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Walks and Activities

NOTE:Walks are back on! Please check the program regularly as leaders are re-scheduling previously cancelled activities.

The listing below shows all club activities. Contact details for each activity are available to paid-up members after logging into the member area.

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What do the grades mean? - SBC Activity Grades

WalkID: 3907
1 Aug (Sat) 2020: NEPEAN RIVER PENRITH (VH, Kayaking) Kayaking from the Rowing Club Penrith to Devlin Rd Castlereagh. Fast flowing water, rapids and portage involved. Car shuffle required. Please bring P.F.D., morning tea and lunch. Limit: 6. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3784
1 Aug (Sat) 2020: THE BARNACLES AT BELL (M) We've been here a few times and explored some areas, but much remains terra incognita now, after fires. There's less scrub, but more black, so we'd like to push across to the highest pagodas on the range. Some scrambling and no tracks. Limit: 8. Map: MT. WILSON and WOLLANGAMBE.
WalkID: 3906
2 Aug (Sun) 2020: BOWEN MT (E) Bowen Mountain North and south. Enjoy the sunshine after the rain. Join Virginia at Bowen Mountain near Kurrajong for a walk to the southern end;great views of the Grose River; then the northern end past the observatory and the proposed railway route. See abseiling cliffs and Aboriginal sites. All on tracks but some steep bits. Limit: 12. Map: Kurrajong.
WalkID: 3852
2 Aug (Sun) 2020: LEADER TRAINING 1, NUMANTIA FALLS (E-M) New Leader training as well as a nice walk. For anyone who would eventually like to lead walks, this is SBC leader training 1. If you'd just like a nice walk to a waterfall, please come anyway. Start at corridor of Oaks, Faulconbridge, follow the Victory track past Clarinda Falls, take the rough-ish track to Numantia Falls and return the same way. Tea and questions (plus a website demo if you need it) at my place afterwards. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3900
2 Aug (Sun) 2020: WALKING DOWN THE MOUNTAINS. WALK ONE (M-H-Exp) A series of walks from Blackheath to Leonay. Govetts leap, Clifftop track, Grand Canyon, Katoomba Airfield, Bruces Walk, Mt Hay Power access trail, Wenty Country Club. 10 Crowometers with numerous 100-150m descents and ascents. All on track Limit: 8. Map: katoomba .
WalkID: 3917
3 Aug (Mon) 2020: 6 FOOT TRACK IN A DAY (VH) Reckie walk to check the walk in a day with a night at Jenolan Caves house. Limit: 3. Map: Jenolan.
WalkID: 3868
3 Aug (Mon) 2020: HAZELBROOK TO LINDEN (M) Connect the Dots from Haezelbrook to Linden. See all the waterfalls in the Horseshoe Falls Reserve, cross Winbourne Ave to pick up another bush track to the 3 Transit of Venus Falls, duck down to Paradise Pool and then up to see parts of the 1814 Coxs Rd, pop in to Kings Cave if time permits and end at Linden station. About 12.5km with about 350mts of ups and downs. We'll use trains. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 3677
3 Aug 2020 (Mon) 2020: AUGUST'S GENERAL MEETING ( ) At Springwood Presbyterian Church hall. Speaker TBD. Supper provided by Paul Daley and Sue Armstrong. Limit: 100. Map: .
WalkID: 3879
4 Aug (Tue) 2020: BURRA KORAIN RIDGE-VICTORIA CREEK (M-H-Exp) Looking from Odin Head into Victoria Creek, a large overhang is visible. Want to come and check it out? No tracks! Limit: 6. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 3882
5 Aug (Wed) 2020: GLENBROOK AREA (E-M) Slow pace walk with time to take in the the area. Walking from Glenbrook Railway Station (plenty of parking in carpark), and out to THE BLUFF, the on to THE TRAMWAY, and then on to the FIRST TUNNEL PORTAL. Back to Glenbrook and via the WW2 air crash site. Morning tea and lunch. Limit: 10. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3886
5 Aug (Wed) 2020: HAZELBROOK (E-M) A half day circuit walk at South Hazelbrook: 5km: From Lake Road Hazelbrook to Bedford, Lester and an unnamed pool in Bedford Creek. Then back up Bedford Creek to Willawong Pool where Lawson Creek joins Bedford Creek then back to Terrance and Victor Falls in Terrance Falls Creek, from there to Adams Lookout and the cars in Lake Road. Bring morning tea. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 3877
