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Day Walk Ideas

Day Walks: Previous club walks for:
WalkID: 2482
1 Apr (Sat) 2017: 7 PEAKS IN 7 HOURS (M) All local and all genuine!! Mountains Tosh, Kitosh, Blackheath, Elphinstone, Carne, Medlow Bath Trig and Bindo, the highest peak in the Blue Mountains at 1364 metres. Scrubby; long pants or gaiters. Limit: 10. Map: Katoomba, Mt. Wilson and Hampton. Peaks bagged: 7
WalkID: 2169
1 Apr (Fri) 2016: GLENBROOK (E) Weeding at Glenbrook in Blue Mountains National Park. Bring morning tea and lunch and water to drink. Tools supplied Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 1896
1 Apr (Wed) 2015: GROSE RIVER MT VIC (E) A full day weeding the headwaters of the Grose River that are still coming up after the 2013 fires. Be prepared for some walking through swamps and the creek. Morning tea and lunch supplied. Limit: 8. Map: NPWS activity.
WalkID: 2662
1 Apr (Sat) 2017: JUNEE (E-M, cycling) Ride from Junee to Wantabadgery, sealed quiet roads approx. 64 km return. Low hills. Limit: 20. Map: Junee.
WalkID: 1925
1 Apr (Wed) 2015: LEURA (E, Z, W) Early start - venture into the home gardens and smell the flowers before escaping down the street avoiding steps, gutters and cars. Distance: as far as you can get before detection. Zimmer frame and Wheelchair friendly. Suitable for the well-past-it. Back for teeth in and a yummy lunch by 12. Limit: 8. Map: with a large magnifier.
WalkID: 3008
2 Apr (Mon) 2018: AUDLEY - DEER PARK EXPLORATION (M) The recent kayak trip revealed some interesting areas to explore north of Audley. Start on the Warumbul road, and take an old fire trail out past 'The Meadows', navigate to Leg of Mutton Bay and pick up another track that led to the site of a cottage that William Wentworth once owned. Explore the area north, which was originally cleared to establish 'Deer Park' (and that's where they escaped from). Return via Warumbul road. Lots of swimming opportunities if it's hot. An option to stay at Bundeena before or after. Limit: 8. Map: Port Hacking.
WalkID: 2150
2 Apr (Sat) 2016: BUNDEENA TO LITTLE MARLEY (M) A walk we've done a few times, but it's always worth doing. Along the cliffs of the Royal to Little Marley, with a shady overhang to rest, swim and lunch in. By car to Cronulla, then ferry to Bundeena. Fish and chips at S. Cronulla to finish. Limit: 12. Map: Royal Nat. Park Tourist Map.
WalkID: 1940
2 Apr (Thu) 2015: FAULCONBRIDGE (E-M, MTB ride) Faulconbridge - Faulconbridge Point - Springwood MTB ride, about 27 km. Gravel track, possibly loose and sandy, short steep hills. Bring morning snack, back to Springwood by lunchtime. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2957
2 Apr (Mon) 2018: INDUCTION WALK AND TALK SPRINGWOOD (E-M) Prospective members! This is your opportunity to learn about the Springwood Bushwalking Club, discuss minimal impact walking and outdoor practices to keep everyone safe. After afternoon tea there will be a 3km walk down Sassafrass Gully and up the Yondell track. There are steps, minor obstacles and possibly slippery spots but it is on track, except for a short off track detour to visit the mystery stone cross and pool. Full members are very welcome to attend. Approx 3 to 4 afternoon hours. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2326
2 Apr (Sat) 2016: SATURDAY AFTERNOON STROLL - WINMALEE (E) A short delightful walk (all but 300m on track) from Whitecross to Shaw's swamp (think of shady ferny glens, surprising clifflines, towering blue gum forest). Bring afternoon tea to share. Leave around 1pm, back by 3:30pm. About 5km. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2958
2 Apr (Mon) 2018: SPRINGWOOD April General Meeting. Greg Chapman will present Appreciating Nature: Evocative Australian landscapes and close ups.
WalkID: 1638
3 Apr (Thu) 2014: BLACKHEATH (E) Valley View Swamp Blackheath: (9am to 3pm)Come for the day or just the morning. Help get the swamp back into shape. This swamp supplies water (& weeds) to the Braeside area & ultimately finds its way to the Grose River. Continue on from previous work. Lunch & morning tea provided. Book by Thursday 27/3/14. Limit: 0. Map: .
WalkID: 2654
3 Apr (Mon) 2017: PRESENTATION Walking in Hong Kong and The New Territories in November last year. Limit: 8. Map: .
WalkID: 450
3 Apr (Sat) 2010: SUGAR LOAF MTN.AND MT.VICTORIA (M, M) If you\'ve driven down Victoria Pass, you may have seen this massif on the left. We\'ll start from the Zig Zag track and stay high, away from the farms in the valley. Great views in an area rarely walked; some steep sections. Afternoon tea and Easter Eggs back at our place. Limit: 12. Map: Hampton.
WalkID: 1854
4 Apr (Sat) 2015: BALLS HEAD & BERRY ISLAND (E) A leisurely paced walk on tracks, superb harbour views, aboriginal history, disused tunnels, pristine sections of bush-land, with no significant hills, about 8 km. Book online or phone please. Limit: 12. Map: Sydneys Best Harbour & Coastal Walks.
WalkID: 128
4 Apr (Sat) 2009: Blackheath Bike Ride (E) Leisurely bike ride to 2 lookouts. In the morning, Mt Blackheath on the Shipley Plateau, for a glorious view of the Kanimbla Valley, return to Blackheath for a coffee break, then cycle to Baltzer Lookout for definitive views of Hanging Rock. Some may choose to walk down to the gap. All members who reach the base jumping ledge of Hanging Rock will be photographed. I am bringing a telephoto lens for the purpose. This ride is 50% on dirt roads, some rough, so mountain bikes are preferable. No serious hills, and I only walk about 200m. Distance about 33km. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 666
4 Apr (Mon) 2011: CLUB MEETING Andy - will talk about his new book - travels of Darcy the surveyor in the Wollemi wilderness
WalkID: 1841
4 Apr (Sat) 2015: FOUR HEADS AT MOUNT VIC. (M) \"Some of the grandest views in all the mountains.\" Asgard, Thor, Valhalla and Ikara are all cliff-top lookouts overlooking the Grose Valley, that can be enjoyed on a circular walk. No great ascent/descent, but some off-track. Afternoon tea back at the Fosters. Limit: 12. Map: Mt. Wilson.
WalkID: 2131
4 Apr (Mon) 2016: LARAPINTA SLIDE SHOW View some great pictures and find out how we organised a successful car supported walk along the iconic 220km 14 day for us Larapinta Track. This 30 minute slide show features 3D google earth images as well as a selection of photos we took along the way.
WalkID: 3024
4 Apr (Wed) 2018: SPRINGWOOD (E) Springwood - Beginner Cycle around back roads of Springwood - back by morning tea. Limit: 8. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 2970
5 Apr (Thu) 2018: BLACKHEATH (E) Valley View Swampcare. 9 -3pm. A joint NPWS/SBC activity. Spend the morning or full day helping to restore this swamp and stop weeds marching down Govetts Leap Falls. Enjoy a delicious morning tea and lunch donated by the Hominy Bakery. We will focus on infestations of holly, honeysuckle and privet. Book by Friday 30th March directly with Stephanie on 4780 5623 or schew@bmcc.nsw.gov.au. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 1652
5 Apr (Sat) 2014: BULLABURRA (E-M, Canyon) Uncle George Canyon Bullaburra For those who missed out on Peter C\'s event last month or just want to do it again.Car shuffle ;short access & egress canyon but long between .Helmet harness etc , wetsuit for the thermally shy.Rope fee applies Limit: 4. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2644
5 Apr (Wed) 2017: GLENBROOK (E) Glenbrook Nursery Day 2 of TAFE course for Nursery need food and water for the day tools supplied. Limit: 15. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 1303
6 Apr (Sat) 2013: BLACKHEATH (E-M) Cycle to Mount Blackheath and enjoy sweeping views over the Kanimbla Valley followed by a coffee break in Blackheath. Then cycle to Baltzer Lookout. I shall then lead team members who so desire down to Hanging Rock for sensational views of the Gross Valley. Ride along a mixture of bitumen roads and dirt fire trails. No significant hills. I have to push the bike uphill for about 800m during the ride. The walk down to Hanging Rock is steep. About 33km of cycling and 1km of walking. Limit: 10. Map: Mount Wilson.
