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Day Walk Ideas

Day Walks: Previous club walks for:
WalkID: 1271
1 Dec (Sat) 2012: GLENBROOK (E-M) Moderate paced walk around Knapsack park, E Blaxland and/or Darks Commons. Difficulty level adapted to walkers. Leave from 30 Barnet St. at 7:47am. Return around noon. One tea break. BBQ afterwards if there is an interest. 300m ascent/descent. 7km distance. Bring friends and family. Limit: 12. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2778
1 Dec (Fri) 2017: GLENBROOK (E) Weeding invasive weeds in the Glenbrook section of the national park Limit: 14. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2540
1 Dec (Thu) 2016: LITHGOW (M) Cycling from Lithgow, over Browns Gap into Hartley Valley, then up Berghofers Pass or Hartley Vale Road into Mt Victoria. I intend to check the new highway works just below Berghofers before the event. Optional to cycle home from Mt Victoria. The whole ride Lithgow to Mt Vic only takes an hour and a half for a keen cyclist. Don't count on any shops between Lithgow and Mt Vic (although Rocky Road might be available at the Little Hartley lolly shop). Small uphill from Lithgow to Browns Gap, big downhill into Hartley Valley, moderate uphill on Berghofers Pass, alternative nasty long uphill on Hartley Vale Rd. Limit: 16. Map: Lithgow, Hartley.
WalkID: 1709
1 Dec (Mon) 2014: MEETING Tonight\'s speaker - Ken on his recent trip to Patagonia, the Antarctic Peninsula and Easter Island.
WalkID: 1812
1 Dec (Mon) 2014: MT HAY, BMNP (M-H, g.; 3/4) Butterbox Canyon. AKA Rocky Points Ravine. A rather intense and technical canyon in parts, with abseils to 20 metres and through a waterfall. Has been repeated often by this leader. Certainly pleasant, if not exciting, views for much of the route in and the walk out - which includes a well-known, short, bolted rock-climb. Limit: 4. Map: Katoomba Gary Roberts 0421 185 260 Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 702
1 Dec (Wed) 2010: RIVER CAVES CANYON (E-M) This is a walk through canyon, you will get wet feet and maybe wet pants. A thermal top & quick dry shorts with volleys, is needed and a dry bag inside your pack. A change of dry clothes and foot wear back at the cars will be needed. Limit: 12. Map: Rock Hill.
WalkID: 378
1 Dec (Tue) 2009: Wentworth Falls (M, M) 21/2-3 hour continuous walking for fitness (water stops only). Nature Track, National Pass and Charles Darwin. 8.30am start. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 1249
1 Dec (Sat) 2012: WHEENY GAP (M) As Wheeny Creek approaches the escarpment, it has carved a deep gorge with waterfalls and deep pools. Come with us to explore this wonderland. Plenty of time to swim or just sit and enjoy this unique place. Steepish track, 5km return. BACK IN PLENTY OF TIME FOR THE CHRISTMAS PARTY. Limit: 12. Map: Kurrajong.
WalkID: 2071
2 Dec (Wed) 2015: GLENBROOK (M) This walk is out to WORD CAVE (one of the Halls Brothers meeting caves), which is on the Junction of Nepean River and Erskine Creek. Swimming or wading across Erskine Creek. A easy day of about 5-6 km. Limit: 12. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2887
2 Dec (Sat) 2017: CASTLEREAGH (E, kayak) A demonstration of basic kayaking techniques followed by a leisurely paddle up the Nepean River. You will get wet feet. Please bring morning tea, lunch and P.F.D. Limited number of kayaks available on request. Limit: 8. Map: UBD.
WalkID: 2797
2 Dec (Sat) 2017: ERSKINE VIA PISGAH (M) Steeply down into the wonders of the Promised Land; should we swim in the big pool, play in the cascades, take a trip up to Dadder Cave, or explore Monkey Ropes Creek? Relax and enjoy! Rock scrambling. Limit: 10. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2490
2 Dec (Fri) 2016: GLENBROOK SECTION OF THE NATIONAL PARK (E) This is a combined activity with NPWS weeding in the National park. need to bring food and water for the day tools supplied finishes 1500hr. Limit: 14. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2879
2 Dec (Sat) 2017: GROSE RIVER AND PATTERSON HILL (M, scrub some scrambling) From the gate on Mountain Avenue at Yarramundi saunter to the Grose River and then 200m ascent to the rocky summit of Patterson Hill for visitor book replenishment. Return the same way. Opportunities for swimming 8km. Limit: 8. Map: Kurrajong.
WalkID: 1540
2 Dec (Mon) 2013: MEETING - TRAVEL MEDICINE Tips and tricks for keeping healthy when travelling.
WalkID: 2116
3 Dec (Thu) 2015: CABRAMATTA (E) Cycle from Pemulwuy to Cabramatta for lunch at a fantastic restaurant and then return to Pemulwuy. This ride is suited to most riders and is mostly on cycle paths. Distance is about 50klm. Limit: 15. Map: .
WalkID: 2505
3 Dec (Sat) 2016: FAULCONBRIDGE COMMUNITY HALL SBC CHRISTMAS PARTY. A social gathering starting at 6.30. Members and their partners welcome. Members free - non-members $10 (pay cash at the door). There will be a lucky door prize. Bring a generous plate of food to share. If your birthday is Jan - April, bring a dessert. If your birthday is May - August, bring a main dish. If your birthday is Sep - Dec, bring a salad. To ensure variety, couples should bring two different dishes. Bring your own drinks, cutlery, plates, glasses, mugs, serving plates and cutlery, and some pre-dinner snacks. Bread rolls & butter, ice cream, tea and coffee will be provided. Please book via the website so that we know how many are coming.
WalkID: 1005
3 Dec (Sat) 2011: GREEN GULLY (E) Green Gully Megalong Valley Planting Day. This is an ongoing activity. We have been planting, protecting and maintaining an area of degraded land near Dumphy’s car park. The area has magnificent views. You will need to bring work gloves and some tools. Bring food and drink for the day. You will be finnished with plenty of time to make it to the Club's Christmass party Limit: 10. Map: Jenolan.
WalkID: 1013
3 Dec (Sat) 2011: SBC CHRISTMAS PARTY WARRIMOO The SBC Christmas Party will be held at Warrimoo Hall. Come along and dance your gaiters off to The Gang Gangs. BYO everything including plate, cutlery, chair and asalad or dessert to share. Meat and a vegetarian alternative will be supplied by the club. Bookings essential for catering. $5 at the door from 6pm. Please contact Jeanette as help will be required to set up the venue and let her know if you intend to bring a salad or dessert Map: Springwood
WalkID: 2091
3 Dec (Thu) 2015: SPRINGWOOD (E) Annual evening firefly/glow-worm walk - less than 2kms return on tracks. Suitable for chn. Bring a torch. There could be leeches if it's been wet. See the fireflies flick on and off like fairy lights and then the glow-worms turn on. Meet at the junction of Lucinda and Bednal Rd Springwood at 8PM. Takes about 11/2 hours. No need to book - just turn up. Limit: 15. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2474
3 Dec (Sat) 2016: WATERFALLS NO.8 (M) Govetts Leap is not actually the lookout, but a waterfall; one of three in this area, then on to Mt. Vic. for Victoria Falls. Pleasant day out and all on tracks. Some descent to Trinity Falls. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba and Mt. Wilson.