6 Aug (Thu) 2020: LINDEN (M) Walk to Mt Twiss and explore the rock platforms in the area. Limit: 10. Map: Google.
WalkID: 3920
6 Aug (Thu) 2020: SPRINGWOOD (M) Springmalee bike ride. Cycle all the roads off the left side of Hawkesbury Rd, from Springwood to Winmalee. All bitumen except a rough track behind the cemetery. See the back roads for a change. There are hills. Morning tea at Winmalee shops, lunch in Springwood. Road cyclists may be able to detour around the rough track. Meet at Manners Park near Springwood rail station 9:10 am. Limit: 16. Map: UBD.
WalkID: 3807
8 Aug (Sat) 2020: ABOVE COLO GORGE (M-Exp) From a side trail of the Grassy Hill fire trail, ridge walk off track out towards Little Pass. From there take in spectacular views of Tambo Crown and some of the best of the Colo Gorge, see how fire has treated the area and reconnoiter for a proposed later walk. 4WD appreciated about 8-9km total ~150m height to gain. Limit: 6. Map: Colo Heights.
WalkID: 3864
8 Aug (Sat) 2020: MEGALONG VALLEY (M) A 12.6km walk to the Coxs River and return. Cross the Bowtells Swing Bridge over the Coxs River. This is optional and can be a challenge for some. Also optional and even more of a challenge is a swim in the river. The walk passes the Megalong cemetery and undulating open farmland. Limit: 10. Map: Maps Me.
WalkID: 3828
8 Aug (Sat) 2020: NEPEAN RIVER - CASTLEREAGH (E, Kayak) Berowra Waters Paddle - changed to Nepean River Castlereagh. Still an easy paddle 10km. Hoping to get a few hours of paddling in without getting rained upon. Will need your own kayak, PFD and paddle. Limit: 10. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3501
8-31 Aug (Sat-Mon) 2020: NORTHERN NSW (M) Due to border closure, we're now doing the national parks of northern NSW. Camping and cabins, with 3 night stays and walking from the base camps. FULL Limit: 12. Map: NORTHERN NSW.
WalkID: 3901
9 Aug (Sun) 2020: WALKING DOWN THE MOUNTAINS. WALK TWO (M-Exp) WWF Country Club, Lawson View Parade, Bruces Walk, Skarrats Track, Norfolk St Bullaburra. 8 Crowometers with several 100m descents and ascents Limit: 8. Map: katoomba .
WalkID: 3890
10 Aug (Mon) 2020: NEWNES PLATEAU (M) Glow Worm Tunnel Circuit and the rock shelters of the railway gangs We will start at the Coach road car park and will walk the 8km Glow Worm Tunnel Circuit. On the way there are great views and pagoda formations, a walk through the Glow worm tunnel (bring a torch) and a visit to several rock shelters used by the railway gangs which gives you an insight into the living conditions of these people in 1906-7. The road from Clarence siding is rough in sections but normal cars get in with care but of course high clearance would be better. Limit: 8. Map: Ben Bullen.
WalkID: 3874
11 Aug (Tue) 2020: WINMALEE (E) Classic walk on the Blue Gum Swap track. Walk through large stands of Blue Gums on the lower level. Limit: 10. Map: Maps Me.
WalkID: 3929
11-13 Aug (Tue - Thu) 2020: IRON POT AND JENOLAN RIVER PACK WALK (M-H-Exp) From as close as we can get to Carlons-- then Green Gully, Iron Pot Mountain, Tin Pot Mountain, Goolara Peak, Jenolan River. Explore Cox River and Flaggi Clear. Return via Breakfast Creek and Carlon Creek. One of the few areas open for longer walks. Limited spaces due to campsite and covid restrictions. 500m descents and ascents in rough country. Limit: 3. Map: Jenolan.
WalkID: 3909
12 Aug (Wed) 2020: LINDEN (E-M) A half day walk: 6km approx: Linden Ridge to 4th Kings Own Regiment rock engravings and all in between. Bring morning tea. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 3921
13 Aug (Thu) 2020: MEGALONG VALLEY (M) Ride down into and along Megalong Valley from Blackheath Station, as far along as Carlons Farm Gate, and return. Morning tea at Megalong Tearooms, and lunch there on the return journey. Or bring your own. Bitumen roads for road tyres, except for a few kilometres of dirt road from the bridge at the picnic area to the farm gate. Easy ride down into Megalong Valley and along Megalong Road, then riding out is a steady, long, uphill climb. Then ride back to Blackheath Station. Distance about 40km. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood .
WalkID: 3845
14-24 Aug (Fri-Mon) 2020: WAS LARAPINTA, NOW NSW (M-H, hot, dry) Not happening due to COVID. Alternate places being explored but being thwarted by flooding rains.. The plan is now to start at the Warrumbungles, possibly Wedding Cake Rock (off track) and Breadknife (the standard loop) in the park, then Sculptures in the Bush and Dandry Creek, Pilliga Pottery and sandstone caves, then (depending on roads open) Bourke, Mutawintji NP, Broken Hill. There is an option to return home on the train from BH, then Menindee or Kinchega. Limit: 8. Map: Hema maps NW NSW.
WalkID: 3865
15 Aug (Sat) 2020: MARTINS LOOKOUT (M) Walk from Martins Lookout down to Glenbrook Creek. Climb up to Bunya and Lost World Lookouts. Great views from all three lookouts. Back down to Glenbrook Creek and return to Martins Lookout via another track. Limit: 10. Map: Maps Me.
WalkID: 3891
17 Aug (Mon) 2020: MEDLOW BATH (M) Medlow Bath Part 2 Starting and finishing at Belgravia St we will visit Mark’s Tomb and another interesting cave in the area and then continue down to Tucker’s Lookout for some great views. From here we will continue down through a narrow cleft onto the Valley track which we will follow down to the floor of the valley to the picnic area for lunch. We will then return the same way. This walk involves some off track walking and there is an elevation gain/loss of 370m and some mild exposure. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 3924
19 Aug (Wed) 2020: LEURA (E-M) A half day walk: 6km approx: Gordon Creek through Gordon Falls Reserve to the Golf Links Lookout via Pool of Siloam then on to Sublime Point via the cliff top track with great views into the Jamison Valley. We will return back to the cars the same way. Bring morning tea, we will hopefully have it at the picnic tables at Sublime Point. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 3919
22 Aug (Sat) 2020: GRAYS POINT (M-H) Kayak from, Grays Point, to South West Arm Creek & hopefully Winifred Falls, one of the prettiest falls in The Royal National Park (according to Wild Walks). High tide at the entrance to South West Arm Creek is 11:30, so we should be at the limit of navigation on high tide, 12:00.Lunch at the Falls then return to Grays Point around 14:15. Approximately 20ks return. Limit: 8. Map: Port Hacking.
WalkID: 3872
22 Aug (Sat) 2020: MEGALONG (M) Complete change of planned walk. Golden Staircase is closed because of a landslide. The New Walk is along the well known Six Foot Track to the Coxs River and return. Cross the Bowtells Swing Bridge over the Coxs River.This is optional and can be a challenge for some. Also optional and even more of a challenge in August is a swim in the river. The 12.6km walk passes the old Megalong Cemetary and undulating open farmland. Limit: 10. Map: Hampton.
WalkID: 3893
22 Aug (Sat) 2020: SPRINGWOOD (M) Springwood. Birdwood Gully Remote BMCC Bushcare (New location). 8.30am - 500pm. Come and join us for a day downstream of the regular Birdwood Gully site to treat woody weeds that have been found moving towards the National Park. This is a beautiful site in the mid-Mountains that has lots of birds, fungi and a lovely creek. There will possibly be some walking in the creek, so be prepared for wet feet. A medium level of fitness and some bushwalking experience is needed as there is scrambling involved. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we can't provide or share morning tea and lunch (please bring your own). Numbers will be strictly limited and bookings are essential. Book by Friday 14th August with Steve on 4780 5623 or sfleischmann@bmcc.nsw.gov.au Limit: 9. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3908
23 Aug (Sun) 2020: SASSAFRAS GULLY SPRINGWOOD (E-M) INTRODUCTION WALK AND TALK - Prospective members: This is our introduction to the Club and safe bushwalking practices. This is an easy-medium standard walk through rainforest down Sassafras Gully, to the unnamed pool at the junction of Sassafras and Glenbrook Creeks. Return will be via The Wiggins Track up to Yondell Rd. In all, this is a 5 km walk with 200m descent and ascent with some rough sections of track. The walk will include stops where we will go over items in the introduction course. About 3.5 hours or a little more. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3902
23 Aug (Sun) 2020: WALKING DOWN THE MOUNTAINS. WALK THREE (M-H) Norfolk St, Kent trail, Fairy Falls, Empire Pass, Fredrika Falls, Queens Road, The Ampitheatre Track, L6, L5 LB3 fire trails, Paradise Pool, Glossop Road Observatory. 13 Crowometers with several 100m hills all except for 400m is on track and similar distance is across North Hazelbrook suburbia. Limit: 8. Map: katoomba.