WalkID: 2602
6 Apr (Thu) 2017: BLACKHEATH (E) Valley View Swampcare. 9.00am -3.00pm. Joint BMCC/SBC activity. Help us get this swamp back into shape! Valley View Swamp forms part of the extensive Braeside Swamp feeding Govett's Leap Falls. Come for the day or just the morning. Enjoy a delicious morning tea and lunch provided by Hominy Bakery. Book directly with Lyndal on (02) 4780 5623 or lsullivan@bmcc.nsw.gov.au by Tuesday 28th March. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2655
6 Apr (Thu) 2017: BLACKTOWN NTH (M) BIKE RIDE - SHORTER CIRCUITS No.28 - BLACKTOWN, MARAYONG, COLEBEE A 3.25 hr in total circuit suitable for road bikes mostly on Cycleways with a few minor roads used. This is a morning tea only ride stopping at a Cafe. Limit: 15. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2895
6 Apr 2018 (Fri) 2018: BLUE MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK (M) Weeding in the National Park a combined activity with NPWS Limit: 14. Map: Penrith .
WalkID: 1305
6 Apr (Sat) 2013: BOX CREEK FALLS (M) A walk on the Boyd Plateau, cancelled last time due to rain. A short walk in to the granite gorge of Box Creek, so time to explore and swim. Approx. 6km, with no huge ascent/descent. Limit: 12. Map: Kanangra.
WalkID: 1756
6 Apr (Mon) 2015: MEETING No speaker tonight, bring your photos of Phil T to share.
WalkID: 2190
7 Apr (Thu) 2016: BLACKHEATH (M) Thursday 7th April - Swampcare at Valley View Swamp, Blackheath 9 – 3.00 pm. Joint NPWS/SBC activity. Come for the day or just the morning. Help us get this swamp back into shape. It forms part of the extensive Braeside Swamp which feeds Govetts Leap Falls. Enjoy a delicious morning tea and lunch donated by the Hominy Bakery. Book with Lyndal on 47805623 or lsulllivan@bmcc.nsw.gov.au by Wed 30th March at the latest. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2316
7 Apr (Thu) 2016: COLO RIVER AT PINCHGUT CREEK (H-Exp) From the Grassy Hill firetrail, search for Army surveyor Major Clews' "flour cave" and his 1926 route down into the Colo Gorge near Pinchgut Creek. THIS IS A SHORTENED VERSION OF THE 3-DAY WALK ORIGINALLY PLANNED FOR THIS TIME. THE ROUTE UP TO MOUNT SAVAGE WILL NOT BE EXPLORED ON THIS OCCASION Limit: 4. Map: Colo Heights.
WalkID: 2580
7 Apr (Fri) 2017: GLENBROOK SECTION OF BLUE MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK (M) This is a combined activity with NPWS weeding in the Park. Bring hat food and water for the day tools supplied. Limit: 12. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3018
7 Apr (Sat) 2018: KATOOMBA - MT SOLITARY TRAVERSE (M-H) A full day walk from King Tablelands to Narrowneck via Mt Solitary. Beautiful views of Lake Burragorang and the Blue Breaks and Broken Rock Range beyond.A good level of fitness required.approx 17km. Car swap needed. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba: Jamison.
WalkID: 1565
7 Apr (Mon) 2014: MEETING Ian Brown will talk about his work as a photographer of places we\'d all like to see. If we\'re lucky he might tell us how he takes some of his amazing photos - website is ianbrownphotography.com.au
WalkID: 2348
7 Apr (Thu) 2016: SPRINGWOOD (Exp) Road ride: Springwood to Richmond/North Richmond via Hawkesbury road and return via Castlereagh road, Penrith, Emu Plains, Lapstone hill and to Glenbrook. Morning tea at Richmond and Lunch is flexible either Emu Plains or Glenbrook, We can decide on that day. Bring your own or buy, plenty of choices. About 50kms. Nice easy ride, only small bumps coming up Lapstone. Limit: 16. Map: no maps.
WalkID: 2484
8 Apr (Sat) 2017: 3 PEAKS IN GANBENANG (M) Table Mountain, Marsdens Rock and Gibralter Sugarloaf, all in the heart of Cox's River Country, made famous by Bernard O'Reilly in his book, "Cullenbenbong". Limit: 12. Map: Hampton. Peaks bagged: 3
WalkID: 1937
8 Apr (Wed) 2015: ARTHUR PHILLIP WALK (GNW PART 1C) (M) Western access to the Great North Walk (Parramatta to Thornleigh) Walk through bushland corridors via the upper reaches of Parramatta River and then into the southern end of the Hornsby Plateau and the source of Berowra Creek. This walk will include walking through Darling Mills and Cumberland State Forests. See historic features in Parramatta and Northmead then on into the state forests where we will see delightful bird habitats with a native arboretum and Mt Wilberforce Lookout with panoramic views. Distance:16km Elevation:200m Limit: 8. Map: Parramatta River, Hornsby.
WalkID: 472
8 Apr (Thu) 2010: Bungleboori (M-Exp, M-X) A round trip of about 35Km suitable for MTB. This ride will take in a section of the Old Bells Line of road, Wallagan Gap and Blackfellows Hand Rock. If interested contact after the 20th of March Limit: 8. Map: Cullen Bullen, and Lithgow, Lithgow.
WalkID: 2627
8 Apr (Sat) 2017: CAROL AND PHILL'S HOUSE LEURA (Social) The mirror flash. For millennia the Gundungarra people used smoke to send signals between high places in the Katoomba and Mittagong areas. This is no longer possible but the idea has been recreated using mirrors. Join us to witness this simple but moving event. The mirror flash is timed to co-incide with a Wingecarribee Reconciliation Group event and is dependent on good weather. Please bring something suitable to share for afternoon tea. We'll provide hot water, tea and coffee. Limit: 40. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 1064
8 Apr (Sun) 2012: EASTER WALK IN THE MT. VICTORIA AREA (M) Lost Horse Shoe Falls at Mt. Vic. and the lost steam engine and a mine. The Horse Shoe Falls near Victoria Falls was last mentioned in 1948. The Wallace Brothers had a flying fox, steam powered, to bring timber out at the Grose. It's still there, plus we'll take a look at Blair Athol coal mine, circa 1922. Then, back to the Fosters for our annual Easter afternoon tea. No huge hills, but some off-track walking and bring a large torch for the mine. Limit: 12. Map: Mt. Wilson and Katoomba.
WalkID: 2573
8 Apr (Sat) 2017: LEURA/VERA FALLS/WENTWORTH FALLS (M/H) An on-track loop walk from Leura via Roberts Pass to the bottom of Vera Falls, then the bottom of Wentworth Falls. Return via National Pass and Lillians Bridge. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2618
8 Apr (Sat) 2017: WISEMANS FERRY (H, Kayak) Paddle 25 plus km along the Macdonald River. Bring P.F.D. lunch and snacks Limit: 8. Map: St Albans.