WalkID: 1012
3 Dec (Sat) 2011: WENTWORTH FALLS (E) INDUCTION COURSE ONLY The last induction course for the year. 9.00am start, lasting approximatly 2 hours. Bring morning tea, coffee and tea will be supplied. Phone to comfirmation your attendence and for location Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 683
4 Dec (Sat) 2010: ERSKINE CREEK (M) Our annual Christmas walk before the night party. Down Pisgah to our wonderful swimming spot on the creek. Steep descent with rock scrambling. Bring something nice for a shared lunch and a unisex pressy for under $5; please make it light. Limit: 12. Map: Penrith .
WalkID: 2538
4 Dec (Sun) 2016: FAULCONBRIDGE - SAWMILL (E, rock scrambling) Sunday morning stroll - Follow the ridge down the route of the funicular that was used to haul timber up to the road (only the track remains). The boiler and some other relics are still visible near the creek. Leave 8:30am, we should be back by lunchtime. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2795
4 Dec (Mon) 2017: GENERAL MEETING (E) Photos and movie of my 22 day journey down the Samiria River in the Peruvian Amazon by dugout canoe, PLUS the Ausangate trek in the Andes. Limit: 70. Map: .
WalkID: 2087
4 Dec (Fri) 2015: GLENBROOK (M) Weeding in Blue Mountains National Park at Euroka clearing. Come and join us to help control weeds in this lovely area. Bring snacks lunch and water or what ever to drink. Tools provided finish by 3pm Limit: 10. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 1050
4 Dec (Sun) 2011: KANUKA BROOK (M, Scrambling, Scrub) Note that this has been changed to Sunday 4/12. Good exmas party recovery activity. Glenbrook to the Duckhole. Route depends on weather forecast. If cool ascend the saddle behind the Wog Hole and descend via the twin streams for an extended shady lunch then exit either via waterholes or via the hole in cave route and out via the Duck Hole. If hot then travel via the creeks. Off track walking with plenty of swimming opportunities. Distance for the full version (cool day)circa 11km Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 727
4 Dec (Sat) 2010: SPRINGWOOD Just a reminder for the Christmas Party being held on the 4th December 2010, 6.30pm start at Jeanette's home in Springwood. The club will supply the meat and vegetable patties for the vegos, bread rolls, tea and coffee. You need to bring with you a chair, cutlery, plate, cup, glass. BYO drinks. EACH person is to bring either a salad or dessert. There is a $5 entry fee to cover the band The Gang Gangs so wear your dancing shoes. For catering purposes you need to ring Jeanette to confirm your attendance and advise wether you are binging a salad or dessert. She will give you the address. Map: Springwood
WalkID: 1803
4 Dec (Thu) 2014: UPPER HAWKESBURY RIVER (M, Kayak. g.;3) Kayak trip under a near-full moon. 14km from North Richmond to Windsor. Commencing late to allow the waxing gibbous natural satellite to rise above the River She-oaks and brightly illuminate our course. You won\'t be home before midnight, but the effect is both serene and surreal upon flat water. Limit: 8. Map: Any street directory will suffice.
WalkID: 1294
4 Dec (Tue) 2012: WINMALEE (E) Meet at Whitecross Road, walk into Blue Gum Swamp and out to Grose Head South for lunch. Return via the completion of Blue Gum circuit. Approx. 10km. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2095
5 Dec (Sat) 2015: CHRISTMAS PARTY The Annual Christmas Party. Faulconbridge Community Hall Start 6.00 to 6.30. Helpers to set up at 4.30.- A social event, with some recorded dance music from the 60s and 70s, so bring your dancing volleys if you wish. Members and their partner welcome. Members free, partners & other guests $10 (pay at the door). There will be a lucky door prize. Each person to bring a dish to share. If your birthday is Jan-April, a main dish; May-Aug, a salad, Sep-Dec, a dessert. To ensure variety, couples to bring two different dishes. Bring your own cutlery, plates, glasses, mugs, drinks, serving plates and spoons, and some pre-dinner snacks. Bread rolls & butter, icecream, tea and coffee provided. Please book via the website so we know how many people are coming, and indicate what food you and your guests will bring.
WalkID: 368
5 Dec (Sat) 2009: ERSKINE CREEK (M, M) Pisgah Lookout-Monkey Ropes Creek-Erskine Creek-Flat Rocks Pool. A day of enjoying Erskine Creek, swimming and other water games. Bring water shoes, Christmas lunch to share and a present for the sack for under $5. Please make it light for the steep climb out. Back in time for the club Christmas Party. Limit: 12. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 1802
5 Dec (Fri) 2014: MANLY AND NORTH HEAD SEA CLIFFS (E-M, sea kayak) Evening trip for after work. Little Manly Beach - dinner at the former Quarantine Station cafe - Sydney Heads - North Head sea cliffs - Bluefish Point - Shelly Beach. 9km. At night under a full moon. We shall stay together as a fairly tight group. Waterproof, non-flashing, bright white, single light is required under law. If the sea state is not conducive to safe paddling, we will launch from Little Manly and stay inside Manly Cove. Horizon Line or another kayak shop may hire out to you a sit-in kayak with rudder and spray deck - if you have some paddling ability. Limit: 4. Map: Any Sydney street directory will suffice.
WalkID: 2204
5 Dec (Mon) 2016: MEETING Tonight - last meeting of the year!
WalkID: 2551
5 Dec (Mon) 2016: MEETING HALL Presentation at general meeting by Jim and Deidree Noss showing slides of their walk through the Lapponia world heritage area of northern Sweden in Sarek - the wilderness national park there. Limit: 0. Map: .
WalkID: 323
5 Dec (Sat) 2009: Sun Valley SBC XMAS PARTY - Be there or be square. Kevin L. has once again offerred his lovely home to host the end of year xmas party. Club will provide meat, members to bring a plate of salad or dessert. It is hoped to secure a bush band again for the evenings entertainment. B.Y.O. chair. Further details t.b.a. Map: Springwood
WalkID: 324
5 Dec (Sat) 2009: Sun Valley SBC XMAS PARTY - Be there or be square. Kevin L. has once again offerred his lovely home to host the end of year xmas party. Club will provide meat, members to bring a plate of salad or dessert. It is hoped to secure a bush band again for the evenings entertainment. B.Y.O. chair. Further details t.b.a. Map: Springwood
WalkID: 2017
5 Dec (Sat) 2015: TARONGA TO BALMORAL, VIA MIDDLE HEAD (M) We've all done this walk, but who has explored Middle Head? There's heaps of history and views of the Harbour. Chance of a swim at Balmoral. Ferry and bus. Limit: 12. Map: Sydney's Best Harbour and Coastal Walks.