WalkID: 3896
25 Aug (Tue) 2020: EVANS CROWN (E-M, Rocks, minor optional) This is a Julie and Greg Tuesday walk. You wont have to be a scrub wombat for this one. Evans Crown Nature reserve is a rocky playground of granite slabs, tors and boulders. At the top of the track we will explore our way south towards the last outcrops and then make our way through open forest and grassy glades back to our cars. 5km and a 130m hill. Socially distanced counter lunch hopefully at the famous Tarana Pub. Limit: 10. Map: Tarana 1;25,000.
WalkID: 3878
25 Aug (Tue) 2020: WOODFORD (E) Transit of Venus Walking Track. Find out the origin of this mysteriously named track. Visit Edith, Hazel and Mabel Falls. Limit: 10. Map: Maps Me.
WalkID: 3930
26 Aug (Wed) 2020: WENTWORTH FALLS (E-M) A half day circuit walk: 5 km approx: We walk the Overcliff-Undercliff Track, then on to Rocket Point at Wentworth Falls. The Overcliff-Undercliff Track has recently had a lot of upgrade work done on it by stone masons and are worth the walk just to see the difference the stonework makes. We will see the famous lookouts into the Jamison Valley, Lyrebird, Breakfast and Den Fenella to name a few. Walkers must be aware that there is a lot of steps, both down and up and your knees and calf muscles will get a good workout. Bring morning tea. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 3873
29 Aug (Sat) 2020: LEURA (M) Lockleys Pylon. An old favourite walk from the Mt Hay Road to Lockleys Pylon and return. Spectacular views. Limit: 10. Map: Maps Me.
WalkID: 3802
29 Aug (Sat) 2020: NEPEAN RIVER MENANGLE TO CAMDEN (H-Exp, Kayak) Kayaking from Menangle to Camden and return 30km with portage. Limit: 8. Map: Camden.
WalkID: 3903
30 Aug (Sun) 2020: WALKING DOWN THE MOUNTAINS. WALK FOUR (M) Linden Observatory, Linden Ridge track, Faulconbridge Link Track. Some heritage rock carvings on the way. Steep sections but mostly trail walking. All on track. 11 crowometers with minor hills and a 200m descent and ascent. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood .
WalkID: 3897
1 Sep (Tue) 2020: SUN VALLEY (E, Wet feet?) Another Julie and Greg Walk. You dont need to be a scrub wombat for this one. From Sun Valley amble through a beautiful blue gum forest along the fire trail that borders Valley Heights Creek. Cross the creek and make our way up Long Angle Creek. Return the same way. 5km and no real hills Limit: 8. Map: Springwood .
WalkID: 3883
2 Sep (Wed) 2020: GLENBROOK AREA (E) Slow pace walk taking in the area. From Glenbrook School of Arts walk to THE GLENBROOK LAGOON, on to LENNOX BRIDGE, ELIZABETH AND MARGES LOOKOUTS, and then back to Glenbrook. Bring morning tea and lunch. Limit: 10. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3918
3 Sep (Thu) 2020: WALKING DOWN THE MOUNTAINS WALK 4A (THE MISSING LI (M) This walk links walks 4 and 5 of the series. From Grose Road Helipad a short road bash. Little Blue Gum Forest, Peggys Pool, Everton House and the Ugg Emporium. Victory track and ascend to Martins Lookout. 12 Krowmeters and 200m ascent at the end. Car shuffle. Short section with poorly defined track and a crowmeter of road bash - rest is on bush tracks. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood .
WalkID: 3740
5 Sep (Sat) 2020: GULLIES AND CREEKS OF THORNLEIGH (M) Follow the headwaters of Berowra Creek down through sheltered gullies and along heath covered ridges. Beautiful Blue Gums and Angophoras. 11 klms. on tracks. Limit: 12. Map: Hornsby.