WalkID: 784
9 Apr (Sat) 2011: BIKE RIDE (M-H) Number 1 on the BUCKET LIST!!!! Can I still cycle 100 klms? I am confident, but would appreciate a few long distance riders who know they can do the distance to encourage me during the latter stages. Route: Parramatta Footbridge to Captain Cook Bridge and return plus 18 klms. around the Olympic Complex. No hills, so no dismounting to push the bikes, just mostly flat cycle tracks. Limit: 6. Map: Gregory's Sydney Street Directory.
WalkID: 792
9 Apr (Sat) 2011: FOUR HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE; A DAY WITH THE GOD (M-H) Last time we did this we only ticked off 3 heads, so here is another attempt. We\'ve learnt a bit, so who knows? Asgard, Thor, Valhalla and Ikara are the heads at Mt. Vic., overlooking the Grose. Great views all day and no tracks to speak of, make this an iconic walk. Check out Keats and Fox; The Upper Grose Valley Limit: 10. Map: Mt. Wilson.
WalkID: 2234
9 Apr (Sat) 2016: MEGALONG VALLEY (E) Green Gully tree planting day to continue the good work being done to rehabilitate this area. About 1000 trees have been planted so far, but there is still much to be done. New helpers are always welcome! Start at 8.30 at Dunphy's carpark, Megalong Valley. Bring gloves, tools for digging and lunch. For more information or to book contact Ian Olsen 024787 7182. Limit: 12. Map: Jenolan.
WalkID: 1941
9 Apr (Thu) 2015: PENRITH (M) Glenbrook to Regatta Centre, on to White Water area for morning tea return via Lewer\'s Gallery for lunch, then return to the mountains.This is a cycling activity road bikes are fine except for short stretch on the return up knapsack Gully track ( may be avoided if go through Lapstone ) Moderate pace. Grade; easy-medium distance 45km Map; Penrith Limit: 15. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2652
9 Apr (Sun) 2017: PROSPECTIVE INDUCTION AND WALK (E-M) Prospective members! This is your opportunity to learn about the Springwood Bushwalking Club, discuss minimal impact walking and outdoor practices to keep everyone safe. After afternoon tea there will be a 3km walk down Sassafrass Gully and up the Yondell track. There are steps, minor obstacles and possibly slippery spots but it is on track. Full members are very welcome to attend. Approx 3 to 4 Sunday afternoon hours. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2658
9 Apr (Sun) 2017: SASSAFRAS GULLY (E) Prospective induction and walk- Sassafras Gully Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 1124
9 Apr (Mon) 2012: VICTORY TRACK & MAGDALA CREEK (M) 10km of rainforest walking along two classic tracks to wear off those extra easter eggs. No huge hills but the pace will be sustained. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2147
9 Apr (Sat) 2016: WATERFALL WALK 4 (M) North Lawson Park; beautiful walk on Empire Pass to St. Michaels, Fairy, Dantes Glen and Fredricka Falls. May also do Minnatonka Falls at Bullaburra. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 876
10 Apr (Sun) 2011: FAUCONBRIDGE (E-M-Exp, not too hard) Explore some of the history around Sir Henry Parks' weekender in Faulconbridge. We'll cover part of the Victory trail and Sassafras Ridge, as well as some off-track bits that are not too difficult. The exact route will depend on upcoming exploration. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 501
10 Apr (Sat) 2010: Katoomba This is a great bike ride start at Leura railway sation, cycle along cliff, drive out to Narrow Neck have a nice lunch with brillant views. Cycle back the same way finishing off with dinner in Hannons Japaneese restarant in Leura, great food. All welcome to join even if you dont want to bike ride. Map: kat
WalkID: 505
10 Apr (Sat) 2010: Katoomba (M-H, M-H) bike ride from Laura railway sation out cliff drive to Narrow Neck such great views . enjoy lunch looking into the vallys before we head back the same way finishing off with dinner in Hannons Japaneese Restanant great food even if you dont want to ride just come along and join us for the meal in the evening Limit: 15. Map: katoomba.
WalkID: 2189
10 Apr (Sun) 2016: KATOOMBA (M) Sunday 10th April - Yosemite Creek, Katoomba 9-3pm. Joint NPWS/SBC activity. Come and join the Minnehaha Bushcare group in the search for Broom and other noxious weeds on Yosemite Creek downstream of the lovely Minnehaha Falls. The group is working to prevent the weeds from spreading further downstream into the remote sections of Katoomba Creek. This activity involves some wading, so be prepared to get your feet wet. Morning tea and lunch provided. Book with Stephanie on 0425 325 659 or step_chew@hotmail.com by 3rd April. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2297
10 Apr (Sun) 2016: LEURA SEGWAY TOUR LEURA 10th Apr (Sun) Come and try a Segway you'll be surprised at just how intuitive it is and how much fun.. We may decide to have brunch somewhere afterwards. Cost is $75 PP Must book by 10th Mar Limit 12
WalkID: 2633
10 Apr (Mon) 2017: MT. VICTORIA AND THE SUGARLOAF (M) From the Little Zig Zag, across the valley to climb steeply up to the sandstone cliffs of Mt. Victoria, then traverse along the range to the Sugarloaf. No tracks; car shuffle. Limit: 8. Map: Hampton.
WalkID: 452
10 Apr (Sat) 2010: WONDERS OF NARROW NECK PART 3 (M-H, M-H) Redledge Pass-Glen Alan- Megalong-Megalong Head-Ben Esgate's Pass Elphinstone Plateau. A very old and easy pass to the valley off Narrowneck, then thru the old mining area to Megalong. Out via Megalong Head and Ben Esgates to Elphinstone Plateau. Ben Esgate's Pass is an ascent by a chain up the cliffs. This walk is a real gem!!! Limit: 10. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 1110
11 Apr (Wed) 2012: JUSTICE AND POLICE MUSEUM (E) Tour a complex of 3 buildings containing 12 rooms. Room 11 is the Bushrangers Cell displaying firearms and artefacts associated with famous bushrangers such as Ben Hall and Captain Thunderbolt. Adults $10, Seniors $5. Bring lunch or buy something in town. Limit: 12. Map: Sydney Gregorys.
WalkID: 1847
11 Apr (Sat) 2015: KOOMBANDA BROOK (M) Most of this walk is in the shaded rainforest of the Upper Grose, with lovely pools for swimming. Walk down from Canyon Colliery, then up to the Brook and exit via Kamarah Gully. Some off-track. Limit: 12. Map: Mt. Wilson.
WalkID: 1855
11 Apr (Sat) 2015: TARONGA ZOO TO BALMORAL BEACH (E) A leisurely paced walk on tracks. One of the best walks for harbour views. 6:5 kl with no significant hills. Book online or phone please. Limit: 12. Map: Sydneys Best Harbour & Coastal Walks.
WalkID: 1573
12 Apr (Sat) 2014: BALLS HEAD& BERRY ISLAND (E) A leisurely paced walk on tracks, superb harbour views, aboriginal history, disused tunnels, pristine sections of bushland, with no significant hills, about 8 klms. Please phone before 7:00pm. Limit: 12. Map: Sydneys best harbour & coastalwalks..
WalkID: 1923
12 Apr (Sun) 2015: HAZELBROOK FALLS SOUTH SIDE (M) A ?tour? of six waterfalls on the south side of Lawson / Hazelbrook ? Adelina, Junction, Federal, Cataract, Victory and Terrace. We continue down to Bedford Ck for lunch. All on made tracks, though stony and rocky in places, with one steep climb rising 120 metres. Limit 20. Map Katoomba. Roger F. 4773 8200 (h) or 4721 5014 (w) or rfrench@health.org.au Limit: 20. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2632
12 Apr (Wed) 2017: MT.BANKS TRAVERSE (M-H) THIS IS SUE RYERSON and ROS WARDS FAVOURITE WALK. Over Mt. Banks, then down to Explorer's Range, where we drop down onto the face for a steep ledge traverse. Not for the faint-hearted, with lots of exposure and a climb out. Home via the Northern Spur. No tracks and some scrub. Limit: 8. Map: Mt. Wilson.