WalkID: 2552
6 Dec (Tue) 2016: BIRDWOOD GULLY - FIREFLIES (E, dark) Join us on a short walk to find the fireflies. There are definitely gloworms, but this time of year there should be fireflies just before dusk. Bring a torch, mozzie protection, water. Limit: 8. Map: springwood.
WalkID: 1721
6 Dec (Sat) 2014: BIRRABANG CANYON (M) Very nice canyon and spectacular gorge. No abseils, but will get wet!!! Back in plenty of time for the Christmas Party. Limit: 10. Map: Mt. Wilson.
WalkID: 72
6 Dec (Sat) 1970: CLUB CHRISTMAS PARTY 6:00 start - se club email for details or location or ring. $5, bring salad or desert, chairs, plates, etc. Map: Springwood
WalkID: 1806
6 Dec (Sun) 2015: COOLING IN BIG CRATER CREEK (E-M-Exp) Big Crater Creek is one of the largest and most easily accessed tributaries of Erskine Creek which convincingly qualifies as a beautiful unpolluted river. This walk was on last year and the area is beautiful with lots of promise for more exploration. Driving from the Glenbrook park gates we will descend the gentle Jack Evans track. We will then explore at a very leisurely pace, depending on conditions. There will be lots of opportunities for swimming both in Erskine and Big Crater Creeks. No big hills and up to 7km all up - half the distance will include usual obstacles encountered along rainforested creeks. Please book using SBC web site. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 71
6 Dec (Sat) 1970: ERSKINE CREEK (M) This has become annual event. Join us for a day’s swimming and relaxing by one of the best natural swimming pools in the Blueys. Food to share for Xmas lunch and a pressy to put under the tree for under $5. Limit: 15. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 1589
6 Dec (Sat) 2014: FAULCONBRIDGE The annual Christmas Party - Bush Dance. Faulconbridge Community Hall, Home St. 6.00pm start. Bring your dancing volleys. Bring a salad, dessert or main meal to share. Suggestion: Birthday ; Jan - Apr, a salad, May - Aug, a dessert, Sep - Dec, a main dish. To ensure variety could couples bring 2 different dishes. All members and their partners are welcome. Members free, partners/other guests (aka temporary members) $10.Please book via the club website and indicate what food you and your guest will be bringing. BYO cutlery, plates, drinks, mugs, serving spoons.
WalkID: 2907
7 Dec (Thu) 2017: BIRDWOOD GULLY, FIREFLIES (E, dark, steps) Join us on a short walk to find the fireflies. There are definitely gloworms, but this time of year there should be fireflies just before dusk. Bring a torch, mozzie protection, water. Kids welcome. Leave at 7:45pm, back by 9:30pm. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2908
7 Dec (Thu) 2017: BOTANY BAY (E-M, Cycling) Cycle Strathfield to Botany Bay. A leisurely ride along cycle paths and local roads to the bay. Morning tea at the chocalate shop and fish and chips lunch (or BYO) at Brighton le Sands. Bring plenty of liquids, sun protection and swimmers. Limit: 14. Map: Sydney UBD.
WalkID: 1541
7 Dec (Sat) 2013: CHRISTMAS PARTY The annual Christmas Party - Bush Dance - BBQ. Bring your dancing volleys and a salad or dessert to share and celebrate. All members and their partners are welcome. 6:00PM - details have been emailed to members.
WalkID: 2067
7 Dec (Mon) 2015: LINDEN - HAZELBROOK (M) Linden - Hazelbrook via Paradise and various waterfalls - OPAL CARD FRIENDLY This 8km walk takes you to a nice swimming hole and waterfalls in the mid mountains. Limit: 8. Map: .
WalkID: 2105
7 Dec (Mon) 2015: MEETING With summer coming up, we should be aware of the risk of bushfire. Colin from RFS will be talking tonight about what you could do if caught out on a walk with fire threatening. Best practice is to avoid being there (ie cancel the walk), but sometimes the unexpected happens. Colin is involved in RAFT (Remote Area Firefighting Team) training, so come with questions.
WalkID: 1522
7 Dec (Sat) 2013: RIVER CAVES CANYON (M) This is a beautiful walk-in canyon, but you will get wet up to the waist. Wildflowers are plentiful on the walk in. Limit: 12. Map: Rock Hill.
WalkID: 714
8 Dec (Wed) 2010: ANSTO TOUR AND WALK AT LUCAS HEIGHTS (E) The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, has a new Reactor which is now up and running and we have organised a Tour on Wedensday 8th December 2010. The plan is to go in the morning meeting at 8am at Glenbrook car pooling to Lucas Heights and then doing one of the walks around the buffer zone to Bardens Creek have morning tea there, another short walk back to the reactor for Lunch at the cafe at 12pm cost $10.00, at 1pm go on the Tour which will last untill 3.30pm, this is free. I have an information sheet to give you if you are interested in coming. Please advise as S.A.P. as I need to confirm the numbers by November. Limit: 20. Map: Booklet by Ansto.
WalkID: 1236
8 Dec (Sat) 2012: BAI BUA THAI RESTAURANT, PENRITH Enjoy a long lazy dinner whilst eating delicious Thai food at reasonable prices. Plenty of parking available. Map: Gregory's Sydney Street Directory
WalkID: 2906
8 Dec (Fri) 2017: DARGENS CANYON BELL (E) An easy beginners canyon suitable for older kids. Wetsuits a good idea but no abseiling. We will probably do a 'there-and-back' rather than climb up the tree. There will be time to swim at the dam and jump off the rocks. Limit: 8. Map: Mt Wilson.
WalkID: 1272
8 Dec (Sat) 2012: GLENBROOK (E-M) Moderate paced walk around knapsack park, E Blaxland, and / or Darks Commons. Difficulty level adapted to walkers. Leave from 30 Barnet St. at 7:47 AM. Return around noon. One tea break. BBQ afterwards if there is an interest. 300M ascent / descent. 7km distance. Friends welcomed. Limit: 12. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 1279
8 Dec (Sat) 2012: KATOOMBA (H) Arethusa Canyon. Access & egress via Mt Hay Rd. This canyon route involves several minor rock climbs (on rope) to exit. For experienced canyoners. Wetsuit & helmet required. Limit: 4. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2536
8 Dec (Thu) 2016: NEPEAN RIVER (E-M, cycling) Cycle ride from Glenbrook down through Emu Plains and across the Nepean to the Whitewater Stadium for morning tea. If not too hot on to the Rowing Centre for a loop around the lake, then to Lewers Gallery for lunch. Back via zig-zag cuttings to Glenbrook. Approx 45 km, suitable for road bikes. Bring plenty of water and sun protection. Limit: 15. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 1246
8 Dec (Sat) 2012: VICTORIA BROOK - THE "S" BENDS (M) This creek flows into the Grose, but high up near Mt. Boyce. It flows through a canyon with a series of \"s\" bends. No real swimming, but you will get wet. Promise of some great photos. Bring swimming gear and thermals. Limit: 8. Map: Mt. Wilson.