WalkID: 3888
6 Sep (Sun) 2020: NEPEAN RIVER KAYAK (M) KAYAK From Tench Reserve Penrith to Euroka and return - 12KM. Paddle up the Nepean and have morning tea at Euroka. We will stop off at the 'now very large beach' either on the way up or our return. This paddle will be at an easy pace, with time to take photos and explore a little. You will need your own kayak and PFD or hire from Horizon Line Canoes, Emu Plains. I have one spare kayak which is available for loan. Limit: 10. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3904
6 Sep (Sun) 2020: WALKING DOWN THE MOUNTAINS. WALK FIVE (M-H, Scrub, some scramblin) Martins Lookout, Sharks Head, Bunyan Lookout trail, Duck Hole Trail, Kanuka Brook S Bend, Red Hands Cave, Camp Fire Creek link track, Jelly Bean Pool, Glenbrook Park Gates. Dry weather only. 13 Crowometers with approx 3km off track. Some steep scrambles. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood, Penrith.
WalkID: 3678
7 Sep 2020 (Mon) 2020: SEPTEMBER'S GENERAL MEETING ( ) At Springwood Presbyterian Church hall. Speaker TBD. Supper provided by Maria Morales. Limit: 100. Map: .
WalkID: 3880
8 Sep (Tue) 2020: MOUNT HAY EXPLORATION (M-H-Exp) Walk out to the Eastern end of Mt. Hay and then see if it's possible to walk under the cliffs on the Northern side, back to the summit track. Limit: 6. Map: MT. WILSON.
WalkID: 3898
8 Sep (Tue) 2020: SOUTH HAZO TERRACE FALLS (E-M) Another Julie and Greg walk so no scrub wombatting. Lake Road, Bedford Creek, Terrace Falls, Victor Falls and return. Socially distanced morning tea. Four km on track with 150m descent and ascent. Limit: 10. Map: katoomba .
WalkID: 3863
10 Sep (Thu) 2020: AUBURN BOTANIC GARDENS AND PEACOCK GALLERY (E) This is a garden of 9.7 hectares, with lakes, waterfalls and bridges, as well as lots of Spring colour. Entry is $5. We will also have time to visit Peacock Gallery, which is in the gardens and has free entry. It opens at midday. We will probably catch the train! Limit: 12. Map: Auburn.
WalkID: 3782
12 Sep (Sat) 2020: GOOCHS CRATER AND HOLTS HEAVEN (M) An area rich in pagodas, that can take days to explore. We'll check out Holts Heaven, then head out to the crater, where we can explore a habitation cave, a small canyon and amazing plant forms. Some rock scrambling and off-track. Limit: 10. Map: Wollangambe.
WalkID: 3715
12-13 Sep (Sat-Sun) 2020: BOX CREEK FALLS (E-M-Exp) Dates dependent on this area opening to hikers again and covid-crisis lockdowns being lifted and so arbitrarily changed to a weekend in September. From the Kowmung River Fire Trail, walk to Box Creek Falls, then camp below the falls somewhere. Follow the Box Creek down to the Kowmung River, and climb back up - probably via Boss Peak. Return to cars via the fire trail (just over 1km) Limit: 8. Map: Kanangra.
WalkID: 3851
12-20 Sep (Sat - Sun) 2020: CANBERRA & HARDEN (E-M, Cycling) Rescheduled Annual SBC Big Ride. We are revisiting an area we rode in 2012 but there are so many ride options and places of interest down there that we may not even repeat the earlier rides. Day rides of about 50 - 90 km on good bike trails and minor roads, mostly well packed gravel or bitumen, some optional rides on side trails with some steeper hills. Camp in campgrounds chosen for good facilities, cabins etc. Shared backup car support. Safe health practices to be strictly observed. $100 registration fee covers support and a group dinner with excess going to conservation charities. If interested book on and pay the fee. Details of rides, campgrounds and bank account for payment will be sent or have been sent to those interested. Limit: 24. Map: Canberra and Harden.
WalkID: 3892
14 Sep (Mon) 2020: BLACKHEATH (M) Bald Head We will park at Hat Hill track and follow Bald Head Ridge out to Bald Head where we will get great views into the Grose and encounter wildflowers on the way. We will return the same way but visiting Bennett Lookout and Blackheath Walls to a point with views to Anvil Rock. This is a tracked walk except for our visit to Bennett Lookout and on. Limit: 8. Map: Mount Wilson.