WalkID: 2347
13 Apr (Wed) 2016: CELESTIAL CAVES (M-Exp) Last time we found the caves, but couldn't get down, so this time we'll make an attempt from the Old Coach Road. Limit: 8. Map: Cullen Bullen.
WalkID: 1318
13 Apr (Sat) 2013: GREEN GULLY (E) Tree and native vegetation planting. This is an ongoing activity that has involved members of the club over the past years. We have been planting, protecting and maintaining an area of degraded land near Dunphy\'s car park and camping ground. The area has magnificent views. The work is worthwhile and contributes to the club\'s profile with National Parks. You will need to bring work gloves, food and drinks. Limit: 0. Map: Jenolan.
WalkID: 1304
13 Apr (Sat) 2013: HOMEBUSH OLYMPIC COMPLEX (E) Cycle around the Olympic Complex and Newington Armoury mostly on dedicated cycle tracks with no significant hills. About 35km. [Note change of date from Apr 20.] Limit: 10. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 2659
13 Apr (Thu) 2017: KURRAJONG (M) Bike ride from North Richmond to Kurrajong, for coffee and great views, and return for lunch. Some hills, 30 km on tarred back roads. Bring or buy lunch which will be in Hanna Park, North Richmond by the river. Limit: 12. Map: Gregories.
WalkID: 1307
13 Apr (Sat) 2013: ROYAL NATIONAL PARK (E) A short walk up Curracurrang Creek is a great bush rock pool. Plenty of time to swim and explore Curracurrang Inlet and the Wattamolla Lagoon and Beach, where Bass and Flinders sheltered in 1796. About 5km. [Note change of date from Mar 23] Limit: 12. Map: Otford.
WalkID: 3009
14 Apr (Sat) 2018: 27 OLYMPIAN PDE, LEURA The Gundungarra Mirror Flash. This is a reconciliation event timed to coincide with the commemoration of the Wingecarribee massacre, held at Gibbergunyah Reserve, Mittagong. In this event mirrors are flashed across more than 80 km of Gundungarra land to connect two different groups of people. Once upon a time this was done with smoke from large fires, something which is now impossible. Please bring a small plate of food to share for afternoon tea. We will provide hot water, tea, coffee etc. No need to book via the club website but an email to Carol carofe@bigpond.net.au would be appreciated. NB. This event is highly weather dependent – no sun, no mirror flash.
WalkID: 1386
14 Apr (Sun) 2013: CLARENCE (M) This is an opportunity to visit an area that is not normally accessible as we pass through private property. We will firstly visit Reedy Cliffs for fantastic views over Hartley Valley then onto Blacksmiths Cave. This was the site of a camp used in the construction of the 10 Tunnel Deviation near Clarence. Our final destinatation will be the Clarence Arch which is an impressive natural feature of the area. This walk is predominately on fire trails and tracks but there is about 100 metres of very scratchy scrub to negotiate to get to the arch. Total distance of the walk is approx 9kms. Limit: 8. Map: Lithgow.
WalkID: 1063
14 Apr (Sat) 2012: GREEN GULLY (E) Tree and native vegetation planting.this is an ongoing activity that has involved members of the club over the past years. We have been planting, protecting and maintaining an area of degraded land near Dunphy's car park and camping ground. The area has magnificent views. The work is worthwhile and contributes to the club's profile with National Parks. You will need to bring work gloves, food and drinks. Limit: 0. Map: Jenolan.
WalkID: 2353
14 Apr (Thu) 2016: NORTH RICHMOND (M) Cycle ride, about 35 km. Start at North Richmond - park in Grose Vale Rd car park. Cycle uphill next to Bells line of road, turn left into Redbank Rd that becomes Greggs Rd, then right into Kurrajong for morning tea. Next onto Comleroy Rd, right onto Blaxlands Ridge Rd, right onto Roberts Ck Rd (looks like big downhill and uphill), right briefly onto East Kurrajong Rd then left onto Tennyson Rd. Right onto Crooked Lane that becomes Maddens Rd, then left into North Richmond. On Google Earth it looks like all the roads are sealed. We have ridden it all before except for the Blaxlands Ridge and Roberts Creek Roads. After Kurrajong there are unlikely to be any shops until North Richmond. Limit: 16. Map: Kurrajong.
WalkID: 804
15 Apr (Fri) 2011: DHARUG NP (E-M, Push Bike Ride) THIS DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED FROM SATURDAY 16 APRIL. A MTB ride along the historic Great North Road to Ten Mile Hollow from Wisemans Ferry and returning via the Western Commission Track. This ride is 36km and mostly on good roads. There is however a 6km section that is challenging. Afternoon tea will be at a great cafe overlooking the Hawkesbury. Limit: 8. Map: Mangrove, St Albans, Gunderman , Lower Portland.
WalkID: 2349
15 Apr (Fri) 2016: GLENBROOK (M) Vegetation trimming on the Red Hands Cave track. This will involve trimming any vegetation from the track as well as head height branches and obstructions from the walking track, carrying tool kit and personal requirements for day walking in to work area, moving lifting trimmed vegetation off the track. Tools and instruction provided on the day. Bring lunch morning tea and water. This is a combined activity with NPWS Limit: 14. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 166
15 Apr (Wed) 2009: Glow Worm Tunnel Newnes (E) We shall start this walk at the Tiger snake car park, so we will need 4 wheel drives for this one, part of this first section we will be exploring around for a lost dam, see John, then we shall do the normal walk and check out the Emirates project, before going into tunnel. Bring a touch, or we may do the canyon if you have already done the Tunnel before. SHORT NOTICE AS THIS IS ONE DAY AFTER NEXT PROGRAMME COMES OUT Limit: 12. Map: Ben Bullen, Cullen Bullen .
WalkID: 2568
15 Apr (Sat) 2017: NORTHERN SPUR, MOUNT BANKS (M) We've got a history of exploring here. On this walk, we'll explore the caves and arches. Not a long walk, but there are a couple of ledges to scramble along, so bring a sense of adventure. Some off-track. Afternoon tea back at our place. Limit: 12. Map: Mt. Wilson.
WalkID: 2356
16 Apr (Sat) 2016: CANYON - BREAKFAST CREEK (E-M, abseils) Is this the last canyon of the season? No wetsuit needed for this one. 27m abseil to start, down a curving water chute. The canyon itself is spectacular but short, and ends in Rocky Creek. There's an exit before Rocky Creek canyon, so we won't get (too) wet. Limit: 5. Map: Rock Hill.
WalkID: 2299
16 Apr (Sat) 2016: DR DARKS CAVE (E-M, E/M) Induction Walk. Dr Dark's Cave is large and impressive a great place to visit. There is a steep walk in on a rough track. The walk out has some challenging sections of rock scrambling. Beautiful views of Govett's gorge and Blackwall Glen. Some exposure due to cliffs. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2328
16 Apr (Sat) 2016: Popes Glen to Pulpit Rock (E-M) A very pretty walk with superb views of the Grose Valley. An easy walk that's all on track, however it may get a little boggy after rain. Graded E-M due to distance. Approx 11 kms. MerrynC and Selena W selenaestelle@bigpond.com Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 794
16 Apr (Sat) 2011: THE BEST OF SYDNEY HARBOUR (E) This trip consists of a good deal of ferry hopping, some walking and lunch at the Sydney Fish Markets. See the best of the Harbour by ferry; River Cat from Parramatta, then Darling Harbour, Pyrmont and the fish market for lunch. (Don't book in if you don't eat fish). Walk across Anzac Bridge on to Blackwattle Bay etc. and back to Pyrmont Bay where we'll catch the ferry back to Circ. Quay and then the train home; all for $2.50 if you're a senior, otherwise you'll need a Day Tripper. An easy social day; approx. 10klms. of walking. Limit: 12. Map: Book: Katrina O'Brien's Harbour and Coastal Walks.