WalkID: 2798
9 Dec (Sat) 2017: BEDFORD CREEK AT MURPHYS GLEN (E-M) Large blue gums stand on the edge of a good-sized swimming pool, with a sandy bottom. We can explore Murphy's Glen, a volcanic diatreme, or if hot, swim and relax. Bring something Christmassy to share for morning tea. Limit: 12. Map: Jamison and Katoomba.
WalkID: 1779
9 Dec (Tue) 2014: SPRINGWOOD (E) Firefly and glow worm walk. Less than 2km return and all on tracks. Suitable for children of all ages. Meet at the junction of Lucinda Ave and Bednal Rd at 8 PM with a torch. Last year the fireflies were incredible. No need to book - just turn up. Limit: 0. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2822
10 Dec (Sun) 2017: ERSKINE KNOLL VISITOR BOOK REPLENISHMENT (M-H-Exp, Some scrambling, wate) Drive south from Glenbrook. Jack Evans track to Platypus loop on magnificent Erskine Creek, ascend Jack Evans track onto the Erskine Range and replenish the visitor book at Erskine Knoll. Tricky scrambling/some exposure in a couple of places so we need dry rocks. Short distance but lots of ups and downs and two river crossings. If the weather is hot this walk will be amended to a circuit of Platypus Loop. This walk has been down graded from the harder version which was posponed from mid October. Limit: 8. Map: Penrtih. Peaks bagged: 1
WalkID: 2476
10 Dec (Sat) 2016: MANLY DAM WILDFLOWER CIRCUIT (E) A walk through a diverse range of habitats around the freshwater lake of Manly Dam. Not a long walk, so time to chill and swim. Train, bus and ferry. All on tracks. Limit: 12. Map: Sydney.
WalkID: 2110
10 Dec (Thu) 2015: NEPEAN DISTRICT (E-M, cycling) Bike ride from Glenbrook or M4 Nepean River bridge to Glenmore Park and on to Orchard Hills via bike paths or quieter roads. Some short steep hills, suitable for road bikes. Back at 12 noon to Lewers Gallery on River Road Nepean River for Christmas lunch. Return to Glenbrook via old railway zig zag cuttings or to your car on River Road. Total distance about 40 km. Bring morning tea, plenty of water and sun protection. Limit: 15. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2539
10 Dec (Sat) 2016: SATURDAY ARVO- LOCAL TRACKS, FAULCONBRIDGE (E-Exp, scrub maybe) Explore the route from Shirlow Avenue fire trail to the deanii forest down from Peggy's Pool. Last club trip, we found a well marked track which requires further exploration. If the scrub is not too thick, we'll attempt to continue on down the creek to the secret swimming hole. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 1560
10 Dec (Tue) 2013: SPRINGWOOD (E) Birdwood Gully firefly evening Walk. 1km return. Last week there were dozens of fireflies all flicking their lights along the creek and up the hillside. Hopefully they\'re still at it. Just meet at 8.00 PM at the T junction of Bednal and Lucinda Ave. No need to contact me. Bring a torch. Then enjoy the hundreds of glow worms once the firefly display is over. Magic. Bring kids, grandkids or any other kids you can find. Limit: 0. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 953
10 Dec (Sat) 2011: TARONGA ZOO TO BALMORAL (E) Sensational views of the city skyline, pristine bushland and plenty of time for swimming. 6.5klms. with no significant hills. I haven't led this walk, but have a good guide book. Limit: 12. Map: Sydney's Best Harbour and Coastal Walks.
WalkID: 979
10 Dec (Sat) 2011: WOLLANGAMBE RIVER (M-H-Exp) We will walk in from Bell and explore the upper reaches of the river which has some lovely canyon sections. The walk will involve river walking and some short swimming sections. The walk is approx 14km, some of which is tracked so there will be an early start and depending on our finishing time, dinner will be at Blackheath. Limit: 6. Map: Wollangambe.
WalkID: 2910
10 Dec (Sun) 2017: WOODFORD (E) Woodford Dam. Well made track to a hidden gem. A couple of hours only. This is a joint walk with Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre (Ken Goodlet) I understand that there are a couple of Aboriginal sites to be viewed. Strictly limited numbers for this reason Limit: 3. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 1036
11 Dec (Sun) 2011: BOB TURNER'S TRACK (E-M) A walk to a great swimming spot on the Colo along a gently graded track.Return via the same way. Distance is 7km return. Limit: 8. Map: Colo Heights.
WalkID: 73
11 Dec (Thurs) 1970: CRAYFISH POOL (E) Walk out along Campfire Creek then onto Red Hands Cave- then onto Kanuka Brook and Crayfish Pool. Lunch and a swim. Return to the circuit track and down to Campfire Creek with its aboriginal work site- and then out. Limit: 12. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 765
11 Dec (Sat) 2010: DUFAUR'S CANYON (E, rock scrambling) Down DuFaur's canyon and exit via Joe's Canyon - lilo and wetsuit needed. Not too difficult if you've never done a canyon before. A great trip if it's hot. Limit: 8. Map: Mount Wilson.
WalkID: 1041
11 Dec (Sun) 2011: ERSKINE CREEK (M) Lilo from Pisgah Rock to the Jack Evans track. An annual event because it\'s a great way to spend a hot day. Lilo and volleys (or similar) required, and clothes that can get wet (no wetsuit - it\'s not that cold). Beginners welcome, this is a great way to learn how to manage a lilo - if you\'re thinking of doing the Wollangambe. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 769
11 Dec (Sat) 2010: GARIGAL NATIONAL PARK (E-M) There is a change to our WHEENY GAP walk on the 11/12/10. We are doing a walk in Garigal National Park. We will walk from the Roseville bridge to Seaforth Oval. This walk will follow the shore line. Plenty of views to enjoy along the way. There is an opportunity to swim at Flat Rock Beach. This walk is all on tracks. Distance 10kms. Sue and Paul 47544437 Limit: 10. Map: Sydney Waterways.