WalkID: 3860
17 Sep (Thu) 2020: MIDDLE MOUNTAINS WALK (M) Wildflowers, rock overhangs and big forest trees. Mostly on track, with some steep sections, but all worth it! Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 3706
19-20 Sep (Sat-Sun) 2020: MINNAMURRA -GERRINGONG (M) On track all the way.DAY 1 Eleven klms. past Minnamurra Estuary, Bombo Headland and the Boneyard. Maybe stay at Grand Hotel Kiama, which is $70/night; $45 for a single, or find your own accom.The Kiama Cove Boutique Motel is a bit more up market, as another option. We will eat dinner and brekky out for those who wish. Bring lunch both days. DAY 2 17klms. to Gerringong. See 2 blowholes, heaps of beautiful beaches and rolling green farmland with precipitous cliffs. The new track between Loves Bay and Werri Lagoon forms the heart of this walk, which is mostly flat. FULL Limit: 12. Map: Best Bush, Coast and Village Walks of the Illawarr.
WalkID: 3575
23 Sep (Wed) 2020: GOURMET EQUINOX PICNIC (E, Degustation) Help celebrate the equinox - where night ying becomes increasingly out matched by day yangness. Yay. This time we will be desporting our festive picnic selves over and on the large outcrops of Linda Rock near Woodford. BYO inc full picnic accoutrements and gourmet plate to share. For cordon-bleaus there is a chance to wrest the coveted annual trophy from the current champ! Also bring a short entertainment piece/poem/joke/limerick/song. Proximate birthdays and anniversary events will be acknowledged. Linda Rock is reachable for almost all cars along a rough unimproved track, followed by a 100m walk which is almost zimmer friendly. Parking is limited so best to share rides Limit: 50. Map: Springwood Katoomba .
WalkID: 3931
24 Sep (Thu) 2020: MT VICTORIA (M) Mt Victoria at the headwaters of the Grose River, (remote) NPWS Bushcare. 9.00am - 4.00pm. Spend some time exploring the headwaters of the Grose River. We will be continuing from previous work to stop the weed invasion further downstream and into the swamp. Be prepared for the possibility of wet feet. Morning tea and lunch will be provided and numbers are limited. Please book by Thursday 17th September with Grant on 0499 699 150 or grant.purcell@environment.nsw.gov.au. Limit: 8. Map: Mt Wilson.
WalkID: 3800
27 Sep to 2 Oct (Sun-Fri) 2020: HIDDEN CREEK JERVIS BAY (M, camp, cycle & kayak) Five nights at Hidden Creek Caravan Park overlooking Currambene Creek. Tent or caravan on a campsites we have to ourselves with cabins also available. Close to good group amenities. We will be doing a number of day paddles in the surrounding waterways with opportunities for cycling, walking, swimming etc. Limit: 20. Map: Jervis bay.
WalkID: 3884
30 Sep (Wed) 2020: GLENBROOK AREA (M) Slow pace walk taking in the area. RED HANDS CAVE circuit walk. Bring morning tea and lunch. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3932
3 Oct (Sat) 2020: BLACKHEATH (M) Pope's Glen (remote) NPWS/BMCC Joint Bushcare. 9.00am - 4.00pm. A site we only visit every couple of years, this recently burned creek line is an historic harbour for Gorse and Broom seedlings. This event will have off-track walking and wading along the creek. Bushwalking experience necessary. Morning tea and lunch supplied and numbers are limited. Please book by Wednesday 23rd September with Grant on 0499 699 150 or grant.purcell@environment.nsw.gov.au Limit: 8. Map: Mt Wilson.
WalkID: 3869
3-5 Oct (Sat - Mon) 2020: COLO CORGE (M-Exp) Walk from fire trail off the Grassy Hill fire trail via ridges to above the Angorawa Creek / Colo Junction and descend by a scrambling pass. Camp, explore the vicinity next day and ascend the spectacular bottom of Angorawa Creek, then Adderley Creek for about 3 km in total and climb a ridge back onto the fire trial the next morning. This should be a 2 and a half day walk and allows for a bit of route finding and the fact I'm not as fit as I used to be! An earlier walk in August is to check the start of this trip. Expect some scrambling and a steep 300m ascent the last day. Limit: 6. Map: Colo Heights.