WalkID: 1942
16 Apr (Thu) 2015: WENTWORTH FALLS (E, easy mtb) Bike ride about 35 km return. Start at Wentworth Falls, ride on shared footpath to Kings Tableland Rd, Follow that road to Ingar turnoff, follow Ingar trail about 5 km, take left turnoff - Aeroplane Hills trail. Ride 5 km to end of fire trail and Wirraway Lookout. Then ride back to Wentworth Falls uphill. Ingar track and Aeroplane Hills tracks are dirt with rocks. Mountain bikes recommended, but road bike might make it if you are lucky. Need to carry all your water and food (morning tea). Ingar track is being graded now, don\'t know how the surface will be. Haven\'t ridden on Aeroplane Hills track, but expect standard fire trail surface. Gradients mostly moderate. I regard it as an easy mountain bike ride, but some exertion necessary on return trip. Limit: 20. Map: Katoomba, Jamison.
WalkID: 1322
17 Apr (Wed) 2013: BULLABURRA TO WENTWORTH FALLS (E-M) Starting from Bullaburra Railway Station and ending at Wentworth Falls Station, we will do \"The Bruce\'s\" walk. This will be a slower pace walk, with three up and downs. Limit: 10. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2249
17 Apr (Sun) 2016: ERSKINE CREEK, PLATYPUS LOOP (E-M-Exp, off track) A half day event with a bit of everything. We'll take the Jack Evans track down to the saddle, then find our way up to the knoll above the platypus loop. Find a way down the south east ridge to Erskine Creek, then walk down the creek and follow the rough track up to the Jack Evans track and back to the carpark. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 510
17 Apr (Sat) 2010: LAWSON BOWLING CLUB Social event: Meet at Lawson Bowling Club for dinner and dancing. The club holds free themed nights each month and the band will be playing ABBA hits tonight. There is a Chinese restaurant with reasonably-priced meals and the band starts at 8pm. Come for the meal or the dancing or come for both! Map: kATOOMBA
WalkID: 2923
17 Apr (Tue) 2018: MOUNT WILSON TO BELL (H) Crossing of the Wollangambe Wilderness. A spectacular walk through pagodas and forest, with the odd creek and river crossing. A long day with a car shuffle needed. Mostly off-track, but it will be amazing! Limit: 8. Map: Mt. Wilson and Wollangambe.
WalkID: 451
17 Apr (Sat) 2010: MYSTERY WALK (E, E) A fun day in the bush, with a mystery to solve and plenty of twists and turns. A prize for the winning team and a bar-b-que afterwards. An easy walk, but as former participants will tell, the mystery isn\'t always easy to figure. Limit: 20. Map: Hampton.
WalkID: 526
17 Apr (Sat) 2010: RUINED CASTLE (E, E) One of the exceptional tourist walks in the Blue Mountains. A short descent from Golden Stairs, then a flat walk along the old rail line which was used to haul oil shale back to the Scenic railway. Spectacular views after a short climb up to the \'Ruined Castle\'. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba, Jamison.
WalkID: 849
17 Apr (Sun) 2011: SHAWS RIDGE - GROSE MOUNTAIN - BLUE GUM SWAMP (E) Great views of the lower Grose & a pleasant walk. Approx 15km easy walking. PRIORITY GIVEN TO PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 130
18 Apr (Sat) 2009: EXPLORING NARROW NECK REVISITED (M) Walk No. 1 We ran this series of walks a while ago, but since then we've had a few more adventures and discovered a little more. The first walk is a cut-down version of the 4 Passes Walk. Walk from the locked gate to the fire tower, then find Harmil Ledge, down Glen Raphael Head,across the valley to Dunphy's Pass, then through the swamp to the road. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 1856
18 Apr (Sat) 2015: SPIT BRIDGE TO MANLY (M) A leisurely paced walk on tracks, magnificent harbour views all day. We shall take a detour to visit Crater Cove along a little known bush track. About 12 km with no significant hills. Book online please. Limit: 12. Map: Sydneys Best Harbour & Coastal Walks.
WalkID: 252
18 Apr (Sat) 2009: Springwood (M-Exp, M-X, scrub) Sassafrass Gully Numantia Spur, Sassafrass Ridge, Unmarked fire trail, then follow Numantia Creek to the falls, Victory track and return. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 466
18 Apr (Sun) 2010: TERRACE FALLS (E, E) This is an ideal half-day walk if it\'s a hot day. It will take us through shady rainforest and cool gullies with the possibility of cooling off in Bedford Pool. Bring some morning tea and experience the waterfalls in southern Hazelbrook. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 1129
19 Apr (Thu) 2012: BLACKHEATH: GRAND CANYON (E-M) Leisurely paced walk on track. One of classic walks of Blue Mountains. Track is currently closed for renovations but will be open for Easter and school holidays. Grab this opportunity to walk this iconic track. Who knows when it will re-open permanently? Please phone before 7pm. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 242
19 Apr (Sun) 2009: CANOE NEPEAN RIVER: WALLACIA TO BENTS BASIN (M, M) Canoes will be launched near Wallacia bridge and we paddle about 8 km to just below the picnic grounds at Bents Basin for lunch. No surprise that we return same way. 4 to 5 hours paddling in total. Need own canoe and must be fine weather. Email: rfrench@health.org.au Limit: 8. Map: .
WalkID: 2995
19 Apr (Thu) 2018: GARDENS ON THE MOUNTS (E) See autumn colour and bulbs, including crocus at Mt. Tomah, where we will have a coffee and then on to the Blackheath Rhody Garden for lunch, where entrance is by a gold coin donation. Limit: 10. Map: Mount Wilson.
WalkID: 2643
19 Apr (Wed) 2017: GLENBROOK (E) Nursery Day course run by TAFE will involve instruction in plant propagation and planning for the nursery. This activity is cancelled as TAFE stafff not available Limit: 15. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2645
19 Apr (Wed) 2017: GLENBROOK (E) Day 3 of Plant propagation and Nursery Course with TAFE and NPWS need to bring food and water for the day Limit: 15. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 137
19 Apr (Sun) 2009: Jack Evans Track (E) In and out the Jack Evans Track. We will walk to Erskine Creek, will depend on who comes which way we will do this walk. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3030
19 Apr (Thu) 2018: LITHGOW (M) Mountain bike ride Lithgow to Hassans Walls, then to Browns Gap Road, 3 km of Great Western Highway, and up Berghofers Pass to Mt Victoria. Option of cycling home on or off highway. Mountain bike recommended, although road bike might survive. Limit: 16. Map: Lithgow, Hartley.
WalkID: 2314
19 Apr (Tue) 2016: MT VICTORIA (E-M) As I was the one to submit the ideal way back in 2011, I thought I would claim the 19th of April (the date of the first meeting in 1967) as my first 50 Peaks (mountain ) walk. This will be a easy and slow walk to start the the 50 PEAKS off. We will meet at Mt Victoria Railway Station, (trains were use a lot in those days) and then the walk will start. Walking to Mount Piddington 1093 meters high, then doing a walk to Fairy Bower, Coxs Cave and Dunn,s Leap, then back to Mt Piddington and to Witch's Glen and out Wilson's Glen. Descent and Ascents 250 metres. 8 to 9 kms. So come along and enjoy day out in our lovely Blue Mountains, the first of 50 peaks walks. Limit: 15. Map: Mt Wilson. Peaks bagged: 1
WalkID: 2671
19 Apr (Wed) 2017: SPRINGWOOD (E, Bike Ride) Short, easy ride on quiet back streets and return to Springwood for morning tea. Suitable for beginners with road or mountain bikes. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 1306
20 Apr (Sat) 2013: BARRENJOEY TO BELLOMBI, PART 3 (M) The actual route depends on where we\'ve finished Part 2, but looks like we\'ll still be on the Northern Beaches, as hot weather will let us enjoy lots of swimming and cooling off. Think somewhere along the Queenscliff/Manly/North Head route. Train, bus and ferry. Bring swimmers. [Note change of date from Sat 16 Mar as there are no trains] Limit: 12. Map: Sydney.