WalkID: 2544
11 Dec (Sun) 2016: LOCAL OFF-TRACK - FAULCONBRIDGE (E-M-Exp, scrub, rocks) Take the local track from Hillcrest Avenue firetrail south to the creek between Hillcrest and St Georges Crescent, and follow the creek downstream to the sawmill (if we can). There may be scrub, rocks, prickly bushes and other obstacles. Finish with either a car swap from Highland Road or a scramble up to St Georges Crescent. Limit: 8. Map: springwood.
WalkID: 656
11 Dec (Sat) 2010: PROSPECT TO BRIGHTON (E, Push Bike ride) Easy paced ride mainly on cycle way. Passing through Olympic Park and following the Cooks river all the way to Botany Bay for lunch. Return the same way. If you've never done a long easy ride now is your chance. Limit: 12. Map: Bike rides around Sydney.
WalkID: 748
11 Dec (Sat) 2010: WHEENY GAP (E-M) Walking on fire trail and off track to a fantastic swimming hole. It has been sometime since we have done this walk there could be some scrub. There will be time to explore the area. Afternoon tea at Bilpin. Limit: 10. Map: Mountain Lagoon.
WalkID: 435
12 Dec (Sat) 2009: Dargan's Canyon (M, M) This is the trip that was originally scheduled on 8/11 but was postponed due to the weather. Pleasant canyon suitable for beginners. No abseils but some tricky bits. Wetsuits & helmets required. Will traverse back up the canyon, not the exit track. Limit: 8. Map: Mt Wilson.
WalkID: 750
12 Dec (Sun) 2010: ERSKINE CREEK LILO (E-M, wet) Lilo down erskine creek from Pisgah Rock to the Jack Evans Track. We've done this before but it should be even better now that the creek has been flushed out by all the rain. Assuming it's hot, no wetsuits are needed, just shoes that can get wet, sun protection and a lilo. Some rock scrambling, steep but short descent. If it rains, we'll walk somewhere in glenbrook instead. Limit: 12. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2123
12 Dec (Sat) 2015: FORTRESS CREEK (M) A relatively short canyon trip (7km or so) with an abseil, a jump and a few swims, so a helmet, wetsuit and abseiling gear are required. Its been hot so come out and get wet. Limit: 6. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 400
12 Dec (Sat) 2009: Glenbrook - Erskine Creek (E, E) Lilo down Erskine creek from Pisgah Rock to the Jack Evans track. No wetsuits needed if it's hot, just a lilo, sun protection and volleys (or old sandshoes). If too cold, we may just walk. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 709
12 Dec (Sun) 2010: HEATHCOTE (E) Walk from the station down to Uloola Falls and up the creek to some nice pools and then spend time relaxing and swimming at Karloo Pool on the way back. Option to stay at Karloo Pool the whole day. Children welcome. Limit: 16. Map: Royal National Park Map.
WalkID: 1237
12 Dec (Wed) 2012: TARONGO ZOO TO BALMORAL BEACH (E) This walk offers superb views of Sydney Harbour & the City skyline, pristine sections of bushland, sheltered beaches and plenty of time for a swim. 6.5km with no significant hills. Limit: 8. Map: Gregory's Sydney Street Maps.
WalkID: 1815
12 Dec (Fri) 2014: VALLEY OF THE WATERS (M-H, g.;4) Canyoning. Empress Falls. Has a 28m abseil with an overhang to start, and finishes in a deep pool. Late meeting time for after work, but the rappels will be completed before darkness, prior to exiting along a fenced walking track. Limit: 4. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2018
12 Dec (Sat) 2015: WATERFALLS OF THE BLUE MOUNTAINS (M) No.1 This series of walks aims to visit all the waterfalls in the mountains. To qualify, the waterfall has to be named on the CMA maps. Starting at Springwood, we'll visit Martins and Magdala Falls on Magdala Creek, then head for Numantia and Clarinda Falls at the head of the Victory Track. Some steep sections. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 728
13 Dec (Mon) 2010: BLUE MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK - GLENBROOK (M) Set off down the Jack Evans Track, then down to the Nepean River/Erskine Creek and The Word Cave, for morning tea. We will then go up Erskine Creek to the Jack Evans Track for lunch. There will be some rock hopping on the way. It will be a slow walk with lots of swims also. Limit: 10. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 75
13 Dec (Sat) 1970: BOX CREEK FALLS (M) Kowmung River Trail - Gillespies Lookout - Box Creek Falls. A short walk in Kanangra-Boyd N.P. to a series of waterfalls and swimming holes. Some scrambling to get down to the bottom of the falls. L Limit: 12. Map: Kanangra.
WalkID: 74
13 Dec (Sat) 1970: BUTTERBOX CANYON OR ROCKY POINTS RAVINE (M) A local awesome canyon off Mt Hay Road. Fit- experienced competent canyoners- includes abseils - wetsuits and usual abseil gear required. Map: Katoomba- Mount Wilson Limit: 5. Map: Mount Wilson.
WalkID: 1718
13 Dec (Sat) 2014: ERSKINE CREEK VIA PISGAH ROCK (M-H) A short, but steep walk will take us to the wonders of Erskine and the Big Pool. Clean water, beautiful cascades; we\'ll spend the day swimming and exploring the various pools. Some rock scrambling. Limit: 10. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 1768
13 Dec (Sat) 2014: GROSE RIVER. BIKE, HIKE AND LILO. (E-M, Grade 3) Ride out along the Grose Road firetrail to the walking track where we will leave our bikes chained and concealed. Descend to the Grose where we inflate our lilos for a lazy drift downstream to Springwood Creek. Return to the bikes via Kariwoga Ridge taking in the views of the river we have just floated down. Please no plastic lilos! Limit: 8. Map: Kurrajong.
WalkID: 2126
13 Dec (Sun) 2015: PARADISE POOL - SUNDAY STROLL (E, swim) A very short trip down to a local swimming hole. If you've never been here, join us for the shortest bushwalk we do! I'm hoping it will be hot. Leave 12:00 - back by 3pm, bring lunch to eat by the pool! Limit: 8. Map: Springwood, Katoomba.
WalkID: 120
14 Dec (Sun) 2009: AM leg stretcher - Blue Gum Swamp (M) Blue Gum Swamp, early start and early finish to beat the heat(or it may rain). If everyone's enthusiastic, and the weather's not too hot, we may include Beehive Hill and Grose Head South Lookout as well. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 1021
14 Dec (Wed) 2011: BLACKHEATH (E) This is our wednesday xmas walk, with a twist. All mid week walkers and leaders are invited to share in our xmas party. We are going to the Grand Canyon at Blackheath, but meeting at 3.30pm to walk in the cooler part of the day. Please bring a plate to share, your own plates cup ect and a torch may be handy for the way out. Distance 4km. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 1523
14 Dec (Sat) 2013: FELT FERN CANYON (M-Exp) This small canyon flows into Carne Creek on Newnes Plateau. It holds great promise. Towering walls, tight bends and some challenging bits, according to Michael Keats. Pepare to get wet feet. We will explore the pagodas on the walk out. No tracks. Limit: 12. Map: Cullen Bullen.