WalkID: 3905
4 Oct (Sun) 2020: WALKING DOWN THE MOUNTAINS. WALK SIX (M-Exp, Minor scrambling) Bruce Road Glenbrook, Glenbrook Creek, Tunnel View track and lookout, Mount Portal, Nepean River, Leonay. 5km with several hills and some minor scrambling off Portal Lookout. Five Crowometers with two 100m descents and one 100m ascent. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3899
6 Oct (Tue) 2020: LAWSON WATERFALLS AND CULTURE (E-M) Julie and Greg for another wombat-scrub free walk. Cataract, Federal, Junction and Adeline Falls, Lawson Cemetery, Dalek, Cappuccinos, Table Tennis (byo bat and ball) Crocodile Log and various other amusing cultural features. 4 Km with 150m down then up. All on track. Limit: 10. Map: katoomba .
WalkID: 3885
7 Oct (Wed) 2020: GLENBROOK AREA (M) Slow pace walk taking in the area. Walk out to Euroka Cleaning then across to Camp Fire Creek and out via Red Hands Creek. All on tracks. Bring morning tea and lunch. Limit: 10. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3933
8 Oct (Thu) 2020: BLACKHEATH (E-M) Valley View Swamp BMCC Bushcare. 9.00am - 3.00pm. Come and help us continue the restoration of this endangered ecological community. Target infestations of English Holly surrounding the swamp and conduct sweeps into the swamp for new seedlings. This site filters the headwaters of Govett's Creek, which flows into the Grose Wilderness. Enjoy great company and a delicious morning tea and lunch donated by Hominy. Numbers limited. Book with James by Friday 2nd October at jbevan@bmcc.nsw.gov.au or 4780 5623. Limit: 8. Map: Mt Wilson.
WalkID: 3707
10 Oct (Sat) 2020: ERSKINE CREEK FOR ROS KING'S 80TH (M) Claiming the date, as this is what Ros wants to do for her Birthday! Pisgah Lookout-Tierneys Track-Monkey Ropes Creek-Flat Rock Pool and return. Come and help Ros celebrate at this wonderful wilderness pool. Steep track down, with some rock scrambling and exposure. Bring swimmers and water shoes. Limit: 16. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3861
15 Oct (Thu) 2020: MAYFIELD GARDEN (E-M) Mayfield in Spring is magnificent! A sea of colour; Maples, bulbs, rare trees and a lot of running water. We'll do morn. tea in the cafe and bring lunch to eat in the gardens. Entry is about $30. Limit: 12. Map: Oberon.
WalkID: 3862
22 Oct (Thu) 2020: GARDENS OF HARTLEY AND LITHGOW (E-M) We'll visit 3 local gardens, which are all different. Also, hope to see the roses in Queen Victoria Park and we can stop in at Londonderry Reserve to search for Purple Donkeys on the way home and eat our lunch. Morn. tea will be at the Hartley Cafe. Limit: 12. Map: Hartley.
WalkID: 3894
25 Oct (Sun) 2020: MT VICTORIA (M) Sunset Rock, Mt Victoria (Remote). 8.30am - 5.00pm. BMCC Bushcare. This is a new remote Bushcare site and will extend work being done by the Mt Victoria Bushcare group to stop invasive weeds from moving into the Kanimbla Valley. A medium level of fitness and some bushwalking experience are needed as there is scrambling in the access. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we can't provide or share morning tea and lunch (please bring your own). Numbers will be strictly limited and bookings are essential. Book by Tuesday 20th October with Steve on 4780 5623 or sfleischmann@bmcc.nsw.gov.au Limit: 9. Map: Hartley.
WalkID: 3895
11 Dec (Fri) 2020: KATOOMBA (H) Katoomba Creek (Remote). 8.30am - 5.00pm. A BMCC Bushcare activity. Continue the great work done by volunteers along a unique and little visited section of the Katoomba Creek. Bushwalking and regeneration experience is essential for this trip as it involves off track walking, wading in the river and working with a backpack. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we can't provide or share morning tea and lunch (please bring your own). Numbers will be strictly limited and bookings are essential. Book by Friday 4th December with Steve on 4780 5623 or sfleischmann@bmcc.nsw.gov.au Limit: 9. Map: Katoomba.