WalkID: 153
20 Apr (Mon) 2009: Big Walks Planning Evening (E) With busy lives it is difficult for people to find time to get away for overnight and longer walks. If you are a leader or an experienced overnight walker who wants to input into where we go and when then meet at my place to nominate places, plan & set dates for longer walks. Bring your calendar and a plate for a shared meal. Limit: 12. Map: na.
WalkID: 1372
20 Apr (Sat) 2013: COLO RIVER AT PINCHGUT CREEK (H) This is a Friends of the Colo activity. A long day's walk visiting a spectacular part of the Colo Gorge, to check and treat a cape ivy patch. Steep rock scrambling involved. 500 metres descent and ascent. Limit: 5. Map: Colo Heights.
WalkID: 1568
20 Apr (Sun) 2014: EASTER WALK; EXPLORE MT. VIC. (M) Mount Vic. as you\'ve never seen it. Forgotten walks, some history, some adventure, plenty of views and finish off with afternoon tea at the Fosters. Limit: 10. Map: Hartley and Mt. Wilson.
WalkID: 1403
20 Apr (Sat) 2013: KATOOMBA (M-H) Mt Solitary Traverse:A full day walk from King Tablelands to Narrowneck. Beautiful views.A good level of fitness required.approx 17km. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba, Jamison.
WalkID: 2637
20 Apr (Thu) 2017: MAYFIELD GARDEN, OBERON (E) Come and join us for a day exploring this breathtaking garden, with its stunning design and detailed craftsmanship. Enjoy the 80 metre cascade, the rose garden, croquet court, creek gardens, birch grove, walled kitchen garden, aviary, the sunken garden rooms, sunken parterre and sweeping lawns. We will indulge in morning tea on arrival and have our packed lunch in a lovely spot in the garden. Entry cost approx. $25. Limit: 12. Map: Mayfield.
WalkID: 1127
20 Apr (Fri) 2012: NORTH LAWSON (E) A 4/5 km walk called Empire Pass especially for children and grandchildren with lots of time for exploring, climbing and maybe even swimming at Frederica Falls. Unaccompanied adults welcome [but of course children will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult]. Beautiful rainforests and four waterfalls, including Dante\'s Glen. Leisurely pace. Limit: 15. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2670
20 Apr (Thu) 2017: STRATHFIELD TO BRIGHTON -LE-SANDS (M) BIKE RIDE - Strathfield to Brighton Le Sands A 5hr ride along the cycleways and back roads to Botany Bay suitable for road bikes. We will stop at a cafe for morning tea and either bring lunch or buy lunch (Fish & Chips?) to enjoy by the water. A sunny day will allow us to cool off in the water so bring swimmers. Return to cars at Strathfield. Limit: 15. Map: Auburn.
WalkID: 2926
21 Apr (Sat) 2018: HEATHCOTE NATIONAL PARK (M) Kingdom Come. Last time the heat beat us, but this time we'll start at Heathcote and go in via Lake Eckersley. Kingdom Come and Boobera Pool are on the Woronora River. The pool looks amazing! Bring swimmers. Limit: 12. Map: Appin and Campbelltown.
WalkID: 2955
21 Apr (Sat) 2018: INTRODUCTION TO KAYAKING (E, kayak) A Demonstration of basic kayaking techniques followed by a leisurely paddle up the Nepean River. A limited number of kayaks available by request. Please bring morning tea, lunch and P.F.D. Limit: 8. Map: UBD.
WalkID: 462
21 Apr (Wed) 2010: LION'S HEAD KING'S TABLELAND (E-M, E-M) This is the first time that I have taken the Wednesday walkers to this spot,the views from the Lions Head into the Kedumba Valley are just some of the best in this area. We shall also explore the pass that goes down into the Kedumba Valley where there is one of the biggest carns you will ever see, if you can find it. Returning the same way, the views even get better. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba /Jamison.
WalkID: 1079
21 Apr (Sat) 2012: MACQUARIE PASS RIVULET CANYON (M) This open type canyon descends the escarpment near Macquarie Pass south of Woollongong.Up to 7 abseils(max 30 mts)in this boulder strewn gully through thick rainforest.We will visit Malangong Falls and Rainbow Falls.Must have own harness and helmet,wetsuits optional. Rope fee applies.Car shuffle required. Finish off with arvo tea at Robertson Pie shop Limit: 8. Map: Robertson.
WalkID: 2358
21 Apr (Thu) 2016: WINSTON HILLS DEAN PK HORSLEY PK (M) BIKE RIDE - Circuit No.20 North South & West A 5hr circuit from Toongabbie (includes Morning Tea at a Cafe & Lunch needs to be taken with you) suitable for road bikes. We follow the M7 for most of the journey with a 10 minute grassy section to our lunch spot (firm surface) so turns have been minimised greatly compared to usual. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 255
22 Apr (Wed) 2009: Blue Gum Forest Circuit (H, H) From Mt Victoria to Blackheath, via the Grose River and Blue Gum Forest. A very early start (first train to Mt Vic), to catch sunrise on the track. Length : about 28km. Limit: 8. Map: Mount Wilson.
WalkID: 1919
22 Apr (Wed) 2015: GLENBROOK (E-M) ROADS AND RAILS. Start and end at Glenbrook. Walking to Lennox Bridge, Marge and Elizabeth Lookouts, Knapsack Gully Bridge, Zig-Zag Railway, 1892 Tunnel Track, Darks Common, Bluff Lookouts then back to Glenbrook. About 6km. Limit: 12. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 795
23 Apr (Sat) 2011: CLIFF TOP TRAVERSE; PULPIT ROCK TO PT. PILCHER (M) A longish walk from Blackheath to Medlow; all on tracks, although the Pt. Pilcher section is a little degraded with a few scrambles. Views all day, Grand Canyon and the newly upgraded track, plus the historic Pt. Pilcher track. Finish with afternoon tea and Easter eggs at The Fosters. A car shuffle is needed. Limit: 12. Map: Mt. Wilson.
WalkID: 2595
23 Apr (Sun) 2017: CLUB 50TH BIRTHDAY PICNIC (Social) 50th Anniversary Celebration Picnic Euroka clearing main day use site next to Darug tent site.Look for our shelters 11.30 for 12.30 BYO everything inc chairs. BBQ facilities available as well as water and toilets. Plenty of parking. There will be a short presentation as well as cake and champagne. Please encourage any former members to join us. Park entry will cost $8 per car Limit: 100. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2302
23 Apr (Sat) 2016: MOUNT VICTORIA; A 50 PEAKS WALK (M) As this is the first in the series for us, we'll start at home. It's not as simple as it seems!!! Bushranger's Cave, then down into the valley, followed by a steep ridge climb with some rock scrambling. Views over Mitchells Pass and the Valley, then on to Mt. Sugarloaf overlooking Hartley Valley. No tracks and some exposure. We can bag 2 peaks on this walk!!! Limit: 10. Map: Hartley.