WalkID: 2912
14 Dec (Thu) 2017: GLENBROOK CREEK (E, cycling, swimming) Cycle, walk to and swim in the Wog Hole in Glenbrook Creek. An early start and early finish on account of hot day forecast. Cycle short firetrail off end of Park St Glenbrook and then walking track about 0.5 km. Suitable for road and mountain bikes, bring suitable bushwalk shoes, swimmers and morning tea drink and snack. Limit: 12. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 1801
14 Dec (Sun) 2014: SYDNEY HARBOUR AND SURROUNDS (E-M, Sea Kayak, g.; 3/4) Shelly Beach (Manly) - S along North Head sea cliffs - Sydney Heads - Camp Cove (Watsons Bay) - Balmoral - Manly Scenic Walk route, waterside - Little Manly beach. 20km incl. meanders/contouring. Dawn start, please, prior to the seas rising, and racing harbour traffic increasing. Off the water by 2pm. If the sea state is not conducive to paddling pleasure, we will launch from Little Manly and stay inside Sydney Harbour. Many highlights, including Hornby and Grotto Point lighthouses, as well as innumerate waterside cafes. Horizon Line or another kayak shop may hire out to you a sit-in kayak with rudder and spray deck - if you have some paddling ability. Limit: 4. Map: Any street directory will suffice.
WalkID: 2557
15 Dec (Thu) 2016: BLACKHEATH (M) Cycle ride from Blackheath into Megalong Valley and back. Morning tea or lunch at Megalong Tea Rooms. Extra ride 5 km west on Peach Trees Road, to great view point over the Coxs River Valley. All bitumen or smooth dirt. Nasty bit is riding up the switchback road out of the Megalong valley. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba, Hampton.
WalkID: 1797
15 Dec (Mon) 2014: HAT HILL CANYON (E, short swims) A canyon not too far away, without difficult climb downs or abseils, and very accessible. From Hat Hill road at Blackheath, walk down a short ridge to the creek, the canyon starts almost immediately. There are three sections, separated by pleasant creek walking. Exit up a gully to Bald Head Ridge and back along the track that goes over Hat Hill to the road. Wetsuit advisable - there are a couple of unavoidable short swims. Limit: 8. Map: Mount Wilson.
WalkID: 1273
15 Dec (Sat) 2012: LAWSON - EMPIRE PASS (E-M) Moderate pace with some hills and nice waterfalls. Dense rainforest type walk. Leave 7:37am from across train tracks (San Jose St.) One or two tea breaks. Return early afternoon in time for lunch. Open to lunch suggestions. 350m ascent/ descent. 9km distance. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 1550
15 Dec (Sun) 2013: NEPEAN RIVER (E) Willow Warriors Nepean River Conservation Kayaking Program - Black Willow monitoring & control. We will access the river at Yellomundee and paddle down to Yarramundi(7km) treating black willows growing on the bank and in the water. All paddling gear available if required. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 1253
15 Dec (Sat) 2012: WOLLANGAMBE RIVER (M-Exp) We tried to do this walk last summer but the water levels were too high so we’ll have another go. We will walk in from Bell and explore the upper reaches of the river which has some lovely canyon sections. The walk will involve river walking and some short swimming sections. The walk is approx 14km most of which is tracked except for our walk in the river. There will be an early start and, depending on our finishing time, dinner could be at Blackheath. Limit: 8. Map: Wollangambe.
WalkID: 305
16 Dec (Wed) 2009: Blackheath (E, E) This is our xmas get together shared lunch so dress up for the occasion, this year we are going to Walls Cave you might like to bring you swimmers as if its hot we shall go for a walk/swim down the creek. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2892
16 Dec (Sat) 2017: GRAND CANYON, BLACKHEATH (M) SADLY I HAVE HAD TO CANCEL THIS WALK - Hope to reschedule early in 2018. A Christmas Supper Walk - we will start at 4.30pm - have supper in the "Rotunda" (a cave), and exit in the dark. Enjoy the award winning restoration of the Grand Canyon track. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2554
16 Dec (Fri) 2016: NATIONAL PARK GLENBROOK (E-M, Social) Meet at the National Park Glenbrook, for FOG NURSERY at 9.00am. This will be at day of getting to know what we will be able to do, and getting ready for the new venture into Native Plants growing. Bring the usual things for a bush walk etc. Limit: 25. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2882
16 Dec (Sat) 2017: SOUTH SPRINGWOOD - SHARKS HEAD, LOST WORLD, PSALM (M, some scrub) From Martins Lookout, descend and cross Glenbrook Creek. Short off track section to Sharks Head Cave for smoko and visitor book replenishment. Continue via scramble up a natural rock tunnel up to Lost World Lookout. Return on track via Bunyan Lookout and the Kings Link track to Psalm Rock and a swim in Glenbrook Creek. If it is going to be hot the walk will be changed to the Wiggins track and time swimming at the pool on the junction of Sassafrass and Glenbrook Creeks. Bring a small xmas contribution for sharing at smoko. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2117
16 Dec (Wed) 2015: SYDNEY HARBOUR NATIONAL PARK (E-M) A leisurely and opal friendly mid-week excursion featuring a stroll from Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach. Enjoy a ferry ride, catch up on the rich naval history of Bradleys Head and Commodore Heights and enjoy a paddle or a dip at Clifton Gardens and/or Balmoral Beach. Return to the city via bus and back to the bluies by train. Limit: 15. Map: UBD.
WalkID: 2909
16 Dec (Sat) 2017: YARRAMUNDI (E, kayak) Short easy paddle up the Grose River. Suitable for sit on or sit in kayaks not fibreglass. Bring P.F.D. and morning tea, finish before lunch. Limit: 8. Map: UBD.
WalkID: 1787
17 Dec (Wed) 2014: NATIONAL PARK, GLENBROOK (M) Walk out to Nepean Lookout for Morning Tea, and then down to Erskine Creek for Lunch, swimming and relaxing. Distance about 3km with a descent and ascent 190m, THIS WALK WILL BE CHANGED TO WALKING OUT TO EUROKA CLEARING AND SWIM AT THE JELLY BEAN POOL.(ROADS ARE CLOSED) Limit: 12. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2141
17 Dec (Thu) 2015: BLACKHEATH (M) Bike ride from Blackheath into the Megalong Valley. Head out towards Carlons farm . May not get that far. then return to Megalong Tea Rooms and cycle back up to Blackheath station. Can be done on road bikes, but I prefer mountain bike. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba and Hampton.
