Bring lunch both days. DAY 2 17klms. to Gerringong. See 2 blowholes, heaps of beautiful beaches and rolling green farmland with precipitous cliffs. The new track between Loves Bay and Werri Lagoon forms the heart of this walk, which is mostly flat. FULL Limit: 12. Map: Best Bush, Coast and Village Walks of the Illawarr.
WalkID: 3674
4 May (Mon) 2020: MAY'S GENERAL MEETING ( ) At Springwood Presbyterian Church hall. The authors of “Native Fauna of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area”, Judy, Peter and Kate Smith will speak about their book and also about the likely impacts of the current fires on the fauna of the Blue Mountains. Supper provided by Glen Walker Limit: 8. Map: .
WalkID: 3675
1 Jun 2020 (Mon) 2020: JUNE'S GENERAL MEETING ( ) At Springwood Presbyterian Church hall. Speaker TBD. Supper provided by Bazz Watson and Shelley Buckland. Limit: 8. Map: .
WalkID: 3699
5 Jun (Fri) 2020: BLUE MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK AT GLENBROOK (M) Blue Mountains National Park at Glenbrook. Weeding in the national park finding and removing invasive weeds. This is a combined activity with NPWS Limit: 14. Map: Penrith.