WalkID: 3031
23 Apr (Mon) 2018: MT BANKS AND THE WALLS LOOKOUT (E) Mt Banks and the Walls Lookout - great weather forecast for Monday - yes THIS Monday 23rd! Two gentle walks all on track each approx 3km; some steep bits. Awesome views of the Grose Valley, Hanging Rock, Blue Gum Forest plus Aboriginal axe grinding grooves.Prospectives welcome. Limit: 8. Map: Mt Wilson.
WalkID: 1946
23 Apr (Thu) 2015: WENTWORTH FALLS (E-H, MTB ride) We meet at Wentworth Falls ride to Kings Tableland Road, turn left onto the Ingar track and ride to Woodford. From Woodford we have the option of then riding down the Oaks fire trail to Glenbrook. Take morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. This is a long ride approx. 55k with some long walk outs on both tracks. Limit: 8. Map: Wentworth Falls.
WalkID: 534
24 Apr (Sat) 2010: COX'S RIVER CAMP SITE (E, E) An easy paced walk on tracks, 8kms along one of the best sections of the \"Six Foot Track\", plus a crossing of the 100 metre \"Bowtells Swingbridge\". (Alternatives will be suggested for walkers who do not wish to cross the swingbridge). Return the same way, approx 16kms. Limit: 20. Map: Jenolan.
WalkID: 871
24 Apr (Sun) 2011: NARROW NECK (E-M-H, Bike Ride) Ride out Narrowneck to Clear Hill. Spectacular views. Approximately 30km on fire trails. Some really steep country. Not for the faint hearted. Mountain Bikes Only. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba, Jenolan, Jamison, Hampton..
WalkID: 1336
25 Apr (Thu) 2013: ANZAC DAY AT DEEP PASS (M) On the Newnes Plateau, Deep Pass is an old farm site, cliff-ringed with heaps of wonders to explore; canyons, caves and a mini Stanley Chasm. We'll remember the ANZACS over a sausage sizzle for lunch. Grandchildren welcome. Limit: 16. Map: Wollongambe.
WalkID: 1600
25 Apr (Fri) 2014: ANZAC DAY AT THE RAIN CAVES (E) A short walk to a magnificent set of overhangs for lunch. We\'ll bring a barbie hot plate, so bring some sausages and we\'ll remember our Diggers over lunch. A rough track, with a short, steep descent. Limit: 16. Map: Cullen Bullen.
WalkID: 2672
25 Apr (Tue) 2017: CARLONS TO SPLENDOUR ROCK (H) Feel like a workout? Meet the members celebrating the 50th anniversary of the club's first walk at Splendour Rock, by walking from the Dunphy campsite at Green Gully via Blackhorse Ridge (and back again). Total distance about 23km, total ascent/descent about 1100m. Fastish pace with minimal breaks except at Splendour Rock. Limit: 8. Map: Jenolan.
WalkID: 1128
25 Apr (Wed) 2012: MINNA-HA-HA FALLS (E) A 3km walk especially for children and grandchildren. Unaccompanied adults welcome [but of course children will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult]. A beautiful two tiered waterfall in a lovely gorge. Plenty of time for exploring, digging in the sand, climbing and maybe getting wet. Limit: 15. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 1067
25 Apr (Wed) 2012: MOUNT BANKS (M-Exp) An exploration to check out Caley's Rock Houses, Banks Wall and generally enjoy this basalt capped peak. Not a long walk, but some off-track. Bring a sense of adventure and lunch to share with an Anzac theme; be creative!! Limit: 12. Map: Mt. Wilson.
WalkID: 492
25 Apr (Sun) 2010: RIVER CAVES CANYON (E-M-Exp, E-M-X) It has been a long time since I have been here so I have graded this with an X for exploratory, this will be our last canyon for the summer/autumn season. This is a walk in canyon, will get wet feet and maybe wet pants, you will need thermals and volleys and a dry bag, with dry clothes back at the car. Limit: 10. Map: Rock Hill.
WalkID: 2562
25 Apr (Tue) 2017: SPLENDOUR ROCK, WILD DOG MOUNTAINS (M) 50 years ago to the day the club held its first walk to the bushwalkers' memorial at this magnificent view point. The walk is approximately 6km one way (12 km in total), on track but with some short, steep sections and easy scrambles. NPWS have given us permission to drive to Medlow Gap, which requires 4WD vehicles - Subarus and the like are fine. Limit: 60. Map: Jenolan.
WalkID: 152
25 Apr (Sat) 2009: Springwood Explore (M) Sassafrass Gully, Numantia Spur, Sassafrass Ridge unmarked fire trail, follow Numantia Creek to the falls the Victory track & return Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2677
25 Apr (Tue) 2000: WILD DOG MOUNTAINS (M, Cliffs) 25 APRIL 2067 (Mon): SPLENDOUR ROCK, WILD DOG MOUNTAINS (M). If you missed the 2017 re-enactment of the Club's first walk here is your big chance! Put this one in your diaries! 100 years ago to the day the club held its first walk to the bushwalkers' memorial at this magnificent view point. The walk is approximately 6km one way (12 km in total), on track but with some short, steep sections and easy scrambles. NB Parts of the track are rough and rocky with a sideways slope. We will negotiate with NPWS to give us permission to drive to Medlow Gap, which requires 4WD vehicles - please note that driverless vehicles are not suitable. Limit: 60. Map: Jenolan Carol I 0458399509 carofe@bigpond.net.au Yep - it was such an easy trip to organise the leader is keen to do it again! Limit: 60. Map: Jenolan.
WalkID: 1899
26 Apr (Sun) 2015: LAWSON (E-M) Empire Pass - Induction Walk. The compulsory induction talk for prospective members, followed by a North Lawson walk from Frederica Falls to Dantes Glen on track with short elevation . Full members welcome to join. Approx. 6km Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 1574
26 Apr (Sat) 2014: SPIT BRIDGE TO MANLY (E-M) A leisurely paced walk on tracks, magnificent harbour views all day, we shall take detours to Grotto Point Lighthouse & Crater Cove, about 12 klms with no significant hills. I have the coordinates to Crater Cove stored in the GPS so this year I can guarantee that we shall find the track, (unlike last year). Please phone before 7:00pm. Limit: 12. Map: Sydney's best harbour & coastal walks..
WalkID: 2674
26 Apr (Wed) 2017: SPRINGWOOD (E, Bike Ride) Short, easy ride on quiet back streets and return to Springwood for morning tea. Suitable for beginners with road or mountain bikes. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 3032
26 Apr (Thu) 2018: STRATHFIELD TO BOTANY BAY (M) Cycle Strathfield to Botany Bay. A leisurely ride along cycle paths and local roads to the bay. Morning tea at the chocalate shop and fish and chips lunch (or BYO) at Brighton le Sands. Bring liquids, sun protection and swimmers (if you are optomistic). Limit: 8. Map: Gregory.
WalkID: 1935
27 Apr (Mon) 2015: MEDLOW BATH (E) Hydro Majestic - Three Brothers - Tuckers L/out An 8km circuit behind the Hydro Majestic , a car shuffle is required , should have time to go into the Hyrdo to see the new furnishings. Limit: 10. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 1381
27 Apr (Sat) 2013: THE ZOO TO CIRCULAR QUAY (M) The third in a series of Harbour side walks. Explore Cremorne Point and the deep bays closer to North Sydney. Finish with a walk across the Bridge and a stroll through The Rocks Markets. approx. 12km. Limit: 8. Map: Gregorys..
WalkID: 2676
27 Apr (Thu) 2017: WENTWORTH FALLS (H) Mountain bike ride Wentworth Falls to Andersons track to Woodford. Distance about 40-50 km. Great scenery, track is a fire trail, mostly good condition last I saw it. One very big uphill from Bedford Creek to Woodford. BYO food and drink. Riders could continue on from Woodford to Glenbrook if they wish, but I am exiting at Woodford. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba, Jamison.