WalkID: 104
17 Dec (WED) 2009: CHRISTMAS LIGHTS BIKE RIDE (E) Enjoy a nice easy ride around the Penrith District the efforts people go to decorating their homes with Christmas lights. Picnic dinner first by the Nepean River and supper afterwards at the leaders home. Limit: 8. Map: Glenmore Park.
WalkID: 2883
17 Dec (Sun) 2017: COMBINED INDUCTION WALK AND WALK SPRINGWOOD (E-M) Prospective members this is your opportunity for a short walk and combined induction talk. We will walk down Sassafrass gully, along the rainforest of Sassafrass Creek and then up the Wiggins Track. There will be plenty of stops where we discuss how the club operates, what happens when you book on a walk and safe bushwalking. Approximately 5km with 200m of descent and ascent. Steps and occasional slippery surfaces. Full members are, of course, are welcome to come for all or just the walk. We will be walking fairly early to avoid the heat of the day. 8am to approximately 11am. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 1817
17 Dec (Wed) 2014: SYDNEY SOCIAL ACTIVITY: Aztec Exhibition at the Australian Museum. Followed by a walk through the Domain and then lunch in the Botanic Gardens. Exhibition cost: Adult $24, Concession $14.
WalkID: 1045
17 Dec (Sat) 2011: WHEENY CREEK (M) A short, steep and at times slippery (lots of leaf litter) off track walk to two fantastic swimming spots. Not only are the pools lovely but as we venture down the hill we will walk among huge birds nest ferns and cabbage tree palms. We have recently recut the route so you won't get too scratched! Distance is 4km with a vertical drop of 200m. We need to use cars with higher clearence to get to the start of the walk. Limit: 8. Map: Mountain Lagoon.
WalkID: 76
17 Dec (Wed) 1970: XMAS WALK & LUNCH AT INGAR PICNIC AREA (E) First of all we will walk to the plane crash site just to stretch our legs. 7km before lunch- then swim and maybe some other short walks in area. This is our usual xmas lunch which we share together. Limit: 16. Map: Jamison.
WalkID: 754
18 Dec (Sat) 2010: DARGANS CANYON (E-M) Lovely little canyon not too far away and not too long. Suitable for beginners. No abseils but some climb downs. A few short cold swims so wet suit is required. We will traverse back the same way. Limit: 10. Map: Wollangambe and Lithgow.
WalkID: 762
19 Dec (Sun) 2010: EMU PLAINS (M-Exp) CYCLE BESIDE NEPEAN RIVER NORTH OF EMU PLAINS. From Emu Plains cycle north along a bush track towards Agnes Banks - although without expecting to travel that far. Track is new to the leader, hence exploratory, but could be very interesting. Approx. 14 km. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 730
19 Dec (Sun) 2010: KANUKA BROOK BURBLE (M, Off track) Early start from Glenbrook Station. Thence to the New Australian Hole, Red Hands Ridge. Smoko on the banks of Kanuka Brook at twin creek junction. Amble down stream along the rock flats of Glenbrook Creek and return via the New Australian hole. Plenty of opportunity for swims and rests at a series of wonderful places. Approx 4 hours walking in 30 minute intervals. May return via the Duck Hole if our chloachas get too hot. Book after 13 Dec Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 77
20 Dec (Sat) 1970: WOLLONGAMBE LILO ADVENTURE (M) Lilo a less visited part of the Wollangambe from the Big Bend down to an exit up to the Boronia Pt trail. L Limit: 6. Map: Wollangambe.
WalkID: 1038
20 Dec (Tue) 2011: DHARAWAL STATE COSERVATION  RESERVE (E) We will have morning tea at a lookout overlooking O'Hares Creek before we head down the hill to a great swimming spot on Stokes Creek for lunch. Return the same way. This is a tracked walk of approx 5km. Limit: 10. Map: Appin.
WalkID: 2547
20 Dec (Tue) 2016: GEORGES RIVER BASIN (E-M) We will drive to the suburb of Kentlyn and the Keith Longhurst Nature Reserve. We will decend to the river via the basin track making a short detour to a spot overlooking the river. Here there is a great place for a swim. Depending on the weather and the inclination of the group we may also check out the Old Ford Road with it's interesting interpretive plaques which was built in 1899. This road descends gently down to another pretty part of the Georges River. Limit: 8. Map: Campbelltown 9029-1n.
WalkID: 2132
20 Dec (Sun) 2015: PARADISE POOL - SUNDAY STROLL (E, swim) So - you have a second chance to do this - A very short trip down to a local swimming hole. If you've never been here, join us for the shortest bushwalk we do! I'm hoping it will be hot. Leave 12:00 - back by 3pm, bring lunch to eat by the pool! Limit: 8. Map: Springwood, Katoomba.
WalkID: 427
20 Dec (Sun) 2009: Scatters Canyon (E, E) We shall have another try at this easy canyon, as we would like to check out hailstorm retreat, wetsuits needed. Limit: 8. Map: wollangambe.
WalkID: 2913
20 Dec (Wed) 2017: SPRINGWOOD (E, Road Bike) Short, easy ride mostly on back streets and return to Springwood for morning tea. Suitable for beginners with road or mountain bike Limit: 8. Map: springwood.
WalkID: 15
21 Dec (Sun) 2008: Erskine Creek (E) Swimming and floating our way down the river around the platypus loops whilst the seething mass of humanity invades shopping centres Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2855
21 Dec (Thu) 2017: GLENBROOK - PENRITH LAKES (E-M, cycling) Christmas ride for Thursday cyclists. Glenbrook to Nepean River and on to the Whitewater Stadium (morning tea), then the Nepean Lakes and return via Emu Plains to Glenbrook for a Christmas lunch (BYO) at a rider's home. About 40 km with a climb back to Glenbrook via the old zig-zag rail cuttings. Bring plenty of water, suits road bikes. Limit: 15. Map: UBD or Google maps.
WalkID: 1814
21 Dec (Sun) 2014: KANANGRA-BOYD NP (H, g.;4+) Canyoning. Danae - in a day, including an exit over Thurat Spires. I have successfully lead this for our club previously - in 15 hours upon a Summer Solstice. Limit: 4. Map: Refer to various guidebooks.
WalkID: 381
21 Dec (Mon) 2009: Springwood (E, E) Birdwood Gully A short evening stroll down to the creek to see the fireflies and glow worms. A magic sight. Limit: 20. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 1274
22 Dec (Sat) 2012: BLACKHEATH - GRAND CANYON (E-M) Moderate pace with hills. Leave 7:47am from Evans Point lookout car park. One or two tea breaks. Early afternoon return. Lunch plans are open to suggestion. 400m ascent/descent. 9 km distance. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2558
22 Dec (Thu) 2016: GLENBROOK (E-M, cycling) Cycle ride from Glenbrook railway station into the National Park and on via The Oaks picnic area to the Nepean Lookout. About 35 km return on gravel roadways. Morning tea at the lookout and back to Glenbrook by midday. Mountain bikes with wider tyres preferred, bring plenty of water. Steep climbs out of Glenbrook Creek gorge. Limit: 15. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 103
22 Dec (MON) 2009: Glenbrook NP - PICNIC AT THE WOG HOLE (E) A social evening dinner at the Wog Hole in Glenbrook NP. Bring food to share, eating utensils, swimmers and a torch in case of late departure out. Limit: 15. Map: Glenbrook NP.
