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Photo Competition


We have rules? Well, just so we can be fair about who wins. It also makes things easier on the judge. Photos will be judged against the Category in which they are entered.

General Rules

Photos should be taken since the last photo comp (ie you can't re-enter photos that we've already seen). Up to 5 photos per category per person. While you retain the copyright, you must be willing to allow the photo to be used on the club website to promote the club. Photos will be judged for their appeal on the screen, rather than as a print.

The next competition will be judged in 2016. Either upload the photos using the link below (up to 8Mb) or hand them to committee on a usb memory stick.


Club Activity
Must be taken on a club activity, should include people (although they don't have to be the main subject) and be suitable for promoting the club activities on the website.
The photo should depict a landscape - there are no limits on location, except that it should be somewhere where bushwalkers can go (or would want to go).
The subject of the photo should be a plant or animal (or geological feature, if it's a good one)
An image which can be used for the club website banner (the heading bit). The photo should be able to be reduced to 1024 x 185 without loss of visual appeal - so your aspect ratio should be roughly 1:6.
The subject should identify or tell as story about the particular country, culture or landscape where the photo was taken.
Yes - the photo has to be taken in a canyon!

Upload Link

Upload your photos