WalkID: 1373
28 Apr (Sun) 2013: COLO RIVER AT BOORAI CK (M) This is a Friends of the Colo activity. A longish day's walk (15km) visiting another spectacular part of the Colo Gorge, to check a cape ivy patch. All on track though steep in places. 500 metres descent and ascent. Limit: 8. Map: Six Brothers.
WalkID: 1111
28 Apr (Sat) 2012: HANA JAPANESE RESTAURANT Enjoy superb food in a convivial atmosphere at Leura. Reasonable prices. BYO. Map: Katoomba
WalkID: 1081
28 Apr (Sat) 2012: MCLEAN PASS TO MT. DAVISON (M-H-Exp) Another Michael Keat's walk, in the Gardens of Stone. It's a feast of pagodas with great views into the Capertee, Pantoney's Crown and the Wolgan. We hope to get to Wolgan Trig and the Pondage. Some scrub and off-track walking, but no huge ascents. 15klms. return. Limit: 10. Map: Ben Bullen.
WalkID: 3033
28 Apr (Sat) 2018: NEPEAN RIVER PENRITH (H, kayak) Paddle up to Erskine Creek and return 25 km, please bring morning tea, lunch and P.F.D. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 535
28 Apr (Wed) 2010: PORTERS PASS - WALLS LEDGE - CENTENNIAL GLEN. (E, E) An easy pased walk on tracks. Splendid views of soaring cliffs along Colliers Causeway and expansive views of the Kanimbla Valley. Visit \'The Grotto\' to view a waterfall. Limit: 20. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2369
28 Apr (Thu) 2016: REGATTA CENTER PENRITH (M) Ride from Glenbrook via Lapstone and Emu Plains across the Expressway Bridge to the Regatta Center for morning tea then return through Emu Plains to Glenbrook to the park for Lunch. Any one with energy left Euroka Clearing Bennett Ridge Oaks to the gate and home. Road bikes, E-bikes, or mountain bikes all good. Limit: 10. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2373
28 Apr (Thu) 2016: REGATTA CENTER PENRITH (M) Ride from Glenbrook via Lapstone and Emu Plains across the Expressway Bridge to the Regatta Center for morning tea then return through Emu Plains to Glenbrook to the park for Lunch. Any one with energy left Euroka Clearing Bennett Ridge Oaks to the gate and home. Road bikes, E-bikes, or mountain bikes all good. Limit: 14. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 3025
28 Apr (Sat) 2018: WOODFORD (E) Stunning Bedford Creek Lakes. Guided bushwalk. Panoramic scenic 4W drive, an established but rough walking track - the joint tallest tree in NSW - magnificent Blue Gums - silent beautiful tree - and sand-fringed lakes. Maximum 9 members. Partnership with Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba CMA.
WalkID: 1897
29 Apr (Wed) 2015: BLUE MOUNTAIN CREEK, WENTWORTH FALLS (M-H) Join us for some remote work along Blue Mountain Creek which has been impacted by the run-off from the now decommissioned Sewerage Treatment Plant. We will be treating Privet, Crofton Weed and a range of other weeds like Ivy and Holly. All walking is ?off-track? and there is a steep climb in and out. Morning tea and lunch provided Limit: 20. Map: NPWS activity.
WalkID: 2371
29 Apr (Fri) 2016: COLO RIVER NEAR MOUNTAIN LAGOON (H-Exp) An exploratory to check the difficulty of a spur that may offer an attractive route for future Friends of the Colo activities. Descend the spur that leads eastwards from GDA 812997 on the T3 fire trail, walk down Tobacco Creek (FOC's name) to the Colo, walk up the Colo for 3.5km to Tootie Creek and return to the car via the T3 track. 11km, 500m descent and ascent. Should be time for a swim, and maybe pull out the odd lantana or tobacco tree in passing. No peaks claimed, unless the T3 trig counts! Limit: 6. Map: Mtn Lagoon.
WalkID: 2574
29 Apr (Sat) 2017: KEDUMBA PASS TO LEURA CASCADES (M/H) Walk from Kings Tableland to Leura via Kedumba Pass and the Jamison Valley. Approx. 700m descent/ascent on fire trails and well formed tracks. Impressive forests and outstanding views of Mount Solitary and the Three Sisters. Car shuffle involved. Limit: 12. Map: Jamison & Katoomba.
WalkID: 2569
29 Apr (Sat) 2017: SUNNYSIDE CANYON (E) GARDENS OF STONE N.P. No abseils or swimming, but you will get wet feet. Good quality pagodas, with caves, caverns and rainforest. Tricky climb out. We will visit Wolgan Falls on the way home. Limit: 12. Map: Cullen Bullen.
WalkID: 2329
30 Apr (Sat) 2016: EVANS CROWN (E-Exp) A great short walk to explore the impressive towers, pinnacles, tors and slabs of the granite playground known as Evans Crown. We will poke around at a leisurely pace, with lots of opportunities for photographs. Optional scrambling. A sense of humour and adventure is required for the downhill return to the cars:) Lunch at Tarana Pub. Approx 5kms. Merryn C and Selena W selenaestelle@bigpond.com Limit: 12. Map: Tarana.
WalkID: 2303
30 Apr (Sat) 2016: GARDENS OF STONE; PAGODAS SOUTH OF ANGUS PLACE TRA (M) This area is outside the N.P. but has very high conservation values. "Great stone pagodas, secret slots, hidden caves and glorious rock tumbles encrusted in ferns and mosses." M. Keats. Approx. 10klms. No tracks, some rock scrambling and sense of adventure. Limit: 12. Map: Cullen Bullen.
WalkID: 1385
30 Apr (Tue) 2013: HIGHLIGHTS OF BELL (E-M) This walk involves visiting 3 places of interest in the Bell area. We will have morning tea at a great lookout overlooking Kangaroo Corner Creek and Hartley Valley. We will then walk along part of the old Bells Line of Road at Watertrough Hill to discover why this hill is so named and then finally we will visit Dargans Arch. This arch is in a very scenic area with lots of interesting rock formations. This walk of approx 7kms is nearly all on firetrails or tracks except for about a kilometre which involves walking through some scratchy scrub. Limit: 8. Map: Mt Wilson, Wollangambe.
WalkID: 744
30 Apr (Sat) 2011: NPWS Survey (E) This is the last of the survey days for the National Parks in regards to the tracks to Mt Solitary. Later in the year Chris will come to a club meeting and let us know the results of our effect. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 793
30 Apr (Sat) 2011: THE GOAT TRACK-KEDUMBA FARM-LIONS HEAD PASS-KINGS (H-Exp) I haven't been down the Goat Track, but before the road it was the only access into this end of the Kedumba Valley. Could be a long day, but we have been up The Lions Head Pass. This walk was inspired by the book, The Blue Plateau by Mark Tredinnick. Limit: 8. Map: Jamison.
WalkID: 1945
30 Apr (Thu) 2015: WINDSOR (E) Easy bike ride suitable for beginners. Ride from Yarramundi to Windsor for coffee via low lands/turf farms. Approx. 30klms on quiet roads. Suitable for road bikes. Bring lunch and leave in car for lunch by the river after ride (optional) Limit: 20. Map: Gregorys.
WalkID: 2673
30 Apr (Sun) 2017: WOLGAN VALLEY (H-Exp) A spectacular day walk using two passes leading out of the south side of the Wolgan Valley between Rocky Creek and Annie Rowan Creek, with a short exploratory side-trip on the plateau. No track, 10km, 500m climb. This walk will be undertaken during a day off from a Friends of the Colo weeding activity being conducted by SBC members. Anyone not involved in that activity would be welcome but will have to find their own way down the Wolgan to meet the party downstream from Rocky Creek on the eve of the walk, and will have to walk back out on 1 May. Limit: 8. Map: Mount Morgan.