WalkID: 1780
22 Dec (Mon) 2014: LAWSON (E-Exp) Lawson Cave Falls. I haven\'t done this walk but The Bushwalker describes it as \'30 minutes each way\' with some scrambling. The falls are supposed to be \'very impressive\' and the pool sounds big enough for a swim. Limit: 12. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 426
22 Dec (Tue) 2009: Springwood (E, E) Birdwood Gully. Note change of date from previous program. A short evening stroll down to the creek to see fire flies and glow worms. Children and grandchildren welcome. Limit: 16. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 701
22 Dec (Wed) 2010: WATER NYMPHS DELL WENTWORTH FALLS (E) This is the Mid Week Walkers XMAS Lunch. I have found another little Cave/Dell/Waterfall and beach for our usually shared christmas get together. I think this year the theme will be Water Nymphs, so lets see who can dress for the occasion, you may get wet so be prepared or warned especially if its hot. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.
WalkID: 2142
23 Dec (Wed) 2015: GLENBROOK (M) Mountain Bike ride to Nepean lookout via Bennett Ridge return via the Crayfish pool is an option for a swim. Bring morning tea and lunch if intending to go for 2hour return trip to Crayfish pool. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.
WalkID: 2497
23 Dec (Fri) 2016: UPPER FAULCONBRIDGE CREEK (M-H-Exp) From Jennings St Faulconbridge follow the ENE spur into the upper reaches of Faulconbridge Creek. Follow the creek down to the junction with Springwood Creek and then onto Chapman Rdge. Expect rainforest, creek obstacles and pools. Time for swims and rehydration if hot. Short car shuffle required. Early start. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2144
24 Dec (Thu) 2015: PENRITH (E) 24 Dec(Thu): Valley Heights to Glenbrook via Regatta Centre (E) Leave Valley Heights station(or Glenbrook Station carpark)- meet at cnr Mitchell's Pass and Old Great Western Highway (and M4) and on to the Nepean River then the White Water stadium for morning tea. After morning tea cycle over to the Regatta centre then lunch and then to Glenbrook for lunch. Approx. 50klm. Mostly road riding and cycle paths. Limit: 20. Map: penrith Gillian Fuller 4751 6163 - thomcov@live.com Limit: 8. Map: .
WalkID: 1042
26 Dec (Mon) 2011: ROYAL NATIONAL PARK (E) A short walk from Bundeena out to the 'balconies' to see the boats head down the coast for the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. We'll continue on to Marley for a quick dip, then a car swap back to Bundeena. Optional picnic on the beach before the drive home. A late start for this walk, the race starts at 1:00pm, they take an hour to pass by Bundeena. Binoculars advisable. 7-8km, 200m up/down, all on track. A great way to recover after Christmas. Limit: 12. Map: Royal National Park.
WalkID: 772
28 Dec (Tue) 2010: BURRAMOKO RIDGE/CRAYFISH CANYON (M-H-Exp) Starting at Ridgewell Rd we will go down Burramoko Ridge and descend into Crayfish Creek/Canyon and follow down for approx 2.5klms exiting near Burramoko Head. Will then walk down to the lookout and back along the fire trail to the cars. This is an exploratory walk, leaders have not done any of it before. Be prepared to get wet, will involve scrambling and rope work (no abseils). Could be a long day. Wear volleys or similar and bring wet suit or thermals and a helmet. Limit: 8. Map: Mt Wilson.
WalkID: 2916
28 Dec (Thu) 2017: SPRINGWOOD (M, Cycling) Local Springwood roads, approx. 30km. See the Red Donkey! Morning tea at Winmalee, lunch back at Springwood. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood street directory.
WalkID: 755
28 Dec (Tue) 2010: WOLLANGAMBE ONE (E-M) Li-Lo trip down a section the beautiful Wollangambe River. Great relaxing day floating down this spectactular canyon. Cold water. Need wet suit or thermals. Some rock hopping and long steady up hill walk out. Suitable for beginners. Limit: 10. Map: Wollangambe.
WalkID: 1808
29 Dec (Mon) 2014: CLUB MED ON GLENBROOK CREEK (M) Sassafrass Gully continuing on track to the junction of Sassafrass and Glenbrook Creeks. Make our way up through rainforested semi-tracked shade of Glenbrook Creek for a couple of km to arrive at a wonderful series of pools, rock platforms and small waterfalls where we will swim and laze about till mid afternoon and then return travelling along both creeks and back up on the Wiggins track - opportunities for swims and long rests if it is a hot day. Approx 8km of which half will be on track. 150m down and the same up. Please book using the club\'s website. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2561
29 Dec (Thu) 2016: FAULCONBRIDGE (E, MTB) Mountain Bike ride out to Faulconbridge Point and then lunch at Springwood 25km, bring morning tea and or buy lunch Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 1275
29 Dec (Sat) 2012: OLYMPIC PARK - HOMEBUSH (E) DISC GOLF! Come give it a try. Walk a grassy course stopping to throw Frisbee-type discs into a basket. No packs but carry water. Will do two or three rounds so you can leave part way thru if you like. Can do picnic lunch at riverside playground after. Bring family and friends. Meet at entrance to Armory 7:47 AM. Limit: 12. Map: Homebush.
WalkID: 1296
30 Dec (Sun) 2012: LOCKLEYS, BUTTERBOX & PINNACLES (E-M, Exp.) We will photographically reconnoitre and explore an area which promises to abound in interesting features - rock formations, contrasting vege communities and spectacular views. Might even find a good camping cave for next time Limit: 8. Map: katoomba.
WalkID: 1554
30 Dec (Mon) 2013: SPRINGWOOD CREEKS (E-M) Classic 10km walk down the Victory track along rainforest reaches of Sassafrass, Glenbrook and Magdala Creeks. No long hills but some short rises. Plenty of opportunities for swimming and photography. Easy walking but medium due to distance. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.
WalkID: 2145
31 Dec (Thu) 2015: WOODFORD (M-H, MTB ride) Ingar, Anderson and Oaks. Three individual rides. 5.53 am Woodford station to ride up the Ingar (20 km). 8.10 am Wentworth Falls station for 8.30 am start Tableland Road to ride down the Anderson (30 km). 11.50 am Woodford station for 12.00 pm start locked gate to ride down the Oaks (25 km). Finish before next year. Limit: 8. Map: .